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Brionne Morgan
I just wanted some chicken stew! Delicious indeed. 😏
I think I'm going to stay wearing a cape everywhere.
About to watch some horror cuz I'm bored and don't feel like reading.
Too early for this foolishness!
I hate feeling like I'm on the back burner. I need a strong ass drink. I hate these conversations.
I always feel better after hanging with my favorite chocolate princess.
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Josephine Baker was on stage in less than Nicki. So was Maya Angelou. We have to stop acting like respectability is the only way.
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Watching Martha Speaks with my little boy and Neil deGrasse Tyson is a cartoon.
I don't have an opinion on what Nicki Minaj does with her ass because, you's not my ass. Her ass doesn't owe me anything.
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Earn points like me in @TheSkinnyCow’s CLUB SKINNY. Because points = free stuff, & free stuff = awesome. #clubskinny
Earn points like me in @TheSkinnyCow’s CLUB SKINNY. Because points = free stuff, & free stuff = awesome. #clubskinny
Got my truck stuck in a ditch and damn near ripped off my bumper.
I had those kinky twists in for 45 days. That was too long.
I don't like this movie at all. I wish kids would stop asking to watch it. #tangled
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All I want in a relationship is honesty and consistency. Anything else is a bonus.
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Stuck in the doctor's office listening to fox news. Somebody save me before brain melts.
Planning on having a good day today. Good morning :*
Why can I hear you over my headphones! Lady shut up before I run you over with your own truck. Can I watch my damn show big mouf!
I love shopping at Sam's club.
A season a day. Think I can do it.
Men, if you don't experience misogyny you don't get to tell me what it is. If you benefit from rape culture you don't get to define it to me
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Got plenty of planning to do.
An all seafood diet for sixty days. We'll see if I can do this. ..
Gomez and Morticia, that's what kinda love I want.
A White BGLH Reader Responds: Why '#TeamNatural is for Black Women' is NOT Reverse Racism… via @bglhonline
It's going to be a good day.
I haven't felt like myself all week.
Watching The Departed. Love this movie and the Boston accents. Makes me miss my Irish mother!
RT. I just entered to win a Keurig K45 elite brewing system from @tjoos #Keurig via @PunchTabWin
I almost forgot a new ancient aliens comes on tonight.
NOPE. RT @feministlady: Ummm, excuse you @PPact, women do not owe their boyfriends pap smears. K thanks.
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Loving the rain. Bout to cuddle up with my little wolf and watch us a movie.
Down to one and I'm sleepy.
Had an awesome time last night...