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Phil Jackson
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Matt Greene with the UND FIGHTING SIOUX coaches. Greene brought the cup to UND yesterday. @PhilJackson11
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How come all my Knick roster helpers haven't suggested that I trade Clive Owen? I need a shot doctor that's why.#theKnick
Congrats to all HOF inductees, especially Commish Stern...he could always be counted on to score under pressure...a mensch.
Whoa, Heavens Peak in Glacier, via copter, used to hike this park.
This pic of Coolidge (became POTUS tomorrow 1923) helped persuade JFK to avoid ceremonial headgear in public: #LOC
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George Clooney on Encore with "O Brother Where Art Thou ". His finest moment-maybe Cohn Brothers, too
Thanks @ShaneBattier for your support of @PositiveCoachUS. What's the best aspect of team defense? no it's not taking a flop. #askBattier
Going up to the country...gonna paint my mailbox blue (and orange). Drive time thru God's country. AZ,Utah,ID,MT. Kind people and good time when Pau announced he was going to Chicago Bulls
Last night reread Declaration of Ind. How many freedoms lost,how much our gov is controlled by interest groups all in my lifetime?
Tomorrow I will dig out my copy of Richard Ford's 'Independence Day,' for the book's lovely opening evocation of summer. My annual ritual.
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In Howard we trust
No set pieces for USA. Defense wins?
Congrats to Spurs and Pop. They overcame a mind numbing loss last year to comeback stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually
Did I just see a guard quickie at the start of the 2nd period. Good one, Pop.
Daniel Rechtschaffen reading at launch of his book The Way of Mindful Education at ABC. #gamechanger
Undaunted by "stuff" we will continue to have a relationship with the press, which informs our fan base#chagrined
Let it that trophy sit. Smile Dustin
We are the lucky ones...watching these guys go OT in a 7th game
Totally enamored by these NHL playoffs...great effort by both teams. Maybe we'll get to see a 7th game
Don't touch that sucker