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Brionne Morgan
In a good mood today. Finally packing for real. Gotta pack the whole house by Thursday. Somebody come help me!
Just because you're paranoid don't mean you wrong.
Suspects Who Hit Native American Kids With Racial Slurs, Beer Identified, Police Say - via @indiancountry
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If I say I'm not interested then leave me alone. If I'm talking to my wife that's not an invitation to anything except shutting up!
#SkinnyCow break! Just taking a few minutes of indulgence before getting back to my day. I LOVE Skinny Cow!
Watching season 9 of Supernatural and I think Sam & Dean could really use a sonic screwdriver.
@THEREALBANNER: America wants us to be peaceful when it comes to our children dying but violent when it comes to it's wars.
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Why most black people aren't "part Indian"
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Africans are battling #Ebola every single day, & they're dying in droves. This one death is part of *their* story.…
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Regarding Cultured "Costumes" & defense. Well said!! 👏👏@Native_Hashtagsa@_Native_Lifei@Native_Hashtagsak3Y
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We need less stereotypes and more uplifting representations in film and television. We are more than neck rolls, sarcastic quips, and booty.
An Open Letter To Fox News About 'Boobs On The Ground' @TPM…
A Transgender Woman Says She Was Locked In A Cell With Her Rapist… via @jtes @BuzzFeed @SRLP
A Transgender Woman Says She Was Locked In A Cell With Her Rapist… via @jtes @BuzzFeed #georgiajustice
white washing in magazines should be as big of a topic as them using photoshop to make people look skinnier
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Dear scale, We aren't friends and I'm not talking to you again. Sincerely, A fat kid in denial🍫🍰
First day with my new color and a twist out. hopefully it fluffs a little after I sleep on it.…
It's so dark now. But it's still wet maybe it will look different in the sun😜 good
Lala picked a new color for me. Pics soon.
I really really want a kitten.
Supporters raise over $7,000 for an officer charged with raping 8 black women:
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#DanielHoltzclaw list of charges. Gonna keep sharing. Not letting this die out. Support these sisters that spoke up
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Earn points like me in @TheSkinnyCow’s CLUB SKINNY. Because points = free stuff, & free stuff = awesome. #clubskinny
Cultural appropriation is horrible because they spent so much time telling us our bodies and culture were wrong then they imitate it.
When White Women Discover Their “Inner Black Woman”… via @browbeat
I hate wasting my fucking time.
So no, I'm not celebrating women winning "our" right to vote; because by definition, I would not have been included.
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On the hardest of days she makes me smile and laugh about ridiculous things. Love this woman!
I scored 100 out of 100 in TARDIS Teasers. Play now at
Power nap then off to getting this do to list knocked out.
Normally I don't run around this trail but my ass about to take off cuz some random dog out here.
What I don't feel is just as important as what I do feel.
My child says I look like a marshmallow because I have in all white. At least I look delicious I guess.
I'm much too impatient. I have to work on that because it's making me anxious and annoyed.
#Ferguson PD has 1 murdered unamarmed teen 2 assaulted peaceful protesters 3 arrested journos 4 teargassed a st senator 5 jailed an alderman
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“Oppression is as American as apple pie.” —Audre Lorde
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You can say it to facebook but not to the person. You are a spineless jelly back weak idiot. And expect that treatment when I see you.
This child has lost three pair of my head phones
I love warehouse stores.

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