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Deep… Deep… Deeper than Atlantis. Deeper then the sea floor traveled by the mantis.
Bam! RT “@Vivaciously_Val: Fancy is no different than Gwen's Hollaback Girl or Fergie's London Bridge if we're going to keep it real”
Fractals of the Source RT “@asphyxiophilia: I am many heavenly spirits occupying one earthly body.”
Well that's good RT @CancerAreUs: #Taurus is good at understanding #Cancer's moods & can usually do the right thing to make them feel good.
I'm a lucky girl... RT “@mavaline: how beautiful would it be to find someone who’s in love with your mind?”
It's far too hot for that... RT “@NerdAtCoolTable: If you in bed twitpic yourself under the covers”
@MissTruther: Everything is energy. Your thought begins it, your emotion amplifies it, and your action increases it's momentum”
I'm not myself without you...
Right up the road #blessed RT @UberFacts The water in Flathead Lake, Montana is so clear, you can see to the bottom!"
Hmmm RT “@TheCancerPage: #cancer always finds a way to get what they want which sometimes can mean changing what they want”
The divine is everywhere- it is not limited to one specific realm. It can always be found if one is willing to look.
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Consciousness is exploding, they cant keep you plugged in, people are ripping their own cords out & the house of cards is collapsing.
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You're my everything...
true wisdom is taking a lesson and growing from EVERY experience, positive or negative.
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@TheCancerPage: Don't ever hide anything from #cancer they feel when something ain't right.. Even if they don't say something they know” 👌”
I'm so down for you baby it's unreal
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Moments like these are when we need to see the beauty of twitter even though these images we see of what's going on over there are wild.
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Ephifanies through meditation is the universe's way of directly talking to you
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This... RT “@NovaSankofa: Your love is like a journey when You lose yourself to find your home again.”
I swallow the moon and exhale stars..
Love is the alpha & the omega, the reason for life & the source of all wisdom.
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