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Can't keep up with all the Android Lollipop stuff? Here's a tl;dr FAQ to get you up to speed.
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New website? No problem! These 3 services take the headline out of website creation.
Google experiments in millimeter-wave tech could change how Internet gets to your home
PSA: You can steal a free copy of Payday: The Heist for the next 3.5 hours. It rocks w/ pals!
This is not a toy: $250 Samsung laptop brings classy to Chromebooks. by @MRiofrioPCW
Steam's biggest free weekend ever lets you play 10 top PC games for nothing. by @haydencd
Google Play Games' new nearby multiplayer capabilities make it easier to play with pals
Linksys unveils a pair of new 802.11ac routers. Gigabit wireless? No problem.… via @BrowniesHQ
There's more evidence Google is developing wireless broadband tech. But is it to help itself first?… via @markhachman
Hey PC guys, we haven't forgotten you: here's a free copy of Payday, today!… via @haydencd
Google Play Games new multiplayer allows you to challenge in-room opponents.… via @Ohthatflo
A City Sleeps: rescue a city from demonic nightmares embodied in a bullet hell:… via @haydencd
Android fans, here's the new Nexus 9 compared against Apple's iPad Air 2:… via @JasonCross00
Steam's free-to-play weekend (THIS weekend) is its biggest ever!… via @haydencd
There's a new Mac mini: three of them, actually. And some are rather pricey.… via @markhachman
Apple ships new iMac with 5K display: room to edit 4K video plus more.… via @OneJaredNewman
Apple debuts the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. @Caitlin_McGarry has all the details.…
Apple Pay launches Oct. 20. And it's (eventually) coming to the iPad, too!… via @Caitlin_McGarry
How can you effectively use your iPad and iPhone together? Handoff! We explain:…
OS X Yosemite is live, and here's how to get it, install it, and more.…
#Ad Take your VPN to the #Cloud- View the advantages for your #VPN service with @ATTBusiness/Frost & Sullivan
It's time to get your phone ready for Halloween with these apps, games, and themes.
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A quick spec showdown of the Nexus 6 and Note 4:…
Utterly crazy hack: taking over a AIO printer by shining a laser at its scanner. So, so bizarre.…
Facebook’s Safety Check is a super simple way to tell the world you’re OK in a crisis.
Motorola Droid Turbo leaked: Two days of battery life, Quad HD screen, & more by @derekwalter
Video: sat down with us to talk about Puls, his new smart bracelet
The 6 best features of Google’s new Nexus 6. This is a Nexus like no other. by @Ohthatflo's Puls is a HUGE wearable that makes phone calls from your wrist…
Have you checked out the new Nexus 9? @Ohthatflo counts down its 9 best features:
Interested in the Nexus 6? @Ohthatflo enumerates its top six features:
Hey, lolly lolly! It's official: Android 5.0 is Android Lollipop. Also unveiled: the Nexus 6 phone; Nexus 9 tablet.
Google's Nexus Player: Will the third time be the charm for its living-room strategy?
Great news for cord-cutters! HBO announces plan for standalone streaming video service in 2015
PCWorld covers more than just Microsoft! Introducing World Beyond Windows @chrisbhoffman's new Linux/Chrome OS column
R.I.P. Reader: @chrisbhoffman examines Adobe's history of disdain towards #Linux users.
Beta test @GOGcom's new PC gaming client, get a free copy of Alien vs. Predator by @BradChacos
Fix for severe POODLE attack against SSL 3.0 could break Web for IE6 & other older browsers
"I'm a tablet guy now." @markhachman explains why the @surface Pro 3 replaced his work PC.
Smartphone-tablet mashup: Asus PadFone X Mini coming to U.S. next week by @agamsh @ASUSUSA
#Intel sold 100MM chips last quarter, some of them going into cheaper laptops by @markhachman
Forbes: Google to unveil Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and Android L on Wednesday.
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Humble Mozilla Bundle comes next week, and PC #gaming in-browser comes with it. by @haydencd
3 simple ways two-factor authentication can protect you when no one else will
Windows 10 Preview stats: Two-thirds of testers live dangerously… by @BradChacos
Three easy ways to create a collaborative photo album. Bookmark this for the next wedding or family gathering!
Meet ‘World Beyond Windows,’ the new PCWorld column dedicated to Linux, Chrome OS, and anything but Windows.
Buying a new camera? Read our review of 5 entry-level DSLRs 1st for tips & recommendations.