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Piers Morgan
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Arsene get Ozil in the middle, get the team to play around him! He's 42 mill worth of player for a reason! Do something with him PLEASE.
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'Arsenal are a GILLION miles away from winning the League' - @PaulMerse on @SkySports . I don't even know what a gillion is, but he's right.
Yet he follows me > RT @McfcChris92 @piersmorgan Nobody cares for your opinion, you're a fucking moron.
Jurgen Klopp - what might have been, if anyone bothered to listen to me. #afc
Is it too late to throw a sickie @talkSPORTDrive ?
Didn't think anything could annoy me more than the @BTCare call centre today. Thanks, Arsenal. #afc
I was looking forward to defending Wenger, Ozil, Welbeck etc on @talkSPORTDrive tomorrow. But how can I after this performance? #afc
Thanks, but I'm too upset by Arsenal to receive compliments right now > RT @ALISONGBARMY @piersmorgan u looked handsome on one show tonite
Arteta's gone. And he's our new Club captain. WHY? #afc
Never. > RT @MichaelVaughan When will Arsenal fans accept they are just a Wannabe Team..... #Justsaying
I've tried to be positive about Wenger, I really have. But every time we play a good side away, we get hammered. Nothing changes. #afc
Why would you not buy a world class CDM when every single Arsenal fan was screaming for one? Just madness. #Wenger
If only Wenger picked his formation with the same skill he just picked his nose, we'd be fine. #afc
It's not the losing that kills me, it's the hope that precedes it. #afc
Look at Klopp's body language compared to Wenger. Says it all. #AFCvBD
My co-hosting with @talkSPORTDrive tomorrow is going to be fun now.....jeez. #AFCvBD
This is why I wanted Klopp at Arsenal. We're being battered by a bigger, stronger, hungrier team.
I'm watching the game on TV > RT @RobbieSavage8 @piersmorgan ohhhh piers !!! Where is the superstar ???
Thanks Mike > RT @MikeBroderickVO: @piersmorgan Piers, I'm one American who supports your efforts on gun control. Nice job on the One Show.
Thanks, but I have a face for TV > RT @MichaelRogerz: @piersmorgan Heard you on #LBC. You would make an excellent radio presenter.
Going to watch me on @BBC The One Show at 7pm, lads @Persie_Official @WayneRooney ? Let's face it, you've got nothing else to do tonight...
You're illiterate > RT @IestynWillis @piersmorgan your not funny 👌#cuntt
@piersmorgan @U2 @Apple the most middle of the road dickhead enjoying an album by the most middle of the road dickheads. Says it all.
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Thanks @U2 & @Apple - I loved my free album. Please feel free to send me more.
Imagine how angry a person must be to get enraged that apple gave them a free U2 album
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Getting so many tweets about @BTCare call centres. Awful, robotic system designed to irritate every customer. Bizarre company strategy.
Your call centre system is dreadful. Check THAT out. > RT @BTCare: @piersmorgan Send us over a few details and we'll check it out for you.
'Is there anything more I can help you with?' Yes mate, my assisted suicide. @BTCare
I feel psychologically traumatised by that call centre conversation. Beyond parody & utterly hopeless. Thanks @BTCare
My @BTCare call centre friend has informed me 27 times that 'it's not a problem' whilst being utterly incapable of resolving the problem.
On the phone to @BTCare call centre for last half hour. Utter hell.
Hope you're not going to shout at me like the other Alex Jones.. > RT @MissAlexjones: @piersmorgan see you on the sofa later.
It's 'Piers', Kevin - only Alastair Cook's allowed to call me 'darling' > RT @KP24: @piersmorgan @turkeyburga in your dreams, darling!
Still looking for your ball on the 18th? > RT @KP24 Morning...walking through the woods
Good fun catching up with @NickFerrariLBC - one of Britain's best broadcasters and a great guy.
Can't believe that I'm finding @piersmorgan quite witty on @NickFerrariLBC ... I blooming love @LBC by the way
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Love him or hate him (and let's be truthful, even his own Mum must feel like that about him sometimes) @piersmorgan with me from 7 @LBC
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Much like that of @piersmorgan! "Steve Jobs’ office at Apple is still exactly how he left it"
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Tomorrow: @piersmorgan with @NickFerrariLBC, setting the agenda live from 7am @LBC
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Who is a cricketer.. > RT @PearlNecklace23 What does @piersmorgan know about football? Weak. @talkSPORTDrive i only tune in 4 Goughie.
Mr Durham's currently hammering @MesutOzil1088 - try that on Wednesday pal and I'll make sure Twitter explodes. @talkSPORTDrive
Happy to help, Isha > RT @ibarthwal @piersmorgan tweets lightens up my day! Thank you :)