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😊I'm 😊trying 😊to 😊be 😊a 😊better 😊person 😊but 😊some 😊people 😊are 😊testing 😊me.
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You used to call me on my shell phone
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Flannel todayyy
From today💘1
Homework having me miss gym sessions👋👋👋👋👋 double sesh tomorrow @andrewyager3ager3 👌
Hall fight by 216
Just walked into a random class😂😂😂😂😂
Drowning in homework
The crack in my iPad is killing me😭🙈😩
My life isn't perfect. But I'm grateful for what I have.
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Sick of this shit
Pretty soon im just gonna move in with my step dad ..
Jealousy got me like😩😩😩😩😩
"My boyfriend won't let me", congratulations on ur 3rd parent lmao
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Outside looking at the stars , in brick weather irdgaf
Wtf my moms friend keeps texting me weird shit
The worse part is waking up hoping its Monday 😌😌😌😌😌
This day is awful .. All I wanna do is snug and cuddle in my bed
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Things I Miss About My Childhood: ✔ No problems ✔ No hates ✔ No shames ✔ No stress ✔ No heartbreaks ✔ No school ✔ Life was easier
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Mistakes make us who we are
Stupid homework wtf
No I’m not a celeb but I am a Pizza Roll and WHO ELSE ON TWITTER CAN SAY THAT. Follow me!
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need to get my mind straight
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The worse thing you can do is leave out of doubt
Going home to cry
In literally an hour it will be me and @andrewyager3 's 5th month. 😧💌😘 I love you I can't believe how far we have conquered. 💓💓
Guilderland vent fitness with the bae💪💪💪
if you're happy, who cares
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do you ever watch a movie and realize you have to watch it again because you were on your phone the whole time
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Your moment will come, just wait to catch it.
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When u and your bff really wanna ride some sheep
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when u high af & the homies arguing on some dumb shit
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yeah baby i am an ANIMAL in bed more specifically a koala I can sleep for 22 hours a day
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Baby is gonna be so happy on our 5th month ☺
No school for me . Already so ill and its only bout to be the 4th day :(
When I'm fucked up, that's the real me.
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@NotVSCO: New York City during the winter ❄️ ” omg I wanna go😍😍😍

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