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My birth mom needs to stop being irresponsible and stop being a friend of mine and needs to start being a real mom.
*kourtney kardashian voice* literally mom you’re being so rude
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today: stressed tomorrow: stressed next week: stressed next month: stressed next year: stressed next life: stressed
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when ur friend says that they're getting back with their ex
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I learned alot from my mistakes but all i need to do is give it sometime to fix them one by one
I need to start ignoring the stupid comments people send in my mentions
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*wears headphones with no music playing just to avoid people talking to me*
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Your love never fails never gives up never runs out on me <3
Colossians 3:13 Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.
LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF !!!! <<< people need to start following this
We all make mistakes but it doesn't mean you can keep bring the person down, it's wrong and its wrong to God
If you do not know how to forgive a person or never will your gonna wanna read this because in the bible its the right thing to forgive
Instead, we must forgive others who wrong us, just as our Father has forgiven us.
If we all lived by the mantra “an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth,” we would all be blind and toothless.
We all make mistakes but it doesn't mean you can keep bringing the person down, at least guide them or help them, don't be foolish about it
If you cannot forgive a person then theirs something wrong with you
Forgiveness in the Bible is one of the greatest blessings that God has given us, and one of the greatest blessings we can give to others.
hoping tomorrow will be a postitive day for me not a negative 😔#prayss
Trick That Even The Celebrities Don't Yet. This Secret Will Grow Stubborn Hair Inches In Weeks
Retweeted by ♡courtney♡ case anyone was wondering what i want for xmas💄💖👙👌
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Maybe if I take my life people will quit the rumors about me and bullying me , can my life get any worse
Wasting my time when you don't have time for me ... ✋Neva See it
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When your favorite show is on but your family won't stop talking
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boys only want love if it's torture, don't say I didn't warn ya
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I cannot believe I'm turning 17 lol ❤
Can't wait until my Birthday and Christmas #dec23 #dec25 🎄🎅❄🎁
I have alot of friends who are now fakes
If you don't like me, that's your problem.
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stuck between reality & a fantasy😕✨
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It's pretty ironic how people get mad when you treat them the same way they treat you
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Unfortunately I'm the type of person that you can screw over 1 million times and I would still be there for you if you needed me
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