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Pedro Leone Lanskey
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No 1 should pay for momentum it's free a gift from me to you
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“@BlackShann: @TheRealGhetts. Momentum is a whole next ting bro ! Absolutely #SMACKED it !” < I 2nd dat,
Why is this kid arguing with me. Ur lucky I don't buss ur clart
Y is it everytime u turn around I c ur arse crack. #pullyourgoddampantsup
Yardies just don't seem to understand.
Yardies piss me the fuck off man. Fix up all ov ya
@PedroLanskey Yo , I'm starting to fink dese dudes be part of the rainbow club mayn B-)
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I'm backin that if I snorted any amount of coke, ain't no motherfuckin bullet taking me down. #Montana up in this bitch
Yo @50cent i'll give you £50,000 if you put two verses and a hook on Dr.Dre's "Kush" instrumental. Its necessary. It was made for you
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