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Time to stretch, meditate & sink deep into these egyptian cottons as fan blades spin monotonous lullabies luring me into cosmic clouds...
Ps. @BlitzAmbassador I want a dress version of what you have on right now..
Hey @okayplayer how come you didn't tell me about @BlitzAmbassador tho?! (Maybe u did but.. NOW I'm hip) #grandperformances
Summer Concert Series? Yep. Sake on Deck? Yep.
turn the focus inward
Finding my Zen wherever I am...
First time having yak.. Delicious! Yak Chili at this amazing little hidden Himalayan restaurant called Tara's. Mmmmm. 💦
Peace Meditation Labyrinth & Gardens
Cruisin down the street.. With my 6'4" ❤️
We found the perfect spot for breakfast! ❤️
B/w black & white there is a whole range of colors, b/w thunder & silence, the whole scale of tones, b/w something & nothing is everything.
You are the antidote
Depression is often the result of the mind tricking you that your life experience is linear & is stuck at a negative point. This is FALSE.
This too, shall pass.
I wuv my wittle Chewy Nugget! ❤️
Rest in Peace sweet girl.. You're in your mama's arms again. #BobbiKristina
As a spiritual seeker do you often feel out of place or overwhelmed? You are not alone!…
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The universe offers opportunities to experience joy as frequently as it offers pain. We have to re-orient our minds min by min by min..
・・・ Reflecting on the approaching Venus retrograde. Any karma still lingering in love matters that hasn't been worked out will rise to the surface during Venus retrograde. Not every relationship will survive past Venus retrograde. It's always a time for evaluating who we attract and how we show up f
summer rain beautiful dark light at the same time falling inside out cleansing away shards of pain returning grace to its rightful place
Life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you
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"Your body is the piece of the universe you've been given"
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Desperately seeking solace from these tests of stress the universe is throwing at me. The weight of worlds crushes backs & wounds souls.
The ability to allow emotion to just be without judging it is paramount to contentment.
Hot & cold, off & on, close & far. This cyclical waxing and waning wears on my soul, flattening expectations.
back back forth and forth
The video of #SandraBland's arrest is unreal. She knew her rights. They were violated over & over. Protect & Serve? Nope.. Comply or Die.
I don't know bout all this. Q Miller is listed in the credits. I think Meek just betting his whole hand on eventually inheriting the earth..
Man.. The life of a consummate entrepreneur is so deep! The stress is like no other but it's a stress I OWN. I stay exhausted and blessed.
You have the power of the Universe embedded within your genetic code. Stand up and claim your divinity!
Our environment is alive and it literally reacts to our awareness of it.. The way we perceive the Earth effects the information we receive.
You are an incredible gift to this Universe & I am beyond honored to get the word out about your phenomenal work. ❤️…
Many spiritual teachings say we see the world through fear or love. Empath Medicine: Healing Practices for Empaths…
Those are the times to become a witness to your circumstance, center in the present moment and to find the wisdom embedded within it.

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