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Microsoft revenues climb on consumer, devices business (but not Nokia)… via @markhachman
Facebook, Yahoo crack down on recycled accounts as a security measure.…
Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in new biopic, with a script by Aaron Sorkin. Woot!…
What spooky games are the theme of the new Humble Bundle?…
We're pretty sure we've already seen HP's Sprout PC. In 2011. @MRiofrioPCW has the scoop.
Soft Machines takes CPU cores and makes them virtual. (Can you do that?)… via @markhachman
The designer of Papers Please unveils a 1-bit (yes, 1-bit) mystery game.… via @haydencd
Did you know Mark Zuckerberg spoke fluent Mandarin? Here's what he said:…
Nuts. Microsoft's killing the free Xbox Music tier. Back to Spotify...… via @ianpaul
Sony's Xperia Z3v improves on the Z2 smartphone in every way, writes @Ohthatflo.…
Upgrading your PC's RAM? Here's a handy utility that sniffs out what your PC will need.… Advice from @LincolnSpector
Microsoft's wearable may have debuted on TV's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."… via @OneJaredNewman
You could buy a TON of MacBook Airs & iPads for the price of this single Apple-1. via @gkeizer
Review: Civilization Beyond Earth is absolutely stellar. And it has aliens!
The budget battle heats up: Chromebook shipments surge as Microsoft unleashes counterattack.
Nvidia brings one of the the GTX 980's best new features to older graphics cards.
.@chrisbhoffman reveals why Ubuntu 14.10's humble changes are the calm before the coming storm
HP’s rumored radical 'Sprout PC' sure sounds similar to this oddball printer from 2011
Civilization: Beyond Earth review: Absolutely stellar Say goodbye to your free time!
As @OneJaredNewman reports: Motorola is making big improvements to its Moto 360 smartwatch:
Picking up Samsung's excellent #GALAXYNote4? Here are some tips to get you started.
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New Raspberry Pi goodies inbound—soon you'll be able to make your own Pi Pad! by @ianpaul
Leaked HP "Sprout" PC aims to fuse digital and physical worlds with the help of a projector and 3D scanner.
Microsoft just released a new Windows 10 build rife with helpful Windows Phone-esque features.…
Camels, sleds, and fishing boats: 7 odd Google Street View vehicles by @robotopia
ARM vs. Intel: Why chipmakers are slugging it out for your Chromebook’s brains by @markhachman
Can Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father improve on the original game? @haydencd finds out
This key drive unlocks things with new U2F security standard. @TonyBradleyBSG @FIDOAlliance
If you have an AMOLED display, a black interface can save a lot of battery. via @RyanWhitwam
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Stop straining your fingers! @ianpaul explains hwo to start dictating documents in Windows.
Microsoft officially lays Nokia name to rest for Windows Phones. Goodnight, sweet prince.
Free videoconferencing tools: 5 creative ways they can help you get things done.
Post like a pro: Three social media apps for scheduling and more.
Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight review: $99 is cheap if it saves your house from burning down.
Apple Pay could be big news for frustrated Android users who want to pay with their phones.… via @martyn_williams
So you want a OnePlus phone but didn't score an invite. Here's how to get it:… via @derekwalter
Funny thing is that Wi-Fi's nearly outpacing some wired setups. So: faster Ethernet ahoy!… via @sdlawsonmedia
Will Sprint really charge you $10 extra for a wearable data plan? Ugh.… via @OneJaredNewman
As IBM flees hardware, it's future lies in (chip) design.… via @agamsh
E FUN announces $179 10-inch Windows tablet w/keyboard case. A steal, right?… via @markhachman
New Office previews for Mac, Android, modern Windows inbound, report says:… via @OneJaredNewman
If you're an Office Mix fan, good news: you can pause your screencasting and collect your thoughts.…
Gmail's Android app may soon work with your non-Google email accounts, too.
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Flappy Bird easter egg found in Androild Lollipop. Because why not?… via @derekwalter
Four dot-jerks casually decide to one-up the space race with a weekend visit to the moon. Sci-fi by @tomhanks…