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Pay Fresh 沛
Sunset by Gaudi Cathedral.
Lonely saxophonist. 🎷🎶
Strollin' through Barcelona, Spain.
When your business partner knows you so well, she sends a package to Amsterdam w/ sea salted BACON truffles. @iamjowheeler rocks so hard right now! 😆👊👍❤️🐷 #baconeverything
No party at the airport.🎈
Oh yeah, that last tweet was such a #girltweet. Sorry.
This new mascara I got smells like roses.🌹
@romanymalco: Couples Act Out Sex Positions Youve Never Heard Of And The Results Are Endearingly Awkward” Hilarious!
Where are my spicy-eating men? LOL -- Study: Men Who Enjoy Spicy Foods Have Higher Testosterone Levels… via @bigthink
Why do everybody and their momma feel the need to post the D'Angelo album? We ALL know it got released today. Just listen to it already.
Word of the day: Leek. Thank you @YAMINallday, for teaching me this word. I needed it in my life. #foodie
Hear D'Angelo's Brassy, Funky New Track 'Sugah Daddy'… via @RollingStone
2 more days & my sis @MsBallin will finally be here. I can't wait to have her here on my side of the pond. And then take her to Barcelona! ♡
"Get down, with yo bad self. Do that thang." A perfect Sunday to blast Johnny Guitar Watson, while cleaning and working at home.
We were having a conversation about the movie No Good Deed. Women are not always helpless. I said to him that at some occassions, I've made it known that I can be the psycho in the situation, just to eliminate all ideas in the man's head, about overpowering me or doing stuff to me. And for example:
I could use a new Predator movie in my life.
My downstairs neighbour is blasting Taylor Dane - Tell It To My Heart on this Friday evening. I can't be mad at that lol. #80smusicrocks
Its insane that men think asking for that stuff, is so normal and act insulted when a woman says "no". Who the F are you? #TodaysSociety
Photos? Go to IG: @PayFresh. Asking for 'certain' photos is only accepted if we're married. Enough women online that'll fulfil your request.
Happy birthday Chris! 🎉🎊🎈 @freetherobots
Reppin' 👅💦😏
People gotta learn to forgive & let go. Its only hurting themselves, holding on to hate. Where is the love? "Spread Love, its the ONLY Way."
"Things we do for love...." --H. Brown
Love cocoa & marshmellows. ❤️
For full documentarian purposes, here's the before shot to complement @PayFresh's superior…
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Rise & Grind (Simply Put): Always find the time to let someone know you appreciate them.
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Navajo Eggs & Eggs Royale. [pulled pork, mango, avocado, chipotle dressing, smoked salmon, poched eggs and more]. Best lunch in a long time. And this why @tilito is already one of my best friends cause he shares food as well! Which is how it should be. 😛👍❤️
Random nightly thought: @Jeedo_X was the one that introduced me to techno, through the interview we did.
Humpin' padded hotel elevator walls at 2 am. "Blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol..."😏
Secret entrance to the Burgers & Hip Hop event. Shout out to The Beef Chief reppin' Amsterdam here.
Sundown at 3.45 pm in Berlin? Guess its cocktail time then. #dark #wintertime #drankin
Off we go again... ✈️
When you know he still has your back, no matter what. ♡
It doesn't mean there is no care. It just means, one is more likely focused on happenings that have an immediate affect on their own life.
In the midst of all the happenings in the world, most people's world is as small as their own reach.... even w/ the internet. #reality
'You will not be arrested for using drugs': What a sane drug policy looks like. #OnlyInAmsterdam #Hometown
@PayFresh thanks for turning me on to @MCMelodee and her music!! That Crunch Time EP is OFFICIAL!! #MCMelodee #CrunchTimeEP
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Dinner & great catch up w/ one of my long time friends and definitely one of the best, @GEOLOGY365. ♡
Its a new week & new month. I hate the cold & the darkness, December is not my favourite month. But let's end the year w/ a productive one!
Another round in Cologne. Pass The Dutch two year anniversary! Let's go!
This time of year, I always get mad that its night time before its even 5 pm. #darkoutside #wintertime
"Leaving".... 🍂
I am in love with @nick_hakim's "I don't know".... ♡
These 15-20 hour working days are exhausting but amazingly #productive. At least today I didn't forget to eat in between, ha. #lovemyjob
NEW EP "Crunch Time" feat Cookin Soul, Illa J, Like a.o. OUT NOW !! Ya disponible mi nuevo EP "Crunch Time"!! Enjoy..…
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13K followers on here and none of y'all do a damn thing for me lol. So I better see some hits on @MCMelodee's new EP. Its Free! Love. <3
Why I love working w/ @MCMelodee: She always stays smiling, no matter what. Check out her new EP "Crunch Time"!…
Amsterdam State of Mind. #keeponpushin