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Eric Maralit
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Do you ever wonder if anyone reads your tweets like everyday just to check on you?
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Who wants a knife!? All you have to do is follow both of us and retweet to enter! Winner picked 7/26 <3 @SkinArenaCS
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Nvm, I take it back earlier. I made $150 in 5 hours. ๐Ÿ˜Œ
I don't wanna go to work today. :-/
I don't need my dentist complaining about why I haven't been wearing my retainer. It's my mouth. Your job is to just clean my teeth.
Waking up from a nap only to feel even more sleepy.
This new Galaxy S6 Edge is so dope.
Too tired to take a shower, but I'm so nasty from work.
Craving Arizona Green Tea right now.
It's so satisfying to have my phone out of its case every once in awhile.
It was a good week of vacation in Florida, but now, it's time to spend the bulk of summer working at Movie Tavern.
Can't fix my sleeping schedule. The nocturnal is real though.
Feels good to actually be done with English forever now.
I won't get one-sided on this fight, but in my heart, Pacquiao won. #GG
"I thought I won the fight," Manny Pacquiao says. "He didn't do nothing."
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Mayweather vs Pacquiao! #PinoyPride
Well so far, these finals have been easier than the actual tests during the semester. I'm not complaining. ๐Ÿ˜Œ
Girls be asking what kind of cologne I use. I'm like, "that's just Old Spice deodorant." Ain't even using cologne. ๐Ÿ˜
Even on Instagram too? Seriously....
That one person who keeps posting political, egotistical opinions on every social media website... smh
Stress is my best friend right now.
Solution: I'll build my own router because I'm an engineer.
Okay, that's not cool. Unplugging the wifi router while I'm playing League? It's not like I have A's in my classes right now or anything...
That's definitely an improvement compared to what used to be 90+ ping with barely 10 Mbps.
I know I just got my Galaxy S5 not even half a year ago, but I want the Galaxy S6 now.
Seriously bro? There's 4 open urinals, I'm at the end, and yet, you choose to go to the one next to me? This is why I piss in stalls.
So I started working out again, and after a few days, I feel like a solid brick.
I blame this on the baggy shorts.
Fuuuu, I lost my wallet on campus. FML
Woot woot, 99 on a Calc test and didn't even show up for half the classes covering the unit.
Well played by C9, a lot to learn from this game. GGWP C9! #LCS
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While I was at a stoplight, someone decided to take a picture of my bumper: "I'm only speeding because I need to poop."
I've had arachnophobia ever since I was little, but today, I bought a tarantula and was able to hold it. #YOLO #EBOLO
How the heck does a topic as stupid as what color a dress is trend this much?
If they cancel classes Friday, I will officially have a 2-week long spring break.
Pretty sure Christmas won't be known for its snowy days a few years down the road. It was in the 60s during Christmas, now snow in late Feb.
Classes were cancelled today, and now they are canceled tomorrow. On top of that, my Spring Break starts this weekend.

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