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Pay Fresh 沛
Sunrise in the sky. 🌄 ✈️
"Lost in Literature"
Whose idea was it to book this 5.55 am flight? 😴
Liquid chocolate and pistachio brownie.
Silly Saturday. 👭
Live painter @demontpinder w/ the Beatles piece he did during the show, wearing a @therealcharliemurphy shirt. He painted Charlie last week in DC.
#Repost from @flyyzilla --- Dope show with this dood! Great spirit, amazing talent! Thanks for your time sir :-) @raheem_devaughn
Just did an interview w/ Raheem DeVaughn out here in Manchester, UK. It was eh... a bit sexual to say the least. Soon online.
My sister @flyyzilla is such an artist. She gave me a whole new face! [And look @rballin, she braided my hair too!] I have the best sisters in the world. ❤️
Watery sunrise. ✈️
I got into two fights at the airport and it aint even 7 am yet. I'm already done with this day. #prioritymemberforwhat
Aaah, the smell of kerosine in the early morning.... [at the airport]
I'm so infatuated. ❤️
I ran into new motivation. Back on my workout. Let's see how long I can keep up w/ it. 😄
Everything I have been through was completely worth it, being where I am today. Life really does get better the older you get. #blessed
Baby Orchids. 🌸
Sunset under overpass. 🌇
A chance to really get to know who @AdrianYounge is. What moves him? What is timeless music to him? Find out more:
As an Ikea and Apple user, this made me laugh. #brilliant…
Sunday Food Market aka "Stuff Your Face Sunday". 🐷😋☀️
Sunday. ☀️
The movie #Chef is awesome. Including the soundtrack. Easily up in my top favourite movies. #foodie
"I'll cross that bridge when I get there...." 😏
Beers, tattoos & piano fingers.
September Summer Day: Mojito & Woo Woo in the afternoon, cause we can. 😎☀️
Thursday's outfit. ☀️
He said I am like Heinz Ketchup: "Anticipation! It's making me wait. The taste that's worth the wait." 😂#ThatsaFirstt
#WCW: My beautiful sister @flyyzilla. Can't wait to see you next week and tear up the city! 😎👭❤️
This shit is like being a gambling addict. Easy money makes one greedy. #justsayno
Happy birthday to one of the most beautiful souls I know, @IamNovel. Love. ♡
My voice is completely gone and I'm coughing like a seal. Its gonna be a quiet & noisy ride back w/ @elsahbi. #roadtrip
Road trippin' w/ @mcmelodee & @edsonsabajo to Cologne. Tonight Pass The Dutch! 😎
Sunset on lockdown.
#Networking is based on the question “How can I help?” Not “What can I get?” #GoodReads by @PayFresh #PassON #TBT
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Summer in my street. ☀️🌲🚲
Lunch break in the sun. ☀️
Who, me? ☺️
After years, I finally met the famous @malikapedia in person! Bass!! 🎸🎶😎
Great show & wonderful seeing my talented and dear friend Ab again tonight. Love this dude to pieces! ❤️
Saturday evening "Table kitchen stories" @ @withlovefromcolette's w/ home made soto by @ameliejomima.
The face I made when discovering some stuff last night. 😱😄 [@withlovefromcolette]
Everything is not what it seems. #illusions
Its so refreshing having met someone that is not familiar w/ "my world", who sees me for everything I am outside that world, as well. #love
Italian leather boots in this rainy autumn-like August. ☔️