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Peter S. Greenberg
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Can't afford your bucket list destinations? Swap them out with these affordable & exotic places:
Love spending time in the great outdoors? Find out how you can volunteer while kayaking, hiking, and stargazing:
Want to make a difference during the #EbolaOutbreak? You can help by donating to these charities:
Thanks to technology, there are now ways to find the best activities & experiences at your destination:
Say goodbye to change & cancellation fees. One airline charges a flat rate & lets you fly all you want:
Ready to buy a new suitcase? What you need to know before buying soft sided or hard shell luggage:
Wish you could go to summer camp? Now there are summer camps for grown ups:
Looking for kid-friendly ways to learn more about space? Check out these museums & observatories around the US:
How to choose the fastest security line at the airport:
Right now the US sees 70 million international tourists each year. President Obama's goal is 100 million by 2020:
Taking the train is about so much more than just travel. Here are some of my favorite train rides:
If you're worried about turbulence, check the weather the day before your flight. Here's why:
Travel Tip: The Truth About Airline Ticket Prices -…
Travel Tip: The Truth About Airline Ticket Prices...
Looking for a family vacation beyond beach resorts? Here are 25 adventures you can't miss this summer:
Research shows regular vacations significantly decrease the risk of heart attacks in both men & women:
When complaining, never take “no” from someone who isn’t empowered to say “yes” in the first place:
Is an African safari on your bucket list? Here are 5 can't-miss spots in Zambia & Zimbabwe:
More companies like Uber and Airbnb are changing to make life easier for business travelers. Here's how:
Hong Kong & Abu Dhabi may soon be two of the world's largest international travel hubs:
Want to find a great ice cream shop near you? Look no further:
Want to help keep oceans & beaches clean? You can work with the Surfrider Foundation while vacationing in #Hawaii:
Backpacks aren't just for students--they're also great as carry-on bags. Find the right one for you:
Want to know more about French history? You can volunteer at an archaeological dig & brush up on your French:
Why you should book a repositioning cruise this fall:
Peter Greenberg Worldwide--Cannery Row, Monterey, California--August 30, 2014 -…
Peter Greenberg Worldwide--Cannery Row, Monterey, California--August 30, 2014...
Need cash in a foreign country? Sometimes using an ATM is your best bet:
Going on a trip where you'll be walking a lot? Why you should pack 2 pairs of the same shoes:
There are now more unredeemed frequent flyer miles in the world than dollar bills in circulation:
One new airline only offers flights between Newark & Paris. But it has business class seats & reasonable fares:
Worried about keeping all your devices charged? Use these charging cases & universal chargers:
Report says if everyone took 1 extra day off each year, US economy would get extra $73 billion in output:
Some airlines offer automated check in, which makes life much easier for travelers:
Don't pay ridiculous fees for international calls. How you can get the best rates:
Want to make a difference during the #EbolaOutbreak? You can help by donating to these charities:
Looking for end of summer travel reads? Check out these five new books:
Discover #Victoria beyond where the cruise ships take you. Find out where the locals go:
Hotel loyalty programs are free, but now there are secret ways you can earn extra points. Here's how:
Still have questions about Global Entry and TSA PreCheck? Here's what you need to know:
Meeting new people while traveling solo can be easy. Here's the secret:
Since 2005, the number of flights each year decreased 17% but the number of passengers hardly changed:
Homeland Security rule says all devices must be charged before flying to US. These gadgets have you covered:
Want to know the hottest travel trend? Visiting #craftbeer breweries:
Discovering the catacombs of Paris isn't just for movies. You can do it too:
Want to make a difference in hotel customer service? Stay in a training hotel. Here's how:
Study says wellness tourism to grow 9.9% a year over the next 5 years, nearly twice as fast as global tourism:
5 airline fees you can avoid...and 4 you can't:
A #Monterey fireman shares the best places to eat @VisitCanneryRow ! Tune into tomorrow's radio show at 10am EST.