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SO SAD: Did you know? Down feathers are ripped from LIVE BIRDS every 6 weeks until they're KILLED πŸ’”
What do calves REALLY go through on dairy farms? The truth is absolutely heartbreaking:
WTF: #SeaWorld uses black sunscreen on orcas to hide BURNS & BLISTERS from the public
PETA wants theater to ban wild animals after chimpanzees attend premiere of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes in ...
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AMAZING: Alligator escapes #Minnesota zoo, possibly with help from a tortoise #JailBreak
thinking about buying that wool sweater for fall? think again and watch this
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The Best Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles
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@king_baxter_chihuahua, asking us questions about love & life. #Typical #PETAlife
PETA will help get chaining banned ANYWHERE: RT if u know it's time 2 #BanChaining!
Declawing a cat is like CUTTING OFF YOUR FINGERS at the first knuckle. PLEASE DON'T DECLAW!
.@MiamiSeaquarium fined for violating @SeaWorld ruling on barriers, safe distance from whales:
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PETA's anti-SeaWorld ad is targeting crowds at Comic-Con in San Diego.
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Spotted outside of our LA office: The best piggy van ever 🐷
Some truth from @HowardStern on his show yesterday! Thank u 4 "supporting PETA on this." RT if u #BoycottSeaWorld 2!
NO MORE CHAINS. How one elephant escaped life in the circus: RT if you wish they ALL could!
URGENT: Turtles & more will die by SLOWLY SUFFOCATING if we don't stop this! RT & HELP:
WHY is PETA about to pay for people's water bills? FIND OUT:
#TBT 1996: PETA convinces #NASA to pull out of plan 4 monkeys 2 have electrodes implanted & be launched into space.
Great news! Bahamas Dolphinarium Ordered to Close, Release Dolphins -
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6-8 MILLION cats & dogs enter US shelters every yr. Nearly HALF are euthanized bc not enough homes πŸ’”
Think wearing wool doesn't hurt sheep? THINK AGAIN. See the footage that's shocking the world
You’re a dog trapped in a hot car. What happens to u? #TBT to when @JustElisabetta showed us
RT if u stand with Edie Falco & will NEVER take your children to the circus! #BoycottTheCircus
NO ONE should live covered in their own waste for MILK or CHEESE. RT if you agree. WATCH: