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Eric Maralit
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Oh man, it's 4 in the morning, and I'm still awake. Winter break has begun.
Those midnight cravings.
Oh gawd, mom got an Instagram.
That's that. I'm done for the semester. Yes yes yes.
I played some modded Minecraft instead of studying. 👌
Considering this is not only my last but my most difficult final tomorrow morning, I should probably get to studying.
My last final is tomorrow. I can't wait to finish. 😏
A sore under the tongue in the soft region gives quite the pain. Feels like I'm chewing glass everytime.
On a more positive note, one more final to go, then I'm done!!!
If I don't get a 100 or at least an A on my English final, I'm going to be pissed. 48 PowerPoint slides.
My phone somehow charged itself while in standby and gained 9% more battery life within 15-30 min.
Wut? A 100 on my public speaking final? This can't be real.
2 hours I had to complete this final. 25 questions I had to answer on this final. 25 MC questions they were. And so, an ace it was.
These naps I've been taking throughout the day have ruined my sleeping schedule, and I have a final tomorrow morning at 8.
1h & 30 minutes for the new South Park episode!
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I love my Asian food, but sometimes, it smells like poop.
Lol, 72 degrees in December. It was only like low 30s/high 20s a few weeks ago. #GAWeather
About to fall asleep, and then, BAM. Hunger kicks in.
Well, my entire family is now living the Android life. My dad and bro have the Galaxy S4, and my mom and I have the Galaxy S5. #TeamAndroid
It's that time of the year again when it starts getting dark outside around 6 in the afternoon.
Alright, that's messed up, using Febreeze as deodorant.
Great... I overslept and missed my class.
Snapcash? That doesn't sound secure at all.
This week is going to be killer. The crunch before Thanksgiving.
Looks like my skin IS Old Spice now. I can still smell Old Spice Swagger on me even after taking a shower everyday. Bruh.
Got the DNA bomb within the first week of the game being out, 30+ killstreak without scorestreaks. #CODAdvancedWarfare
Waking up to 2 email notifications saying that both of my classes for today are cancelled. 😁
There's 6 different stalls, I'm in the farthest one to the left, and yet, you still choose the one next to me?
Screw it. Reading off the notecards for this speech. It isn't worth the risk of brainfarting every other second like with the last speech.
What if went MLG in the Call of Duty community...?
People who turn their signals on as they are making a turn don't deserve to be driving. Too cool to use turn signals huh? smh...
Cold toilet seats.
Was Halloween cancelled or something? Not a single kid on the street yet, and it's dark outside.
Levi's Halloween costume. 😂@huntermmarinee
Awwwwwww yehhh. All of my classes for tomorrow are canceled.
I must be hungry. I thought this was fried chicken at first.
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I mean, it's a different story if you're a music major, but I'm not. I'm a computer engineer.
Coming from someone who has played piano for 9 years now, I actually don't enjoy playing piano as much anymore. College changes you a lot.
When it comes to #TheWalkingDead, Sunday is another Friday night.
Just saw a car's hood get blown off right in front of me.
"@TmarTn: When you call shotgun but end up sitting in the back" Pistol is where it's at!
Literally spent 3 hours washing my car. That's how much free time I have.
If there's one class I'm not getting an A in, it's public speaking.
2 more hours... I just want to get this speech over with. The anxiety is real.
There are showers in the bathroom, and this isn't even a community dorm bathroom.