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Piers Morgan
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I think it's time for everyone in authority to admit they haven't got a bloody clue where missing plane MH370 is, or what happened to it.
So will your spelling coach > RT @HuntsmanAbby If Repulbicans lose another national election they will go out of business
I hope that social media respect my privacy at this time whilst me and my team try to resolve my issues. My apologies, @piersmorgan.
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How exactly, you puny little weed? > RT @Kevin1Johnson I would love nothing more than to bosh @piersmorgan in the face.
You United fans are experts in crying > RT @henrygayle@piersmorgan: Bayern will go through. #MysticMorgan” yes, through the roof crying.
@piersmorgan may I say I find you witty yet annoying and frustratingly also quite sexy! I'm sure I have left commas out so please correct me
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Lineker ear-pin surgery commences > @GaryLineker
Lying on a beach> RT @starwarsfan107 What the hell have you been doing since your ass was booted out of CNN for shitty ratings? @piersmorgan
Currently being bombarded with incorrect grammatical 'corrections' to my flawless grammar. Is this Dimwit Troll Day or something?
It's not. > RT @georgytob It's "their" RT>"@piersmorgan: Are there needles that big? > RT @GaryLineker ..1-0 I'll get my ears pinned back."
Be proud @andy_murray - you've brought the smiles back to Dunblane >…
Are there needles that big? > RT @GaryLineker If this finishes 1-0 I'll get my ears pinned back.
What an awful, tragic thing to happen. Poor Camilla & her family incl @tomparkerbowles >
Et tu Brute.. > RT @SkyNews Moyes Sacked After Sir Alex 'Lost Confidence'…
Can he spell? > RT @SatansLoveChild Debating wether to have a drink with me mate. Her fella is a bigger, irritating wanker than @piersmorgan
America's answer to Aurora/Newtown: GUNS EVERYWHERE! > #shameful
Beyond parody > RT @jonathanwald New Georgia law allows guns in schools, bars, churches. Over to you @piersmorgan.
If this Pope Francis story is true, the Catholic Church just changed forever... @Telegraph
WOW! > RT @holysmoke Pope Francis 'phones divorced woman' to say she can receive Communion. This is..huge @Telegraph
I could tell by the profile pic > RT @JoshDavie1501 @piersmorgan Oi. Fuck off. Proud to be Grimsby AND Spurs fan.