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VIDEO IDEAS PEOPLE...^-^ just tweet me...anything at all and ill do it in a video ^-^
so apparently i have a niece and nephew/niece being born soon...wait...since when O_O
so i have to wait 8hrs for any games to download....bored now
someone come over cuddle me?? >_<
get the fuck out of my life -_-
thats the first time you said you loved could cry...
took you 16 years to relise you have a daughter *claps* well done
why don't you just leave now its a hell of alot easier...
I really think me being alone is better than socializing >_>
the fact i only really talk to one person now :/
actually starting to get lonely just sitting in my room :'(
im wasting my time aint i?
the only thing thats been keep me awake has ran out O_O ....i need coffee
relised you ain't here for just pity me :'(
ok im sorry im sorry i want back in >.< i dont want this future the past was a hell of alot better
*uses light red hair dye* *becomes a dark blood red*
kinda regret everything i've done the last two weeks wish it could all go back none of this would of happened...
>_< i cant accturally get this out my head
okay i dont think i've been this bad for 3 years never paniced this much >.<
hey handing and giving up on youtube theres no honest point anymore see ya
I don't know how i've done this without you...You we're the most amazing boys I ever met jase RIP I love you more than anything :*
so no one wants to be there for me when i'm constantly there for them...thanks :'(
I shouldn't get this nervous over things >.< my anxeity is too bad...damn
every breath I take...kills me more and more each time...
so you think its funny leaving me home alone....thanks a bunch
sick and tierd of people always expecting me to go see them.I cant always afford it but no they come up with excuses so fuck people then -_-
fakirdik biZ.hep bi ekmek kavgası vardı evde.midemiz kadar açtı yüreğimizde...yüreğin açlığı bi lüsktü o zamanlar...
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Bakışın kadar güzel mi için?
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i dont get this...why do you act like this...WHY?? using my past against me....trying to destroy my (cont)
you just told me to leave my you want to die?
Awsomeeee :3 thank youuuuuu Clara :)
OHHH i get it now >.< someones on my account O_o the heck
for who ever emailed me the fan art....thanks i think ^-^
really confused in what i've done o.o
O_O where'd all you followers come from like 40 within 10 mins...ummm
I has a fricken tiara O_O
1...2..3...drink...1...2...3...drink throwinf back till i can't stand....
absolutely parthetic! Calling me liar for all this yet you said you loved me but no you push me too far....thanks...worst boyfriend/ex ever
HEYY PEEPS :D i really need ideas for videos my mines completely blank
i wish you would just talk and sort this out i cant loose you
I dont want to do this anymore...
okay really need cuddles right now...anyone? no ok..
you we're my only reason...the only reason I tried and for go and fuck off saying im a waste of space...well fuck you
again can one man do can one man destroy his family a million times
what was that bitch *grabs gun* *ties le bitch to the chair* *shoots her in the face* *pushes her into a volcano*
*grabs computer* *throws out window* *goes to computer* *burns it* *blows it up*
it deleted ALL my coursework!
steal my girl is amazing >.<
half convinced to go back on tumblr >_>