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Ya'll gonna stop sleeping on Cole. @JColeNC is going to go down in history as one of the great ones. Watch.
When our bodies give us messages like "slow down!" we should honor it. There is an inherent wisdom imprinted in our very DNA. Pay attention.
Yes ma'am. Same here RT @thatgirlhas: I took a fast from watching or reading anything put out by mainstream media 2 years ago. Life changing
Saturated in gratitude…
It's suppose to be "..the most wonderful time of the year" and yet... Wackness abounds.
And just like that........
"The fundamental danger of a non-indictment is not more riots… It is more Darren Wilson's" @jsmooth995
The word "real" is taking on a new meaning every day.
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"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." - Buddha
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Disconnecting one fiber at a time.. ✨
Just tryna get to this money and take these trips
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@BigIndianGyasi: "Forever ever? Forever ever????" #Facts
Matter is the Matrix of Spirit. Spirit is the higher state of Matter.
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@astrangedream: I am here to grow as a person, to live my highest purpose, to love, to be light, be in harmony with nature.”
If you aren't pushing yourself to become better and grow every day, you might as well be dead. Experience and growth is the meaning to life.
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There is a place where voices sing your beauty, A place where every breath carves your image in my soul.
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Just because you have a feeling doesn't mean you have to act on it. #SelfControl
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Forreal tho RT “@ImmortalMasters: Holy Conundrum”
Wisdom is knowing what's right.. Integrity is doing it.
Never compromise the integrity of your soul for the thoughts of your mind & it's ego.
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@seefrvncis: If there's a light ima find it.”
Nothing worse than putting your trust in someone not worthy of it.
Sexual Energy lifted into Pineal Gland triggers Re-Enlightenment
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Meditation is the process of surrendering to flow of the self. We allow our internal conflicts to arise within the mind, then we let them go
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If you don't have integrity you have nothing in this life.. The very worth of your existence is diminished. Evolution is impossible.
time to dream of bigger and better things in my mind
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It's amazing the levels of dishonesty some people are comfortable with. Even if you think you do, you never get away with it.
I haven't forgotten..
The Soul is a unit of Consciousness, being a fragment of the Universal Source, with both a Male and…
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May all Veterans find healing and meaning. Prayers for the suicide inclined PTSD brothers in arms.
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@QuietMindII: I know now that opening my heart to you isn't weakness .... It might just be the greatest strength that I have ....”
Inner flow.. Breathe it in and breathe it out. 💗
This.. RT “@Epic_Women: The worst thing about being lied to is simply knowing you weren't worth the truth.”
Snuggles late into the morning >>>
@Buddha_Insights: Love yourself enough that you'll never hate anyone else.”
Metatron's Cube - Fractal Hologram Prosperity Creation Intention: "I am everything I need to overflow…
I've really fallen off my social media game.. Being in love will do that to you, lol.
Whoa RT “@ThottyGlo: I fuck with you because I saw something different, so don't start acting the same.”
Yes indeed.. RT “@CancerAreUs: Kisses play a huge role in a #Cancer life.”
Be real with me or just leave me alone.
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There's really no fail, there's really no winning.. Cause nothing really is & everything really isn't.