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Brunching with @lepainquotidien's Tofu Scramble & Six Vegetarian Quiche 👍 #vegan #whatveganseat #brunch #lepainquotidien
PETA will help anyone get chaining banned, ANYWHERE! RT if u know chaining is 4 bicycles, NOT 4 DOGS! #BanChaining
PETA’s logo is a bunny—& 4 good reason. Why Rabbits Need Your Help More Than Any Other Animal
Happy National Garlic Day! We've got a list of the very best garlic-filled #vegan recipes:
Lots of love waiting for you at your local shelter. Millions, in fact. Always #AdoptDontBuy 🐶💛🐱 #Caturday
Did u know rabbits' teeth NEVER stop growing? 12 Things U May Not Know Abt Rabbits: #Easter
Saturday morning wisdom, courtesy of Ghandi. #NeverBeSilent
Watch 2 see secrets behind the world's most PAINFUL spectacle: the CIRCUS. #BoycottTheCircus!
WHY?! #KFC is TORTURING & MURDERING chickens to sell as a #tacky prom accessory: #HowDoYouKFC
Animals r not ours to EAT, WEAR, EXPERIMENT ON, USE FOR ENTERTAINMENT, or ABUSE in any other way. RT if u agree!
Rabbits r routinely SCALDED, & BLINDED 4 cosmetics testing. This #Easter, go #CrueltyFree:
Did u know that dogs pant to cool off, but only sweat through the pads of their feet? RT if you LOVE them!
Racetrack owner implements drug reform after explosive PETA footage reveals SERIOUS ABUSE:
Reptile breeder ordered to pay PETA $88,000 in animal cruelty case…
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Billy Bob Thornton is working behind-the-scenes to save over 100 ANIMALS a year! FIND OUT HOW:
More than HALF of these pizza joints offer a #VEGAN pizza! The Biggest Fast/Casual Pizza Chains: via @NRNonline
ALL BEINGS have rights & deserve compassion. RT if u AGREE! #NeverBeSilent
Hunting is not a sport. It's a CRUEL, ONE SIDED fight 4 life. RT if u know animals NEED their body parts, WE DON'T.
Chicks born on factory farms will NEVER meet their mothers. 21 things the egg industry HIDES:
Maple & her ears are waiting patiently for the weekend to begin. #Rescue #AdoptDontBuy #PETApup
FACT: Almost a BILLION rabbits are killed yearly 4 their fur, as many as 70 million in France ALONE. 🐰
Rabbits are the 3rd-most abandoned animals in shelters. This #Easter, #AdoptDontBuy! RT if u know ALL animals need ♥
Porn Star Arrested On Animal Cruelty Charges — Abuse Fetish Videos Among ‘Most Horrific We’ve Ever Seen,’ Says @peta:
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Celebrate #GoodFriday by rocking this @PaulMcCartney-approved 'Eat No Fish' tee, just $12.99!
@peta @EstherThePig never eating bacon, ham or pork ever!!! I can't eat something that's smarter than me haha
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