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payton crimm
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moral of the story: don't take painkillers before bed.
i got up and ran around my house looking for this baby and was screaming
in my dream i found a baby and kept it and my mom called the parents after 10 years because she got mad at the kid and i woke up crying
i can't believe i woke up crying from that dream
i have so much alone time i don't know what to do with it so i'm going to spent it all thinking about how much alone time i have
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don't mix your pills kids
be polite and sweet to everyone unless given a valid reason not to
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when your mom says you can't go out but you already made plans
"@HornyFacts: When you want attention from bae but they're mad at you." @Mattramsey5 this is you 100%
don't go to dinner with your family fucked up
"Bitches post 'I wanna suck some Dick.' then be like 'Chill it's just a song!'"
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i like to do me and am only attracted to a man who can be dominant and aggressive, and who can continuously hold my intrigue
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You don't have to touch me if you don't want to
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I need like 3 weeks to figure my head out rn
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when i was younger i wanted to be famous and now i just want to be asleep
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I don't feel as old as I am, time must have passed me by all these years I spent trying to figure out who I am or even who I'll end up being
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just because someone desires you, it does not mean that they value you.
Seriously considering deleting my twitter when I start school in the fall.
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