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Piers Morgan
television 4,259,795 followers
My column on why we need a Mandela in the US: When Whites Just Don’t Get It, Part 3
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Yet 4,259,257 more people follow me than you, Scotty! > RT @Scotty_ohh Nobody likes you @piersmorgan
Yes. RT @Doda127: Do you have to be a knob for @JamesBlunt to respond?
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Sssshh. > RT @GimpmanofEssex @piersmorgan Hey Piers, is it true you were in Argentina just over a week ago???
Yes. > RT @rickygervais@piersmorgan: I can help with your weight” < "only eat when you find yourself in agreement with Piers Morgan" diet?
As an interested observer of the @KP24 debacle, I feel this might be the worst example of managing talent in the history of cricket.
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I can help with your weight issues, @rickygervais . @MailOnline column on race & police in America >…
I'm "convinced" he was never in it > RT @iamtheoracle @piersmorgan Simon Hughes says he's "convinced" there was no bullying in dressing room
Is there any other reason? > RT @_prowsey @piersmorgan To be fair, most people just follow you to see what you're going to say next...
Yet he follows me.. > RT @jamiedow2710 @SCARFMAN_ @piersmorgan Piers Morgan is an opinionated bore
How could it be any worse, exactly? > RT @brownneil2 @piersmorgan @KP24 I don't think you're helping matters piers.
He couldn't rip into a crisp packet > RT @Camsturge96 Can't wait til Alistair Cook retires so he can write a book and rip into @piersmorgan
Have to bite my tongue. May end up in another @ECB_cricket dossier.
'International Twitter's a tough place' > RT @KendalJWells @piersmorgan - no surprise to see you are bullying cook again
That BBC 'interview' with Cook was a ridiculous ECB-staged sham. All part of the same Establishment machine that brought down KP. Shameful.
Love the way Roy Keane stands up to Sir Alex. If only Alastair Cook had an ounce of his guts when dealing with Andy Flower. #FootballFocus
Alastair Cook chucking @KP24 under a bus again? What a surprise. It's YOUR spineless captaincy that's 'tarnished' everything, sunshine.
@piersmorgan Fair play. Reading the KP autobiography. You were right.
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Funny... > RT RT @brianmoore666: Nobody likes a smartarse -…
Remember this @StanleyMorgan18 ? Day after @KP24 first captained England, he kept his promise to play @NewickCC >
PINK socks???? > RT @KP24 Did you guys enjoy the Graham Norton show last night? I missed it...bed early! #chestmatch #thecricket
Within 3 hours of purchasing it already half way through @KP24 's book. Great read, really shows how pathetic the ECB are.
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Malala..the UKIP effect > RT @garethwalton9 @piersmorgan she shouldn't be in this country! It's cost a fortune for her surgery and care here
Under UKIP, people like Malala Yousafzai would not be allowed into Britain to be treated for life-threatening conditions. Dwell on that.
@DailyMail @piersmorgan A fine piece of writing that shows how the racial formulas we used to assess situation don't always apply...
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Race, cops and a rush to misjudgment >…
@piersmorgan @MailOnline thought provoking but don't wholly agree. Not sure "more racist," racists just being louder b/c Obama's in office
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@piersmorgan: my new @MailOnline column:…” genuinely a good article, not overly easy to admit but it is very good
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Like him or hate him, @piersmorgan 's penchant for retweeting praise directed at him is undeniable.
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Not sure why people are castigating @piersmorgan for latest #racism article. It's a genuine issue that needs to have attention and debate.
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This piece is not about him > RT @SafvanBhatala @piersmorgan @MailOnline dont you have any other topic other than Obama?!
NO!!! > RT RT @GoonRambler: @piersmorgan @MailOnline Is it all in capital letters? Because I don't want an article shouting at me
.@piersmorgan: America has become more racist under Obama, but that doesn't mean every injustice is down to race
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Love him or hate him, that's opinion. But @piersmorgan writing talent is undeniable.
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Malala Yousafzai is an extraordinary young woman - such poise, intelligence, courage & determination. Love her.
"I think we both need each other, right?" Simon Cowell on tabloids, via @johngapper
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Great piece (though KP doesn't live in Hollywood, much as he'd love to..) >… @barneyronay
And what was @GreensladeR 's reward for defrauding Mirror readers - he's a Professor of Journalism! Now THAT's 'bouncing back' buddy..
Love @GreensladeR lecturing me on misrepresenting truth in @mediaguardian - he faked Spot The Ball for Robert Maxwell, defrauding millions.
My views are my own > RT @agentharding1 @piersmorgan How can you go from Mirror to The Mail? Have you no scruples when it comes to money?
He follows me > RT @DannyRobsonLFC @piersmorgan @MailOnline There's not a person alive who cares
My new @MailOnline column will be posted soon. It's about police & race in America.
Malala: “A gun has no power at all because it can only kill, but a pen can give life. A pen can save lives.”
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