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Manda❥Luvely Lashes
Excited for today's training 💕 @guerlain #guerlain #royal
Happy Birthday to this super hot red head, my sis @virginiashing ! Have an amazing birthday 🌸 #repost
Clarity. #myeyes #seeclearly
Even in public... I eat like a pig MOST of the time 🙊 Maybe that's another reason why I choose Japanese food instead... ...So I appear more elegant while eating 😆 🍕 🍱 🍫 🍗 🍟
Guess I just got the blues #thoseblues
When your smoothie turns out to be the same colour as your cup 💟 🌸 🍓 🎀 🍓 🌸 #onpoint #smoothie #well #goodmorning
Close up of my client After her refill 🌹 #luvelylashes
My client After her refill 🌹 #luvelylashes
Awesome assistant made me this while waiting to see the dentist, so pretty ☕️ I feel the love 💓
Getting ready to move 🙈 #sigh
Caribana and the Kevin Hart tonight with this beauty 💕 #reunion #turnup #prettygirl
From blonde TO natural black D curl Mink eyelash extensions 💕 I took this picture of my client in an slanted angle; the lashes curl more from the middle to the front and can't really be seen and I forgot to take a before photo 😓 Nonetheless, this girl already has such beautiful blonde lashes and f
Each person and every person is unique; some have to work harder than others to achieve certain goals. That struggle you have to over come, the focus and strength you gain from the work required makes you appreciate and value it more... Because for yourself, you know what it took to gain that of wh
Plenty of goodness to be seen here ☺️
Just a really neat shot I got of the sky after work yesterday. The moon is the small dot to the left 💭 🌝🏰🌁🗻🌟 #daydream #dream #kingdom #sky #naturesbeauty #escape
Before and after a glamour full set of Siberian Mink eyelashes. #luvelylashes
Mufasa!! 😁... I'm having too much fun and don't care lol! #lionking #mufasa
I don't know why but I laughed so hard at this and love it 😂 #onionsbelike #socheesy #loveit
Before and after lash extensions, another happy client done by me, Luvely Lashes 💜 #fit #lash #lashes #eyelashextensions #eyelashextension #mink #minkextension #luvelylashes
This dubsmash is pretty fun, yea this was pretty much my Saturday night in 😆! "Beauty and the beast: (Belle) He asked me to marry him!" #idontthinkso #nowifey #thatjerk #egotistical #gaston
Coming back to the things that make us happy from childhood; familiar sites, smells, sounds, fully at peace.
Made some Kale tofu tacos with a side of home made salsa and some coleslaw 😋 doesn't sound like much but it was delicious and you can eat a much bigger portion(s) being that it's low fat, high protein, high in nutrients, vitamins minerals and yummeh!
Two large stuffed garbage bags later... It's disturbing how much extra clothing I had in my wardrobes 😁 Got home from work and started the pre-moving wardrobe cleaning/laundry... I was up until 4am clearing out all clothes I don't wear or need... Feels pretty good getting the old crap out of your l
Meet the cutest puffer fish on set ever, he loves posing for the camera 📷 and eating 🐠 #fish #pet #puffer #pufferfish #pretty #video
My lame self-meme 😆 today was crazy; coming from markham, to downtown near danforth, then back to Markham, during the Pan Am people traffic madness, during peak home time to work... 👏🏻 that Orea-fudge sunday was well earned ✌🏼️
Before, no makeup (except my brows, they were redone anyhow), large pores, imperfections and a big smile just before I get done up by my talented makeup artist for today's photoshoot with Jeff Hui. From what I saw the comp cards were a success, I only hope the edits, then the prints turn out well..
Good morning, it's a gorgeous day and what a beautiful sight to see this Orchid is in bloom for its second time 👏🏻 Oh that's the sibling right behind him photobombing 😆 jk! The real reason it's in bloom again is cause of the loving attention and care my parents gave this plant everyday, after ma
Max Flare Silk Mink Eyelash Extensions Set 💆🏻 Wish I got a before photo but another happy Luvely Lashes client with a set catered to her and the way she wants to appear, while using Silk Mink Eyelash Extensions that suit her personality and natural beauty 🙌🏻 without looking overdone. #luvelylash
Finally beat that 10,000 steps goal!... And got a slight tan too 😏 ... Now to start my workout at the gym now that I've finally arrived 💪🏻 #motivation #beyourownhero
Eat dark cherries before bed to improve sleep 😴
Photo Booth fun! 🙊👑👾😂📷
Finally got a selfie with my beautiful mom 😂 love her so much 💕#loveher #mymom
Everyone is doing selfies so here's anyone one 😁 all while waiting for dinner in this beautifully decorated ballroom📷
With the beautiful bride @dadas214 💕 her dress is so pretty!! Meanwhile my parents are at the top right corner in the background getting food 🙊 their so cute!
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs.Sek!! Sorry about the glare on their gorgeous wedding picture but such a gorgeous couple, a happy day! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together! 👰🏻👏🏻💍🎎💒 @dadas214 @sek5y #beautiful #wedding #love #congratulations
Lost my pink blender bottle, bought a new one just the other day (missing it for 2 weeks 😢). To celebrate having this back in my life, to many more nutritional drinks this bottle will contain in the future, the first drink it will hold shall be a... Super antioxidant quad berry water drink🍓 #blend
Sneak peak... Found my favourite yellow dress buried in my closet, ready for tomorrow's wedding ceremony👗
Voss like a Boss 👾. Idgaf💧
My uncle still plants and grows these gorgeous peonies! 🌱 Just as it was when I was a little; he continues to tend to a large garden in the backyard, full of life and colour. #flowerpower #floral #beauty #life #childhood
Curious George wants to join in on my cardio workout...
Little bugaboo baby angel on my lap sleeping like a baby 😇
Oh my... nude nails done at home 💅🏼 I give it 2 days before they chip 👍🏻
I don't always go out to eat but when I do... I get myself the lunch bento special L4 from Gals Sushi 🙊👌🏻
Just noticed this on my cereal box... "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant" -Robert Louis Stevenson ...I love this cereal even more now 😍 #naturespath
This just makes me smile. ☺️ #preserve #nature #mothernature #summer
A piece of sanctuary close to home 🍃 On nice days when I'm home, I mission it here to relax and enjoy nature and clear skies😎 #heaven #nature #beautiful
Bundle of joy and trouble, while Baby got tired and run under the bed, he's spoiled with attentioned today and now Arnold is finally getting all tuckered out for the night😴 #goodnight #thatface

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