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i dont get this...why do you act like this...WHY?? using my past against me....trying to destroy my (cont)
you just told me to leave my you want to die?
Awsomeeee :3 thank youuuuuu Clara :)
OHHH i get it now >.< someones on my account O_o the heck
for who ever emailed me the fan art....thanks i think ^-^
really confused in what i've done o.o
O_O where'd all you followers come from like 40 within 10 mins...ummm
I has a fricken tiara O_O
1...2..3...drink...1...2...3...drink throwinf back till i can't stand....
absolutely parthetic! Calling me liar for all this yet you said you loved me but no you push me too far....thanks...worst boyfriend/ex ever
HEYY PEEPS :D i really need ideas for videos my mines completely blank
i wish you would just talk and sort this out i cant loose you
I dont want to do this anymore...
okay really need cuddles right now...anyone? no ok..
you we're my only reason...the only reason I tried and for go and fuck off saying im a waste of space...well fuck you
again can one man do can one man destroy his family a million times
what was that bitch *grabs gun* *ties le bitch to the chair* *shoots her in the face* *pushes her into a volcano*
*grabs computer* *throws out window* *goes to computer* *burns it* *blows it up*
it deleted ALL my coursework!
steal my girl is amazing >.<
half convinced to go back on tumblr >_>
argh ran out of ideas...VIDEO IDEAS PEOPLE
why...why did you have to show up everyday...just dont relise what your doing
no matter what you say it wont make me want to breathe anymore
'wish this could stop....wish the pain would end...wish i could stop it beating and keep the blood pouring' - unknown
''never let a women go to sleep angry or upset...''
The video is finally up go watch it please and anyideas for videos?…
Heres the cookie for everyone whos subcribed :D
Swear I have brain damage from that last video >.< #Rhinos
Waaa heyyy peeps our next video will be up in hours our video on how animals make beds :D buuutttt it went very very wrong...
so its all my fault AGAIN really half convinced to join you jason :'( its obivously better...
yeah im not wasting nearly £60 on you again and spending my WHOLE summer at yours...ever
Well thanks a bunch people(you know who you are) for not being here for me...well guess what I wont be there when you need me simples
So not even one person will come and sit with me to stop these horrible thoughts going through my head
Realised every one of my 'friends' are fake...well got some news for you don't come running to me for help when you wont help me...
Don't think i've never needed a hug this much before....
not even on my 16th you step up...what should i expect you never do bother...
I can take so much untill i had enough cause im only humen....
who cares baby baby i think i wanna marry you ....cant get that song out of my head 'o-o
23/3/04 Papa 18/5/05 aunty june 14/10/2005 aunty Pam 3/12/09 Aunty mim 7/6/14 Uncle Malcom RIP all of you love you all millions
first person i admitted that too...never been that open before
im going to swing from the chandelier
your just like my dad! a let down #broken
I dont want this...i never just shut up and give me time untill im ready
mehhhh back to tumblr cause cant tweet on here now -___-
the fact i NEED my blog but the websites down :'(
yep using my blog thats a hell of alot easier thanks