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Phil Ivey
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Interview episode is on tonight.
Missed last night's coverage of the @WSOP on @espn? Here's one of the more interesting hands of the show w/@kaizerkp:…
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Preview our piece on poker champion @philivey & catch it in full on Tues, Oct 7 at 10p ET/PT on @SHO_Network.
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Back in London for my friends wedding.
The moment before @steveaoki threw cake on the crowd.
Just heard @NormanChad say on ESPN if @mark_hizzle makes back to back final tables he'll jump in the L.A. river.
🏈Night game and@WSOPP on TV the next few hours.
One more reminder that @WSOP main event coverage starts tonight at 9pm on @espn. Lot of @philivey coming your way.
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Coverage of the @WSOP main event begins this Sunday night! Watch:…
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What a way for Derek Jeter’s career in New York to end. • Go-ahead RBI in 7th inning • Walk-off winner in 9th Farewell, Captain.
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That final Jeter moment in NY was one for the ages. #RE2PECT
I want in on the CELO dice game by @joehard1 & Silverback. They did a great job creating it
The only way watching football at home all day in the U.S. could get any better is if I could play online poker while doing it.
iPhone 6 or 6+?
Latest @philivey strategy video at the nosebleed stakes just released! Check it out here:
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I haven't touched chips & salsa in so long since starting to really eat healthy.
With all the hype surrounding Game Theory Optimal play, we've released a video from GTO expert himself: Bill Chen
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Found some pics from my last fight at madison square garden
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Don't stress out, just move onto the next hand.
I think @Patrik_Antonius should just go ahead & buy this 300 million euro penthouse in Monaco.
Could you spend 100 million dollars in 1 year?
When was the last time YOU flopped a royal flush?
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My in depth segment on @60minSports comes out next month.
There's more than 60,000,000 poker players in the U.S.
Learn from the best. Work with the best.
I can really feel the energy and focus difference throughout the day when I get in a work out.
Good job @AllenKessler winning the Circuit main event.
Do the work. Put in the hours.
The @IveyLeague PokerTracker Replayer Theme is now available! This is the replayer used by @philivey in his videos…
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"The difference between winners and losers in poker is that winners bet most of the time and losers call most of the time." @MikeSexton_WPT
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Impressed with @MichaelPhelps winning another 3 Gold medals and 2 Silver this weekend in Australia.
Would you rather play me or her heads up?
Stop blaming bad players or bad luck on your results.
If someone hero calls you, replay the hand in your head and seriously think about what happened on every street.
Take a second to think about what hands you're representing before you make a big bluff.