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Know someone who still wears fur? RT to SHOW THEM THESE 60 SECONDS:
#GameOfThrones star #PeterDinklage challenges U to FACE UR FOOD. WATCH what u are supporting:
PETA investigation revealed workers SMASHING piglets on a floor: RT if u know this is WRONG!
BREAKING: Horse forced to pull carriages in #NYC BOLTS & RUNS through busy streets. WATCH & RT: #BanHorseCarriages
#FreeTilly: Because 30 YEARS in a tank is TOO LONG! Get ur thermal t-shirt: #BoycottSeaWorld
Look into her eye & u'll see she’s JUST AS SCARED as them. RT if u know NO 1 deserves 2 b tortured. #Reasons2GoVegan
URGENT: Man who DECLAWED big cats to have show at @RivieraLasVegas. Tell them to CANCEL NOW!
Bet you didn't even know half of these candies were #vegan! Just in time for #Halloween:…
BREAKING: Carriage horse runs wild through Manhattan streets! VIDEO: #FreeTheHorses
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THE BEST RAP ABOUT BEING #VEGAN. EVER. Try & watch without getting it stuck in your head:
“You will always be in our hearts.” Husband of nurse with #Ebola writes moving letter to his dead dog, Excalibur:
HELP! #SealBeach to GAS & KILL COYOTES for next 3 wks! Ask them to STOP NOW: PLS RT!
A dolphin has just given birth at #SeaWorld. Sad that her baby will never get to swim in the ocean. RT if u agree💔
PETA Pres Ingrid Newkirk wants WHAT done with her body after she passes?! You’ll NEVER guess:
Your eyes are not playing tricks on you, this sushi is actually made of tomatoes. #FWx
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And today's award for #BestDressed goes to @iggypupthechug who wore a tie for his first day in the office 😍 #PETApup #PETAlife #AdoptDontBuy #Rescue
You’ll NEVER look at chicken the same after reading THIS: Can YOU make it to the end?
Festive Vegan Brownies: November 16, 2014 / Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens Create decadent b...
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Bear BITES OFF arm of boy at zoo: RT if u know bears belong in the WILD! #BoycottTheZoo
FACT: Vegans R less prone 2 heart disease, cancer & diabetes than meat-eaters #GetYourVeggieOn
Airlines Continue to Dump SeaWorld, Another Company Stops Selling Angora GREAT WORK @peta xoxo #OTEP #loveanimals
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The gluten-free, vegan creamy quinoa recipe to make for a tasty fall dinner, thanks to @TheHealthyApple:
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Thank you @oliviamunn, 4 asking the @USDA to SAVE NOSEY from DYING: RT if u hope they listen!
PETA video shows animals suffering from 'zoochosis'
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Tourists are often unaware of animal abuse in entertainment. 8 of the CRUELEST Attractions:
#TimesRChanging: 1-in-8 people in UK r MEAT-FREE: RT if u know animals r #FriendsNotFood!
URGENT: NO ONE should be BOILED ALIVE! RT & SIGN to save 2,500 from #LobsterFest:
#RinglingBros trainers tie up babies so all they can do IS STAND ON A CONCRETE FLOOR 💔 RT if u#BoycottTheCircuss!
Dear @NIH, 50 YRS of terrorizing & depriving babies of their mothers IS TOO LONG. RT & SIGN:
YES, THOSE ARE CATS 😢 What the leather industry DOESN’T want you to
ICYMI: @VirginAmerica has CUT TIES w #SeaWorld! RT & SIGN if u want @Virgin Group 2 follow!
#Reasons2GoVegan: EVERY LIFE MATTERS. RT if u agree!
No @McDonalds #McNugget is worth immersing LIVE chickens in SCALDING-HOT water. RT if you agree! #McCruelty
Faith in humanity: RESTORED! Lizard given oxygen after being saved from fire: #Compassion4All
The only way to STOP this cruelty... IS TO STOP BUYING IT. RT if u don’t support TORTURE! #DownHurts
#Halloween is the BUSIEST time of the yr 4 the Pet Poison Helpline 😢🎃 Keep ur animals
#NFL is entertaining. Watching abused animals forced 2 do tricks is NOT: #BoycottTheCircus
VICTORY! Supreme Court UPHOLDS #FoieGras ban in CA: RT if u want it banned EVERYWHERE!
SPOTTED at Paris Motor Show: Monkey tells #AirFrance 2 STOP sending his friends 2 labs! #MondialAuto #StopAnimalTests
URGENT: Man who DECLAWED big cats to have show at @RivieraLasVegas. Tell them to CANCEL NOW!
CopyCat! PETA's sweet rescue kitty Bubbles hard at work at the @simonsam Center.
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India BANNED import of animal-tested cosmetics this week RT if u support! #StopAnimalTests