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☮ Olivia ☮
The world casually ending behind me
But the sky today @t_i_n_y_t_u_r_t_l_e_s
Fruit punch + hibiscus tea
I'm very happy that this shrine existed
The contents of my stomach, basically
Okay but can we just talk about these for a second
Yes, hello, please step into my office
@sammie_kayee knows what's up
am I baked or is being parked in front of the plaza azteca pretty sweet?
that young sour d tho w/ @t_i_n_y_t_u_r_t_l_e_s
finally figured out why doughnuts have holes 👏🙌🍩
✌️taking a shit and rolling some spliffs lol✌️ (not really popping tbh)
just became my new obsession
2 drops on a sweet tart; that's that shit i do like
all hail pizza mandala
my #wcw @scumoftheearth_ 💛💙💜💜💚❤️💎💞💘💞💋
new digs in emerald point hmu
casually laying on my kitchen floor to get this one 💕 #oldassnigga
the money shot 👌w/ @507error
solid A++ encouragement courtesy of @kaitlynkasp #wordstolivebynigga #lifemottomnigga
aww yiss motherfucking expensive ass bath products #yeeson #brokeaf
sometimes I buy shirts that aren't black
I mean... wht else do you do when it snows, son? ❄️😚💨❄️
someone take me on a sushi date ;(
they're $6 ea. at the smithsonian holy crap balls
just paid $25 dollars to eat 12 slabs of uncooked fish in Washington, D.C. lol txt it
we got this @507error