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Phoenix James
What a way to spend a morning! Government might have a say in that
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September 2014. #PhoenixJames
People who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them.
Going where I "can't go", being what I "can't be", reaching what I "can't reach".
Great wise men, teachers, philosophers, prophets have disagreed on many things. On this one point all agree.. We become what we think about.
Once more towards our dreams, dear friends.
When you are doing well and getting ahead in life, some will attempt to put you down. Don't let them put their inferiority complex onto you.
Only thing that makes man a man is his mind. All else you'll find in a pig or a horse. Key to every human being's success lies in the mind.
It's the set of the sails that determines the direction of the boat.
I wish you a productive and empowering start to the new week and month of September. May you progress, succeed and flourish in all you do.
The right solution to your life's improvement lies in wise decisions and their execution.
"@AmyDNesbitt: @Phoenix_James I love reading your newsletters, I'm so happy :)" Thank you
Happy Birthday to the writer, director & producer of "Love Freely but Pay for Sex" - @Phoenix_James
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We would like yo wish talented actor and poet @Phoenix_James a very happy birthday. Via @FrediKruga
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A working weekend. Thanks for the amazing birthday messages. Yes, agreed.. "Keep working towards your dreams and they'll keep coming true!"
Success is imminent only for those who are prepared to fail as many times as it takes until they win.
It's all about progression. Persist and persevere. It's not how fast you go, it's how long you can keep going. Keep pushing forward.
Do while others doubt.
Work while others watch.
Hustle while you wait.
@Phoenix_James I did not see you were verified on facebook!! Well done :D
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Better things are coming.
August 2014. #PhoenixJames
August 2014. #PhoenixJames
If there's some things or people you want out of your life, it's your life, it's your responsibility to make sure they get there.
Thoughts become things. Be mindful what you put your mind to.
You are powerful beyond measure and can achieve all things.
There are no limitations except the limitations you put upon yourself.
One of our stars of 'Love Freely but Pay for Sex' in explosive Afghan War Drama from Producer of 'The King's Speech'.…
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Distance yourself from negative and unproductive people.
Surround yourself with positive and productive people.
Beware of distractions.
The best things come to those who work.
Keep striving for better.
You have infinite potential.
August 2014. #PhoenixJames
Believe in yourself.
August 2014. #PhoenixJames