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Patrick Patterson
Not sure why.. But when a girl wears that body chain over her bathing suit.. Mmm.. 😍
"Top down cruisin.." 🚗
Goodnight world. 💤
One of the best horror films of the summer.. Keeps u on the edge of your seat. If you haven't seen it yet, go check it out. #AsAboveSoBelow
Life in the USA needs to be a lil more like Europe. Naps in the afternoon and healthier/fresher foods. #JustaThought
No disrespect to those.. But it's amazing to see people that use to be around me. In just a few years, the lbs just piled on. Not sure y.
Saw a man today kick his dog to get him to obey his command.. Now I'm not a pet owner, YET, but I don't think that's acceptable..
#repost from @dwill_25 #haha #excusehisfrench
Let's rewind back to the days when I could drink Coke all the time & eat Burger King basically everyday.. #reminisce
#wcw #wcw #wcw #hmmmm
Special thanks to @Legendary office in LA for letting me come check out @AsAboveSoBelow.. Make sure u go see it! #dontbescared
"Your a positive motivating force within my life, should you ever feel the need to wonder why.. Let me know" #rip to the beautiful #Aaliyah.. #gonetoosoon #angel
Sunny day in Los Angeles.. Make sure u check out "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For" if u haven't seen it yet.. 🎥
#shoutout to kids with the lemonade stand here.. Was a good cup. Never pass a lemonade stand & not buy a fresh cup.. #supportthekids
Good morning world.
That moment when the cops pull up next to at a stoplight while u have your windows down, music blasting, and phone in your hand.. 😳
Good morning world.
Good morning world.
California Cruisin..
Ever think bout how much clean water we could provide to those who dont have any with these #ALSIceBucketChallenge going on.. #RandomThought
What's everyone doing today?
Today does not feel like Saturday...
I accept the ALS Awarness Challenge from @ebled2 & challenge @chandlerparsons @terrencejones1 @rossmcmains.. Shoutout to the ice water crew @miles248 @B_Rabbit_From_The_313 @chippay_chippay
Today is a good day..
Good morning world.
RIP to one of the best to ever do it.. You will be missed.. #hook #flubber #patchadams #jumanji #jack #mrsdoubtfire #popeye
That awkward moment in the car when your slow jam comes on with your homeboy @rossmcmains and you go all JODECI.. #idoprivateshows #tourcomingsoon #shewasfeelingme #hahaha
That moment when you're driving alone at night & look in your rearview mirror & c someone in your backseat... 👀
Such a beautiful day in Santa Barbara.. ☀️
Bored chilling getting my car wash.. While I wait.. Let's do a quick Q&A..
Good morning world.
So it took Mitch 12 years to be inducted.. It took Alonzo 6 years. & it took Stern what, few months? #hmm #nbahof
U know when u ain't hungry & driving.. Then u smell something crazy delicious and gotta have it.. #fatboy
Good morning world.
So much passion captured in one photo.. Not just me.. But also those crazy fans that bleed blue. #tbt #bbn #reminisce #gobigblue #notsurewhyimscreaming
Can this day get any worse? Miss my flight, dropped off @ wrong terminal, then buy new flight but for wrong day, now waiting 3hrs. #smh
Wheels up.. ✈️
Good morning world.
Bringing back the fanny pack like it never left.. #justwait #stylin
Good morning world.
Think I might start wearing hats.. What u think? #ovofest #raptors