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Paul McCartney
.@letitd @TwitterMusic They're fantastic! They love music and we love that. And we always have a party! #askPaul #OutThere
.@MariaElizaFaria This is true, yeah! We're coming to Vitoria, Rio, Brasília and São Paulo! #askPaul #OutThere
.@beatlzrule Not often, but sometimes if it's a really big show you can get a little nervous, but I'm able to calm the nerves these days
.@1AlbaMcCartney …Before we get on stage the main ritual is we have a huddle with the band that gets us psyched up & ready to roll #askPaul
.@1AlbaMcCartney Yeah, there's quite a few. I take about an hour to get ready and during that time I do a certain bunch of things...
.@alvarezelizaa I try & look for a funky title that's relevant. After On the Run we figured we would be Out There on a number of levels!
A few more answers from Paul's Twitter Q&A this week. More to come next week... #askPaul
#FanArtFriday by @kasweeee Check out more #fanart over at #PaulMcCartney
This week in #1984 Paul released the soundtrack to 'Give My Regards to Broad Street'. Photo by David Dagley #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #PaulMcCartney
Paul's album 'Give My Regards to Broad Street' was released this week in 1984 #ThrowbackThursday #TBT
Win deluxe reissues of @PaulMcCartney + Wings' Venus And Mars & At The Speed Of Sound
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Win tickets to see Paul play in Jacksonville on 25th October by clicking HERE:…#OutThere
Paul has confirmed he will be getting back #OutThere in Rio this November. Full details at:
Pre-sale tickets for Paul's Brasília date will be available from at 06:00 (local/09:00 BST) on Wednesday 22nd October
We grabbed a few more answers from Paul before he left which we'll post over the coming days. Thank you for all your questions! [MPL]
Hey! This was fun, gang! Gotta run. Meanwhile I'll leave you with this song: #askPaul
.@sarahstacey92 Really beautiful, humbling and exciting at the same time #askPaul
.@MackHalley It was fantastic! He was always on my top 5 drummer list and a great friend and ballsy drummer! #askPaul
.@raisingbiz Yes indeed! And here’s the world premiere of it featuring John Bonham on drums: #Wings #askPaul
.@JoeMantegna I wrote 'Come and Get It' for Badfinger and 'World Without Love' for Peter & Gordon #askPaul
.@sixtimelosers Scorsese, Fellini and Dave Grohl! #askPaul
.@thefemtrooper Yeah, China! It seems like everyone else has, but I haven't! #askPaul
.@amberleymadison I'm afraid I'm spoken for. So the answer is a firm 'No!' #askPaul
.@Yorkshiremouth Just left my wife Nancy in the street (Goodbye), and Hello is you @Yorkshiremouth #askPaul
.@babyIiebers Alien would be my favoruite for the bit of chest-popping! #askPaul
.@rockwithbeatles I love my young fans! I'm always surprised how many there are. I love the perspective of young people. #askPaul
.@Kittyprryde not really, but I do have some nice guitar picks from over the years and some nice books too! #askPaul
.@ShawndelleD In fact because I happen to wear a walrus head in Magical Mystery Tour - I am the nearest any of use came! GooGoogAJoob!
.@AllonsyHP Drugs, Alcohol & Sex (he says with a wink) #askPaul
.@domisilva93 ...Paul McCartney - vote for me! (He said modestly!) Though I'm not sure what state I'm in! #askPaul
.@declanjayyy Even though I've known him for a long time the nearest is probably @bobdylan #askPaul
.@Bearluffer 'Step Inside Love' which I wrote for the British singer Cilla Black but Diana Krall has one of mine coming out soon that I love
.@RickRubin Yes I do. I don't know quite what, but I believe in a benevolent spirit that is behind everything that we do #askPaul
.@Andrew_StClair There have been so many great hits made in that room that physically and spiritually it has a greatness built into it
.@declanjayyy The last time I tweaked I was with @katyperry. She was rather good at it! #askPaul