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Eric Maralit
I've eventually learned to trust my mom with my haircuts after so many years.
Been playing the Destiny Beta for quite some time now, and it's pretty dope.
Ooh, every time Ariana Grande comes on the radio. 👌
Too bad it doesn't arrive until a month later....
Gaming laptop with 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB of HDD, dual NVIDIA GeForce GT750M graphics cards, all from my parents for college? Yes please.
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These dogs were able to somehow turn the doorknob and get into my room....
On average, football (soccer) players run as far as 9.5 miles in a single match.
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LOOOOOOOOL I love this picture so much. Kevin Hart and Shaq. pic swiped from @romanymalco
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Man, 2:33 in the morning feels like 4:00 in the afternoon. #nocturnal
When you want to eat or drink something right before bed, but you just brushed your teeth.
Conclusion: I'm glad about the team spirit for the USA, but so disappointed that people are going to go back to disrespecting soccer.
Fuck you for saying, oh we can go back to real football now. Its your fucking country you're supposed to be cheering for them no matter what
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"Life is a bandwagon."
Aaaaaand, this is when the bandwagons reveal themselves as people who actually don't give a crap about soccer. #butreally
Shoutout to the kids who went into the bathroom after me. #bravesoul
Good way of getting shots on point more often though is by quickscoping 24/7. Constantly getting those 2+ KDs in FFA.
If only I could go MLG.... #PlayingCOD24/7
Right now, my life is either Netflix or YouTube.
Hate to say it, but that was a beautiful play and shot by Germany.
Germany is just toying with them right now.
Man, nostalgia can hit you pretty hard sometimes, but I guess it's all about moving on in life. #reminiscing
Oh man, Levi got the Galaxy S5 which means he has a waterproof phone which means... #showersnapchats #showerselfies #explicitselfies
Good 'ol Netflix at 1 in the morning.