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George Rolls Hard
Lowkey wanna hit it harder than ray rice did
@_Kawenn: You should feel important and good looking if I follow you back tbh” same 👌👌👌
Wait till you see my muscles next summer tho
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I must be boring cause I don't talk about drama with other people, I just wanna learn about you baby girl
and think about who you let between your thighs
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I say swag too much but I got a full time job so I feel like I can say it
"Dude I love this song." No music playing.
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he's so bad but he does it so right 💋
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Hike up your skirt a little more and show your world to me
Lovely lady, I am at your feet
Swear I'm becoming a better person every day
Almost up to 200lbs, so much GAINZ
I'm a complicated beast
Don't let your lifetime pass you by
A text from the right person can change your whole mood! 💯💯💯
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inject your penis with meth as a substitute for viagra
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People who dress up to go to clubs aren't going to the right clubs
I can live without you but I really don't want to
Down the hill fell Jack and Jill, and you came tumbling after
"put shit in our nose, wear nice clothes, and pull lots of hoes"
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Fuck it, life is too short, I wanna spend my life with someone I feel passionate about
There's something hot about a high chick
Groove is in the heart
Getting drunk on the thought of you naked
What a shame that you came here with someone
I wanna see sweat coming out of your pores
The sentence: "The quick, brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" uses every letter of the alphabet
"Bro you're a legend I can't believe you touched her ass" "Dude ik I hope she doesnt tell on me"
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I really wanna kiss you but my mom said I can't kiss until I'm 13
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I don't see nothin wrong with a little bump and grinddd
Oh baby bring it on to me, baby your time, your love, your space, your energy
Commitment issues are hella real
Stop trying to rush life, appreciate these moments.
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My girl can never have enough lingerie
Drugs may kill you but they won't break your heart
Do me a favor Don't do me no favors ---
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