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Eric Maralit
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And... I now have the hottest Yik Yak post in the area now, lol.
It's so easy getting likes on Yik Yak in rural areas. My post went from 0 to 23 likes in literally about a minute.
"How much is there to say about a house? Just say it's nice, it's livable, probably no roaches." -Matt Kim
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I like how we all complain about college classes, yet we paid for them.
Funny thing is that I have tests in only one of my classes.
First test in college today, lol.
I fell asleep at 10 last night, before midnight for once. So that's what it feels like waking up at 6:30 in the morning with a lot of sleep.
So my Destiny KD is averaging around a 3.2. I'm kind of good I guess?
Man, to be a week ahead on all of my hw for a month now is impressive. #collegelife
Been playing Destiny for what, 8 hours now, nonstop, since 10 AM (minus food breaks)?
Destiny is life right now.
"Bigger than bigger." "New Apple Watch." Oh STFU Apple. It's called "Android phones" and "Galaxy Gear." Yeah, Apple definitely is original.
Forgetting to charge your phone overnight....
What if instead of a Hooters there was a Wieners? #mindblown #wouldnoteatthere
I can't say how many times I've had my family walk into my room and not know where I am when I'm just simply laying in my bed. #trueninja
One speech down, and... several more to go before this year ends. 😩�#shyguyuy
Going to be late for class because of the need to release bowel movements.
Can I buy an Ariana Grande? #perfection
My grandma refers to us as The Handsome Asians @MattKim0212 @timmy_xuu
Those late nights of gaming though. Ever since I got my new laptop, I've completely abandoned the Xbox.
Best part about college hw is that it's all online, and because of that, I'm practically ahead by a week on hw.
Yeah, I know. There's a lot of wtf moments from me on Snapchat. You'll get used to it.
# 1 already!!!!! thank u so so much my loves. u are incredible. I really hope y'all love it.…
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Loving this sale that Steam had this weekend. 5 great games all under $40.
Wall's Xbox One still recognizes me as you sometimes with the auto sign-in @huntermmarine
Sorry I can't answer my door right now because I'm currently in my bathroom pooping, so please leave a message after the fart.
No one else in my math class has left yet... 😂 I feel smart.
Just got out of math class an hour early because I answered a question right.... College life is great.
Too good at Clash of Clans. About to be in Crystal League with only a TH7.
College life is so chill right now.
... my parents are weird. Expect me to be crashing at your apartments more often @Shipp_Will @PlanWolf @kmauldin53
"I'll save that for later 😘" remember that in Mrs. Richter's class Sophomore year? 😂 Good times@hutson1414
... What is this ice bucket challenge stuff I'm seeing everywhere?
2nd day of classes and already making friends left and right even though I'm commuting at #SPSU
Finally beat Outlast with a total playtime of 5.8 hours. Now, moving on to the Whistleblower DLC.
Man, this laptop does wonders. It doesn't lag or crash when I actually need it! #LenovoY510P
I love you USB 3.0 port.
My 2 first classes of the day went well at #SPSU
I really want to see that new SpongeBob movie coming out.
Classes start tomorrow. Well... two of them. #collegelife
One of the highlights of graduating was definitely getting free stuff from your parents such as a laptop.
Tornado siren is going off... #sillyGAweather
That 70's Show 😂