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What a gorgeous capture of this eagle about to land. See it at full size HERE:
This photo of a teasel in partial bloom is unusual and beautifully sharp. See HERE
What an inviting view! See this spectacular landscape at full size:
What an amazing setting for this beautiful sunset! See it up close HERE:
The Aurora Borealis! See this marverlous Iceland landscape at full size HERE:
What an extraordinary capture of this heron in flight! See here:
The iridescent throat feathers of this male Rufous Hummingbird. See here:
What a wonderful image! See this recently uploaded work of art at full size HERE:
This goes far beyond being just a brilliant aviation shot. See here:
Water fight fu? I'm not sure what's going on here, but it's well-captured! See HERE:
Here's a fun shot and a great sunset, too. See it at full size:
Incredible light and detail in this beautiful seascape! Take a closer look HERE:
What an amazing Arizona landscape! See it at full size HERE:
Here's a stunning night landscape! See it at full size HERE ------>>
Derelict vehicles are always a fun subject. Take a close look and read HERE:
Here's an interesting rainbow shot! See it at full size:
Here's a very interesting abstract. Take a closer look HERE:
That's a lot of lights! Nice depth and a very fun feeling in this shot. See HERE:
2 colorful subjects captured nicely in one frame! See HERE:
Nice symmetry, good framing and detail. A very serene image. See HERE ------->>
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Here's a portrait you don't see every day. Take a closer look HERE:
The low key of this image and the spray from the waves help set a mood. See here:
What an incredible shot! See this masterpiece up close HERE:
Here's another amazing tornado capture by storm chaser Roger Hill! See HERE ------>>
Do you know why the right lens filters are essential ? Learn why HERE:
Extraordinary refractive macro work! See it at full size and leave a comment HERE:
Nice shot with cloud motion giving the water a simmering effect. See HERE ------>>
A very nice capture of the edge of this fog bank. See it at full size HERE:
Here's another great shot of a hummingbird in flight. See it at full size HERE:
Great motion, solid composition and good detail. A very inviting shot! See HERE:
How's this for a tight macro? Get even closer HERE:
Here's an amazing wildlife shot with just the right DoF. Take a close look:
Great capture! See this heartwarming shot at full size:
Wonderful motion throughout this entire image. See it at full size HERE:
How about the detail in this in-flight shot? See HERE:
Fantastic color, light and composition! See this mountain scene at full size:
A spectacular panorama! You really need to see it at full size to appreciate it: --->
Nice light, texture and perspective. See it at full size here:
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This whimsical image iscaptured by Alberto Ghizzi Panizza.. See HERE------>>
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This street shot piques your curiosity about what was happening. See HERE------>>
Here's another beautiful wildlife photo by Bob Howdeshell. See HERE------>>
In a word: powerful! See this awesome aviation photo by Liam McBride HERE------>>
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