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Pete Wentz
Hope you're Saturday is off to a great start
Still have gold glitter in my hair 😝 coming soon.
L’Shana Tova!
Current style inspiration: Danny Phantom.
Before I drive, I #X @brendonurie to pause the convo. It could save a life. Who do you #X #selfie? #ItCanWait #sponsored
stoked that the new @NewPolitics song Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens) is up on @iTunesMusic #DCD2
dont mind me im just a son of a gun.
"we eat what we kill"... got to scheme some plans with @charliewalk and his team today.
I miss the fugees.
Find me an ad for a vacation timeshare in an airline magazine that does not use the words "lux" and "modern".
anyone remember Boku juice? what did it even taste like? i only remember the commercials.
this side lock button is throwing my whole game off :/ like i go to *cool guy nonchalant tap the top of phone to lock* shrug. i got nothing.
Saw Rodney Mullen today but got too geeked out to go over and say hi 😐
My iPhone 6 came with a free nic cage selfie in it. When is apple gonna learn from this U2 thing.
i wonder how many fans beyonce has onstage, her hair is like perpetually blowing. pretty awesome.
Already back home from #iheartmusic and planning the next move (which may be sleep) in my hundreds x bromance hoody. Thanks my dude @bobbyhundreds 😎😎😎
Sooo #iheartradiomusicfestival was a lot of fun. Thanks for having me 😎 now back into the trenches.
This happened RT @OnAirWithRyan: .@petewentz gives newmeaning to crowd surfing during @steveaoki's #iHeartRadio set
#wearehere @aliciakeys
My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns Hun @elvisduran #iHeartRadio
If I made it here I can make it anywhere 😁😁😁
This rugrats movie is super deep 😨😨 maybe too deep.
dang my sideburns are hombre :/
Take me to bed or lose me forever ✈️
Take em to church regram @briankeithdiaz
Teaching a DIY punk arts and crafts class right now (regram: @dustinaddis ) #cenβž•uries
Just shot a fun skit for tonight 😈😈😈
My buddies the madden bros. Record is out... Get it here:
whoa @PanicAtTheDisco slays this cover of bohemian rhapsody
Jk jk tho I am taking a nap on this slayer couch at rehearsal
Or like snort it. Whatever let's get crazy πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
I'm gonna start a company that just makes the Dorito dust. So you can put it on everything. Like Dorito chicken nuggets or whatever.
HEY LOOK! We're selling this limited edition shirt/colorway only on Twitter! Buy in-tweet (US only)
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So hot in the valley rn πŸŒ΄πŸ’€
Dusting the snack cabinet for Dorito dust fingerprints.
The guy Pat from @train killed the anthem tonight. Now let's go bears!
Photo: americanfootballgifs: Chicago is so Two Years Ago
:/ when my dog is outside my bathroom door like the CIA monitoring a terrorist....
didnt get to see the fight last night but @BENBALLER timeline made me feel like i did at 7am this morning.
@kaws man's best friend
Got to sneak over to the @kaws man's best friend show at honor Fraser gallery. Go see it if you get the chance when you're in la.