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jack hollingsworth
In portraits, don't get closer than an arm's length to your subject to keep them comfortable and avoid distortions. Tip by @photojack
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Good article by @photojack Balancing the Great Gear V Great Vision equation. You need both……
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Having the right Gear is a big part of the Photography conversation…
@MsKandiLee @photojack we sold thousands of $$ in mobile photo fine art this weekend at @svcontemporary - pictures matter, cameras don't.
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Streaming Masters Golf tourney. Fun and exciting (i love golf but don't play very well myself:))
Learn to Photographically embrace who you are. Find your own voice and vision!
The really good stuff, in Photography, comes through the intersections of technical, emotional and contextual drivers. Every shot!
The more you are comfortable and confident in your own "photographic skin" the less you'll be influenced by your critics!
Build your Photography skills. One day at a time. Focus on the positive. Rinse and repeat.
Raising a Moral Child (for all you parents out there)
@photojack although, the "iPhone 5S" part is absolutely useless without skilled hands driving the shutter. Beautiful video!
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In this Social Photography world we live in, it's far more enjoyable to shoot Photography for pleasure than profit. Some can do both:)
Don't want at all to discourage any of you from becoming commercial shooters..but once you start taking money...the game changes again!
When i decided to become a career was pleasantly compulsory. I felt like there was only one choice!
@photojack True, but using Instagram or one of the editing apps does not make one a photographer. Being a photographer takes great skill.
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@MsKandiLee @photojack mobile photography has redefined the ease with which something can be shot especially when you aren't expecting it.
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you will love @eclipseinst Photography training classes and courses!
We are only now starting too see "mobile photographers" entering the commercial space. The game is changing!
Thank you all so much for you great comments on my iPhone 5s video of India (shot in Slo-Mo)
Commercial Photography, IMHO, is not really a revenue choice but a lifestyle choice.It's like being "called":)
There is a gross misunderstanding out there that all working photographers make upper level incomes. Very few do! Most survive!
Aaron Huey Uses an Instagram Print Sale to Teach a New Generation the Value of Prints… via @petapixel
The greatest thing about Mobile Photography, is celebrating beauty in the everyday. And memorializing it all in pixel form!