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Eric Maralit
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Procrastination as an engineer is not a good habit to keep. RIP to my nights as I attempt to finish formal lab reports in one night.
"#1 movie in America" is literally labeled on every single highly anticipated movie. It's pretty dumb.
"Carrots may be good for your eyes, but booze doubles your vision."
Cloud 9 is now the only team from NA that is 3-0. I believe in the #C9WorldsWin
I'm expecting that C9 vs SKT T1 game now.
Waiting for the day when car seats will have toilets built into them for pooping and peeing on the go.
Coffee is not healthy for me. I've had to poop 4 times in the past 2 hours after a cup of coffee.
As I'm taking a shit in the bathroom, a guy walks in and immediately says, "it smells like shit." Oh, I thought it smelled like piss.
"If it's not an IPhone, It's not an iPhone" O RLY???
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oh my god the bronze players on my feed talking about what they would have done better if they were on TSM makes me want to SCREAM.
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Is #FearTheWalkingDead going to be good? Let's see how the hype goes.
First week of classes = gg 2 ez
Who else sleeps with a blanket but keeps the fan on? I can't like do one without the other, otherwise I'm either too hot or too cold.
Not having to take an English class anymore makes life much easier to focus on major stuff.
When someone accepts your friend request on Facebook that you don't even recall sending...
Why haven't I learned by now to bring the food to my room ahead of time so I don't have to be such a ninja in the kitchen.
Had to spend my last paycheck on new tires for my car, fml.
When you think you might actually be Spider-Man
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Here I am still awake at 6:40 in the morning. This is not going to be fun getting my sleeping schedule back into gear. 😩
Rocket League 10/10, would play 24/7.
Sleep all day/night, wake up for work, work all day/night, rinse & repeat.
What happened to the scent I used to smell with the Swagger deodorant spray @OldSpice? It definitely smells like aftershave now.
So today at work, I had the pleasure of serving 2 ladies in Magic Mike that paid me in cash by literally making it rain on me.
This is how McDonald's new McBike box for cyclists works
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Lmfao, Old Spice commercials are the best.
Do you ever wonder if anyone reads your tweets like everyday just to check on you?
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Who wants a knife!? All you have to do is follow both of us and retweet to enter! Winner picked 7/26 <3 @SkinArenaCS
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Nvm, I take it back earlier. I made $150 in 5 hours. 😌
I don't wanna go to work today. :-/
I don't need my dentist complaining about why I haven't been wearing my retainer. It's my mouth. Your job is to just clean my teeth.
Waking up from a nap only to feel even more sleepy.
Omfg... #thedream wifi at home is real. #nerdgasm
This new Galaxy S6 Edge is so dope.
And you thought you were having a bad day
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Too tired to take a shower, but I'm so nasty from work.
Craving Arizona Green Tea right now.
It's so satisfying to have my phone out of its case every once in awhile.
It was a good week of vacation in Florida, but now, it's time to spend the bulk of summer working at Movie Tavern.
Can't fix my sleeping schedule. The nocturnal is real though.

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