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Paul Higgins -Pauly
What a game of rugby. OZ v NZ gutted for Oz but they are the All Blacks!!
Little Pauly is doing great now and thank you everyone for your kind words and prayers. We are all home and a family again. X
Play time with Claudia and Michael-John.
I would like to thank everyone for the prayers and kind words for our Pauly. Still in hospital but making progress and things looking up! TG
Please say a prayer for our little Pauly who is in hospital right now. He is so brave and is having another rough time. Of it Thank you. X
Just had a amazing couple of days with @clodaghanne in Miami. Nice to hang out with my best friend and now it's home time to see the kids. X
Goodnight Miami and goodbye to the USA leg of the tour. See you all very soon. X
@clodaghanne: Tampa you are gorgeous !!!!! ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️#soexcited” me 2 !!!
2 great shows had so thank you Charlotte. You really did brighten up the night sky.
New Orleans you have an amazing city and your people were very hospitable. What a crowd and what a venue. X
Very tired today!! Does New Orleans ever sleep?
I think San Antonio is up there with the loudest crowd of all times. Great night. X
Happy birthday my little princess. 4 today and my little piece of heaven on earth. Love you Claudia. Xxxx
El Paso what a evening you gave us. Thank you. X
Show 3 of 3! Amazing venue. Thank you Rose Bowl.
3 out of 3 and what a time we have had at the Rose Bowl. Going to miss you LA but we will be back soon. X
Show 2 last night at the Rose Bowl was amazing and now getting ready for show 3. Anyone going??? X
Rose bowl 1 of 3 !! Great night had! X
Missing my wife @clodaghanne and kids. Hard to say goodbye! Xxxxx
I would like to wish my amazing sister @HigginsGer a very happy birthday. can't wait to see you tomorrow. X
@paulyhiggins Please retweet and help us find Alice Gross! She's been missing from Hanwell since Thursday x
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Wide awake at 5:25am !! Yea
What a 2nd show we just had in Chicago. What a top city!!! X
Tonight's show has to be one of the loudest audiences ever. Well done Chicago and see you all again tomorrow. X
Beautiful country walk with the kiddies & my sis @ClaireMaryEllen 😍😎👭💞☀️🌾🍃 We mis@paulyhigginsiggins
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To much sun today and feeling it!!
Off to bed now after a very long day! Good morning at home and good night to all this side of the world. X
Not sure how that happened!!
Dallas you were amazing tonight!! Great experience and really enjoyed the atmosphere you created. X
What a crowd at Houston. Another amazing stadium and what a singing audience. X
This day 3 years ago i married @clodaghanne &she made me the luckiest man alive!Luv u more with each day via @YouTube
2 great nights had in Detroit. What a lovely audience you all were. Thank you and hopefully see you all again soon. X
Not feeling very well today & waiting on a course of antibiotics 2 kick in & stop me coughing.funny how men always get it worse than girls.x
Thank you Detroit for a very welcoming experience. Hope you all had fun and let's do it all again tomorrow. X
After a long day i am off to bed. Missing my @clodaghanne better half. Goodnight. Xxxx
Philly what an amazing city you are. 2 nights of pure craziness. I will always remember these shows.
Goodnight Philadelphia !See you all again tomorrow. What a great crowd you were tonight.Now let's get the lights off.
Looking forward to tonight's show!! X
Just had 3 amazing nights in Boston and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. Every night as good as the other! Thank you Boston. X