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Dear @Virgin, Your pledge does nothing to help orcas trapped in #SeaWorld tanks. RT & SIGN:
Fall is HERE! Celebrate with these 18 Delicious Pumpkin-Packed Recipes: #WhatVegansEat
@peta: RT if you agree with this #vegan cupcake. #SeaWorldSucks” after watching 'black fish' RT is a must :(
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Here's some great reasons to go vegan!
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We’re LOVING @DocHeather’s #vegan friendly book, #FixYourMoodWithFood. Get it now:
Cloth-covered bottles ARE NOT REPLACEMENTS FOR MOMS. Ask @NIH 2 STOP depriving babies of LOVE
In what world is TORTURE romantic? RT if u know it's time 2 #BanHorseCarriages!
URGENT! Festival plans on DROPPING TURKEYS FROM A PLANE 1000 feet in the air. Sign & RT:
YES! @Gap brand @piperlime drops fur after customers threaten 2 boycott. RT if u r #FurFree!
HELP! @LOrealParisUSA trying to REVERSE ban on cosmetic animal testing in India! RT & SIGN:
So excited for the new cookbook from @CandleCafe! Filled w/ DELICIOUS #vegan recipes for every holiday:
Two simple rules to ordering almost any drink #vegan at Starbucks: #NationalCoffeeDay
September is National Chicken Month. 10 Reasons NOT to eat them: NUMBER 5 is SO SAD. 😢
EVERY animal is beautiful. EVERY animal deserves respect. Double tap if you agree. #Compassion4All
Animal Abuse Gains Traction as a Serious Crime, With Jail More Often the Result
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URGENT! STOP man with 100 federal Animal Welfare Act VIOLATIONS from exhibiting tigers:
Not sold on tofu? You'll change your mind when you see these amazing vegan recipes:
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Hi! I’m Boss💛 #PETAA rescued me from my previous owners, & now I’m looking 4 my FOREVER
Texas meat packer recalls beef 23,100 pounds of beef trimmings products for possible E.coli:
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Couple in animal abuse videos sentenced to life in prison—PETA
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Couple 2 spend LIFE IN PRISON after forcing girls 2 TORTURE & KILL animals in “fetish” videos:
This will give you serious pause about buying red meat at your local supermarket
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#FreeLolita: Because loving animals means NOT STANDING ON THEIR FACES: RT if u agree!
We'd say this is the perfect shirt for #InternationalCoffeeDay, but it's really just perfect for EVERY day. Get yours at! ☕️💗😴
Happy National Coffee Day! The Ultimate Guide to DIY Vegan Coffee Creamers #nationalcoffeeday
PROGRESS! Former CDC monkey experimenter FORCED 2 RESIGN after PETA exposé #StopAnimalTests
#PaybackIsHell: Bear MAULED HUNTER after being shot with arrow. RT if u want 2 #BanHunting!
Rabbits are EXPLOITED & TORTURED for food, fur, experiments, & entertainment. RT if you know they are #NotOurs2Use!
President Obama's private dinner for PM Modi may feature only vegetarian dishes…
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If zoos TRULY cared abt bears, they wouldn't keep them in pits like THIS! RT if u want them 2 b FREE! #BoycottTheZoo
6 terrifying reasons why it's time to stop eating meat
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Not just #SeaWorld feeling #BlackfishEffect! Aquariums scaling back marine mammal programs:
#Reasons2GoVegan: For identification, ranchers press HOT IRONS into cows' flesh, causing 3RD-DEGREE BURNS.
Firemen Used Itty Bitty Oxygen Masks To Save Hamsters Rescued From A Burning Home
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EVERY LIFE COUNTS, human or not. RT if you agree!
What do animals REALLY go through in chemical tests? THIS. RT if u want 2 #StopAnimalTests
Happy #InternationalCoffeeDay! ☕️ Which type of creamer is your favorite: Almond, soy, or coconut milk?
| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| | DON'T | | EAT | | ANIMALS | | ______ | (\__/) || (•ㅅ•) || /   づ
Seeing orcas in the wild is thrilling. Seeing them do circus tricks is NOT. RT if u agree. #BoycottSeaWorld
HEARTBREAKING: BABY MONKEY cries out & clutches the back of cage in fear. Tell @NIH to STOP:
Because if u knew what REALLY happened to sheep for wool, u wouldn't buy it anymore. WATCH:
URGENT: Live animals should NOT be given away as PRIZES. RT if u agree & SPEAK OUT:
SPOTTED in Victoria, BC: A reminder to TRY 2 RELATE 2 WHO IS ON YOUR PLATE #Reasons2GoVegan
Humans doing tricks is impressive. Forcing animals to do tricks thru ABUSE is not. RT if u agree! #BoycottTheCircus