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Time is the greatest illusion...
Taking moments to become hyper-aware keeps us fully engaged in the present, the place is which every bit of our power resides. Be here now.
I do mini meditations all thru-out the day. *pause* take a deep breath, smell the air, feel every sensation touching my skin, engage senses.
Say word RT CancerAreUs: #Cancer - a lady in the street, a chef in the kitchen, a freak in the bedroom, a master at finances and making $$"
@parupaaj: The distance between lovers is just one single step. It doesn't matter who takes it....”
It wouldn't take much at this point...
"The human reproductive drive is a watered-down version of the godsex that spawned our solar system." -homeless guy in Safeway Parking lot
Psychology says: The more loyal you are, the more disappointment you encounter and experience.
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I didn't forget... Trust.
@djspydermann: Once you bathe her, dry her off gently.... And give her a soft robe.... Walk her to the window and just enjoy the view.....”
attracted to someone whose eyes hold me
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Sometimes you just need to distance yourself from certain people.
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What makes some people risk everything for nothing?
To do or not to do...
@thatgirlhas: For me to imprint my energy on someone else sexually they have to be a soul mate and who can be a teacher and guide.”
@thatgirlhas: I use sex the same way that ancient Egyptians did, for rebirth.”
@NovaSankofa: You don't HAVE to transfer your power.”
So @BestBuy and their company @GeekSquad conspire with other companies to fraudulently obtain credit card info for recurring charges...
Now it’s time for a contest! To win both of our new hair care products Baby Hair Honey Gel & Long Hair…
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Waking in gratitude and setting an intention of integrity to start the week out right.
Writers block is the worst shit RT “@OneLastStranger: I am not able to convert my thoughts into words. Lost my writing skill. Seriously.”
You can't have consciousness without integrity. You can't have integrity without consciousness. Evolution requires both.
Open up and let divinity rain down upon you...
Awoke in complete gratitude..
This 🙏 RT @PrinceEaa: Love says 'I am everything'. Wisdom says "I am nothing'. Between the two, my life flows.”
Making the most of our last incarnation. Exit the circle
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Fuck with me you know I got it...
send your love and kindness to those struggling with depression and mental illness.
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Bam! RT “@liebury: be your own lover first.”
Rescue me, from this sleeping reality, this prison of logical thought. Return me to inspired imagination, where emotions demand fulfillment.
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Free your mind and find your way There will be a brighter day Love is life...
Guess I was born to make mistakes But I ain't scared to take the weight So when I stumble off the path I know my heart will guide me back..
Time to save the world.. Where in the world is all the time? So many things I still don't know So many times I've changed my mind..
Tried to run but I lost my way Stopped to watch my emotions sway Knew the toll but I would not pay Ya never know how the cards may lay..
I'm trying to decide Which way to go.. I think I made a wrong turn back there somewhere.
Seeking Divine Guidence
You sure did! I see it every day ❤️ RT “@MREEUH: @Phenomenality i love you too, i left some of my heart in montana!”
I want to cut my head off and get a new one.. These headaches are some BULLshit..
Every time RT “@Miniwheats2012: Being graceful to the people who mistreated you is the best revenge”
Cosmic Mirrors. Karmic Gifts. Soul Mates. Twin Flames. Universal Lovers. 🔥�
keeping a honest and open dialogue with your lover is a good way to avoid deceit of all kinds!
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