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Phoenix James
Ufton Grove - June 2014. #PhoenixJames
Soldier En Route. #PhoenixJames #Phenzwaan
Armed Soldier. #PhoenixJames #Phenzwaan
May 2014. #PhoenixJames #Phenzwaan
May 2014. #PhoenixJames #Phenzwaan
May 2014. #PhoenixJames #Phenzwaan
Ha! Good!! "@BlackanesePod: @Phoenix_James Thanks for the β™₯ back yo! Nah I was born of a #BattleAxe so I doubt I'm going anywhere soon LOL."
Shout out to @djcoolphonic follow him here and there...
Bio... #PhoenixJames #Phenzwaan #Twitter
I wrote, produced, cast, directed, filmed, edited this mockumentary movie. I'd love 10,000 views on the new...
Congrats another great show @RhettThompson! Please dont kick the bucket anytime soon :^) Thanks for the love @BlackanesePod #BlackaneseChick
St Lucia 2007. #PhoenixJames #Phenzwaan
"@Balavage: Sex Talk With Phoenix James: "Love Freely but Pay for Sex" - Part 2…"
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Thanks to all who tuned in to hear me on The Craig Avery Show yesterday and sent me messages. I'm in the studio for a longer talk in summer.
Thank you @craigavery1 and team for having me as your featured guest on The Craig Avery Show today @ChannelRadioUK
I'm a guest on The Craig Avery Show today on Channel Radio at 6.10pm. 10:10am PT/ 1:10pm ET/ 6:10pm UK. Tune in...
@craigavery1 You're not going wrong with @Phoenix_James on your programme. That's how you guys spell it right? #american
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Todays guests Actor, Writer, Director Phoenix James and from Budapest Author Phil Done . Join me live 5 UK Time on
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If people expect to offer you less than you're giving then they should expect that you decline.
Cooling in the hot tub. Ocean Village 2007. #PhoenixJames #Phenzwaan
Ha forgot that one. Method darling 😊 @VeronaRosess: Watching In The Thick of It n cracking up at@Phoenix_Jamess in the back looking sleepy"
I πŸ’– #Phenzwaan #PhoenixJames
After performing at the Ocean Music Venue in 2002. It's now the Hackney Picturehouse. #Phenzwaan #PhoenixJames
Awesomeness 😊 hope you're good too x @elishafranciss: Wow I remember that shoot!@Phoenix_Jamess@missnbarrettt Hope you guys are good xxx"
Ahhh look at that πŸ˜† @SophiaBaileyy: 04/05/06 only just noticed that. Good times!"
Oh I wanna seeee πŸ˜• @SophiaBaileyy:@Phoenix_Jamess lol I've been trying to tweet you back a picture of my signed CD but it's not uploading."
Which one, which one 😎 @SophiaBaileyy:@Phoenix_Jamess I have to play my Phenzwaan album from 9 years ago!#swoonn"
Ello πŸ˜™@SophiaBaileyy: Wow the incredible Phenzwaan@Phoenix_Jamess ello gorgeous, it's been a while lovely to reconnect. How you doing? :-)"
20 years ago. #PhoenixJames #Phenzwaan
Awesomeness "@LSRules: @Phoenix_James You're the best. Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it!! #LSRules"
Body Beautiful Lifestyle Supplement cover shoot 2011. #BeautifulPeople #HealthyLiving #PhoenixJames #Phenzwaan
Enjoyed 'Don't Start None, Won't Be None' episode @LSRules. Cake & Ice Cream = genius and Andaye's Booze Puffs. Thanks for shout out! #Miami
@Phoenix_James Pls vote for me to win in the EBR Awards for Still & Motion Pictures Category. Thank You!
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@Phoenix_James um how come I never knew any of this stuff lol I only know u for ur poetry/music lol. :)
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I posted 38 photos on Facebook in the album ""
I posted 22 photos on Facebook in the album ""
More modelling at age sweet sixteen. #PhoenixJames #Phenzwaan
Performing poetry at Bug Bar, Brixton 2001. #Phenzwaan #PhoenixJames #Poetry 2 of 2
Performing poetry at Bug Bar, Brixton 2001. #Phenzwaan #PhoenixJames #Poetry 1 of 2
#Follow your dreams. #PhoenixJames #Phenzwaan
Yet more test shooting in tight black lycra in the mid '90s. #PhoenixJames #Phenzwaan