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jack hollingsworth
You Androiders have been enjoying that big screen experience for a while. Now it's our turn:)
The iPhone 6 Plus may not nicely fit into your skinny jeans but it the big-screen experience for photography is out of this world!
Beastgrip review: mobile photography gets serious… via @slashgear
Camera+ 6 has arrived, putting world-class manual control into your hands…
As i have been saying for some time now…next generation mobile storytellers will seamlessly shift between stills and video.
When i talk about "classic" photography with your iPhone, it's not a judgment call against those that use heavy filtering and processing!
The iPhone 6 has a built in wide-angle lens. You don't normally take self portraits with a wide angle. Just saying:)
Finishing up hour+ long instructional DVD on iPhone Photography for friends @eclipseinst Coming soon! Xmas!
Camera+ 6 and the Pop Tart: a lesson in responsive design…
Once you shoot with the iPhone 6 Plus-you'll never go back! Trust me. I'm a geek!
With the introduction of manual controls in iPhone photography, it's clear we are moving toward a more classic type of mobile capture!
Johnnyswim iPhone 6 Plus shoot with the great @jeremycowart. Must watch!…
Hey @jeremycowart loved your iPhone 6 Plus portrait shoot. Awesome. Nice job! I dig my iPhone 6 Plus-love at first site!
This is the only iPhone 6 Plus tripod adapter that i'm comfortable with so far is the @istabilizer XL…
You don't want to use/buy any iPhone 6/Plus tripod adapter if any part touches the screen (touch points think it's your finger)
We constantly revisit photographic scenes and subjects. In person. And in our mind's eye. Because we love the creative chase.
If i had to give a single award for the person most influential in Photography circles today it would be @david_duChemin . Period!
Featured Mobile Photographer Craig J. Satterlee | Art of Mob - iPhone Photography…
Side-by-Side Comparison of All Eight iPhone Cameras, or: Why the 6 is DxOMark's New Smartphone King… via @petapixel
The Manual App Gives You Full Manual Control of All Your iPhone's Camera Settings… via @petapixel
Got this comments today, " throw out your iPhone and buy a real camera" Still a lot of "grumpies" out there that refuse to see!
How does the iPhone 6 camera compare to previous iPhone cameras?…
Study Finds 11 Percent of #nofilter Tagged Instagram Photos are Hefe-n Lying… via @petapixel
Everything You Need to Know About the RoadTrip…
iStabilizer | iStabilizer Mount XL:… (fits iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus)
After just 2 days of shooting with the iPhone 6 loved iPhone 5s seems so itty-bitty:)
Of the 8 tripod adapters i own and use with my iPhone 5s…9 of them don't work with the iPhone 6 Plus!
I shot the new iPhone 6 Plus all weekend-Love at first sight!
This killer trick will charge your iPhone 6 in half the time… via @cultofmac
Review: Smaller iPhone 6 proves bigger isn’t always better… via @cultofmac
Short Film Shows Powerful Video Features On An iPhone 6 Plus…
The Moment Lens Will Make You a Better Photographer via @ShareThis
The Moment Lens Will Make You a Better Photographer via @ShareThis
Camera test: The iPhone 6 won't beat a DSLR, but it's still an excellent device… via @macworld
Watch every iPhone ever race each other in a speed-test showdown… via @cultofmac
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