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jack hollingsworth
Miami Celebrity Portrait Photographer Releases 'Photography Gear Guide'…
10 iPhone Photo Tips for Shooting Like a Pro​…
i would rather master just a handful of photo apps than only superficially know hundreds of them.
Ever wonder why your mobile shots in tropics don't look at good as you remember the experience. Check out this video…
Learn the meaning of irony by watching @photojack get mauled by parrots as he demonstrates how to take “quiet” shots…
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Awaken the artist within. Shoot until you are full. Then shoot some more:)
If you live in Europe and love mobile photography then mark your calendars for this @EyeEm festival in Berlin
Pro Tip: Some Airlines Have a Special Luggage Allowance for Media So You Can Pack More Gear…
Video: Little Girl Devastated After Discovering that the Photo She Deleted is Gone Forever…
Many of you will not understand this but it's important to grasp the WHY's of photography before you plunge into the How's!
I have always maintained that, in Photography, in order to break the rules, you need to first know the rules!
You can't possibly be the best at everything. Pick a speciality and do that better than anyone!
Combo Apps/The Forgotten and Lost Camera Apps List via @ASHCROFT54
Instead of seeking short term "likeability" for your mobile work, seek instead long term "credibility" and "believability"!
If you are just starting out in Mobile Photography then i suggest you take a look at what Emil is doing at @iPhone_PS Good stuff!
Starting out with apps is like starting with Photoshop before you learn basic Photography fundamentals. Learn to expose and compose!
Is anyone on this feed going to @EyeEm festival? Maybe you can report back to us here?
@iPhone_PS @photojack Post processing is an emerging art form. Pros know that capturing a good image first is essential.
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100,000 Images and More. Join us at The 2014 EyeEm Festival in Berlin!… via @EyeEm
In depth: Ember lights up your night iPhone photography | Mobile Phone Advisor - via @Shareaholic
@watsonstuart @photojack going to make apps called Talent and Hard Work and it’ll just be videos of Ted talks.
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