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Pete Wells
Beloved Vendor of Ices in South Bronx Is Killed
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! RT @peoplemag: So you may have heard about this thing called, um, avocado toast?
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So I call a restaurant and try to make a reservation but they insist I book via their website. Call me old-fashioned but they just lost me.
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Huge news: NOAA announces the world's oceans broke an all-time temperature record in August 2014.…
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Another @seriouseats mythbuster. Always thought this one sounded fishy.…
.@cnutsmith I agree. That's the problem with giving dB readings. Quiet places have loud nights and vice versa.
I get angry emails about restaurant noise every week. Today 1 said my calling Claudette "moderately loud" was "appallingly inaccurate."
What a moving #FritzBlank tribute @PhillyInquirer, beautifully rendered (of course) by the inimitable #RickNichols…
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Big Day. RT @nytdining: The entire @nytimes recipe archive is now yours to cook #NYTCooking
"I was taken aback though when the CO announced that the 'halal food available' sign was a joke and to not expect it." #YelpTombs
... with ketchup-colored sauce is what you get." #YelpTombs
"Luckily only the breakfast menu was experienced. At 9 AM, only the best day old Coca-Cola in a McDonald's cup and a bunned meat ...
"Their menu needs work.The Kool-Aid helps the nasty water taste a little bit better, but their sandwiches are awful" #YelpTombs
"The food was ok, but since I ended up paying a $120 fine, it was a little overpriced" #YelpTombs
"The PB & J they served us had no jelly and the bread was stale! 'Where is the justice?' 'Where is the Jelly?' we all inquired." #YelpTombs
It turns out that the food at Manhattan Central Booking, a/k/a The Tombs, does not get strong reviews on Yelp. #YelpTombs
Meant to cc: @ChristineMuhlke on that Angelica item.
In former life I ate @AngelicaKitchen's Dragon Bargain weekly; like others it's now struggling w/ jacked-up rent…
A new campaign teaches you how to eat marijuana without turning out like Maureen Dowd:
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Today PETA declares New York the most vegan-friendly city in our fine nation.
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Claudette brings North African flavors into its spin on Provencal cuisine; my review:…
Yelp reviews of expensive restaurants tend to use sexual metaphors; cheaper places inspire drug imagery…
.@Joan_Nathan heads to Rego Park, Queens, for a recipe for the Uzbek dish plov
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.@pang Steamed Buns: The Musical
The Picasso was on the wall for 55 years. Taking it down was a delicate undertaking
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Bottle of Moët with your roast beef sandwich is $59.95. Keep it in mind.
One roast beef and cheese, one orangeade, side of fries please. Good to be back, Roll-n-Roaster.
We've had menus 45 minutes. We've pondered. Made deals. Changed minds. Changed back. Sure, this would be a GREAT time to hear the specials.
WAIT @DanielBoulud IS A SPONGEBOB FAN?? "Boulud says, 'I managed to steal the recipe from SpongeBob and create the crabbie patty.'"
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Catching up on @JeffGordinier's great Mexican trip w/ @ReneRedzepiNoma & @dannybowien. If you missed it, don't:…
Chef Katy Sparks is out at the new Tavern on the Green after only 6 months. @nytdining has the story.
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Why Food Arts closing is a major loss for chefs and restaurant lovers:
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Coarse grains & baby pigs (not for eating) RT @fuchsiadunlop: A new Maoist nostalgia restaurant in Beijing…
#bluefishthursday RT @FoodWriterDiary: #TBT Glad to see NYers get excited about bluefish, which I wrote about in 2008…
Downtown has been through a lot these last, tumultuous years. A good night to head over there for dining and rediscovery. #nyc
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.@tejalrao @alisoncook @BloombergNews Define one star any way you want; chefs and readers still won't like its lonely twinkle.
Devastating news fr/Beverly Stephens @foodarts is closing after 25 years. True,Michael Batterberry was missed.But Ariane&team worked so hard
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@lpolgreen There is an enormous disconnect between the way 60-something CEO-types see U2, and Bono, and how the rest of the world does.
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Great obit fr @RobertMoran215 on #FritzBlank, legendary chef who was also scientist,scholar + master of soup & quotes…
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Where does a guy want to eat in Albuquerque? Bf, lunch or dinner, good, not fancy.
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Swimming with the kingfish, pumpkin swordfish, cobia and spearing at Barchetta; my review:…
My OFM column a few days early: if you go down to the woods today DON'T BLOODY FORAGE…
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