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peter m.
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Walked 5 blocks outside for a cheeseburger, feeling like bear grylls #manvswild
Top of the league, chamberlain brace...bring on the broncos!
Broncos putting on a show here..
12 years a slave is powerful. Fully deserves all its nominations
There's a black guy in every mirror in my house. RT @GOP: Tell us your top issues. Let’s win big in 2014.
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"Atletico defenders working like a one-eyed cat looking for mice" lmao I cant with these la liga commentators
To celebrate R Kelly's birthday, try describing everything in meetings, such as a new spreadsheet, as being hot and fresh out the kitchen.
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@united_airlines_official Hawaii would be nice #kthnx
Kagame's govt goes from being the most promising in africa to just another dictatorship. Shame.…
Best 'stache in NY?
Seriously considering going home straight from lunch...what're the odds the boss loves me enough to not fire me?
Lone survivor: new respect for navy seals!
NW The ghost and the darkness. Still epic
Need some competition my skillz are goin to waste! #eventherefscored
Fam. Where else would I be?
Huge S/O to my boy @Sam_UG getting married today!
Friends who show up with gifts>>
Mandela: "Chaps, we have to choose. We either keep nationalization and get no investment, or we modify our attitude"
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Day One! #Birthdayweek #Wastedbyfriday
I hope Team USA takes selfies in brazil, looking like a short trip!
"There is no passion to be found playing small- in living a life that is less than the one you were created for" #RIPMadiba
Thankful for the southern hospitality! #atl #everyonewaveshere #theresalotofpickuptrucks
Spurs deserve to be deducted 3 points for haven sat in a false position for so long.
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An Ode To The Overly Dedicated Chipotle Employee:
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"At a time when vision can be appropriated by the emperor, here we see the kinds of imagination that are impossible to imprison."
Dr. Valentin Narcisse
Happy birthday E-v-e! @genceci @evelynkarungi @giinahgi
Jazz wednesdays at harlem's best kept secret #speakeasy
Dylan learns the dougie!
El Clasico #theressomethingaboutgirlsinarsenaljerseys
Sons of anarchy stays introducing me to good music… is an awesome site. Bye BOA
Good People, Lazy Evenings..
Somewhere in north London, Arsene Wenger is still twerking.
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#Fangirling @evelynkarungi
My man, making moves. Go Mr. G lol
When the view almost makes the hours worth it.
#sundayread In Africa, Seeking a License to Kill
Malala Yousafzai: Popular favorite for Friday's Nobel Peace Prize.
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"It's about who's at the table, guys—not what's on your plate." - @ZaleskiLuke on your foodstagrams:
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What you need to know about whether and how Obamacare affects you:
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Good times #arsenal #topoftheleague @sam_ug