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Pedro Figueroa
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I don't think I'll ever completely understand you
Just smoke some weed and you'll be alright 👍
@PedroFigueroa95 I spark it up after not seeing you for months and this is your response </3
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Tweet to get shit off my chest... Not for anyone to love me .
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omg i just realized they're called pancakes because they're like cakes but you cook them in a pan
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I hate waiting for food when I'm hungry ugh
I hate when the line in @TacoBell takes forever 😒
Being a whore does get you somewhere in life, I mean look at Kim💁💰👑
Smoking weed with some leann
We on the mission for bad bitches and trouble
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I swear music puts me in another zone. 👌
I'm too high to give a fuck💁
Fuck you and your bitch ass attitude
I'll always remember the people who were there for me. I'll always forget the people who weren't.
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I hate loosing when I'm playing zombies ugh
Being sober is just not an option for me today
I have to stop being so nice
People that think they're all that are so annoying
don't tell me about your problems cause I can care less.