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payton crimm
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i need to stop waiting for something that's not gonna happen
it seems I have nothing to say and too many ways to say it
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why fall in love when you can jump off a cliff and feel the exact same?
easily one of the worst nights i've had in awhile
even though im trouble kiss me anyways
what's the point of living if you're sleeping alone
the devil and god are raging inside of me
this is the first day of my life
so many people don't even take marriage seriously anymore
tegan and sara-relief next to me
@katyperry: @skyferreira maybe u should get ur drivers license so you can leave ur mom's house?” @paytonmarieeee damn
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Going for "bad boys" is bullshit. You won't change him. Want someone who ignores you and is alternately loving and rude to you? Get a cat.
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@paytonmarieeee How about PEP Boys instead? We can take care of the check engine light for you:
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It's been a week and ur still pressed. I hit where it hurts. Sorry bout it
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i need a boy that knows things about cars so when my check engine light comes on he can tell me what to do
one person followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by
nothing compares to hearing music out of headphones and really listening to the music
man this music im jamming to is so good rn im loving life rn
we'll all float on all right
boardwalk-im to blame
the dreams in which im dying are the best i've ever had
i feel like im living in 1986
break my body hold my bones
i wanna see you again but im stuck in colder weather
literally in a whole different world right now
WANTED: Someone who will spend an entire day watching cheesy crime shows with me. Pizza included. (Cuddles not required but encouraged)
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yea im a mess but at least im a hot mess
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fool me once fool me twice and I will ruin u
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oh my god im so sick right now im miserable
i have this awful habit of throwing up the peace sign at people instead of just saying hi
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be heartless or be heartbroken.
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honesty im not claiming anybody unless it's mutual . cause 9/10 there's someone else smiling at the same shit they telling you
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“It’s about who you miss at 2 in the afternoon when you’re busy, not 2 in the morning when you’re lonely.”
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uh oh payton is getting weird again
at the end of the day people just don't care about anything but themselves