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Paul Johnstone
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what do you want your audience to do when you have finished your speech? #Speaking #Tips :-)
PJ on Life: Hey that's a stunning picture of you! How long did it take to edit?
#nfl what is vernan kay on the London Wariors, stick to Wigan mate Romans, Centurians, Capital s work better
PJ on life, Temporary solution maybe better than permanent ones ;-)
PJ on life, The popularity of teleseminars and webinars is skyrocketing. Have you got what it takes to benefit
PJ on life, Do you really understand the message? Or do you only understand the package?
PJ on life, the best networkers give first then amazingly they find referrals coming tehir way quickly and often
#bbcqt blimey a comedian with a sesnsible on the pannel
PJ on life: We are still masters of our fate. We are still captains of our souls. Winston Churchill, remember when presenting ;-)
PJ on life, #PowerPoint The boredom slot otherwise called the agenda. You know yourr presentation will flow now!!!
Have you ever titled a slide "Outline," "Conclusion," or "2014 Budget"? and wondered why the audience stops listening
PJ on life, Put a "Lerner" sign on your car, and nobody will suspect you of drunk driving.
PJ on life, why do people instantly smile when some peoples name shows up on their phone?
PJ on Life: Why do some people think they’re not rude, and believe they’re just being honest?
Felling a biy upbeat chat later
A-Z of management Speak “Lessons Learned” =Knowing who I can lay the blame next time round
Sales Presenters; Bad management Speak not enough band width This is for people who can’t say No
#PaulsTips: Have you ever lost out on a promotion or challenged by a difficult conversation? Get over you Fear of speaking
A-Z of management Speak “Jargon” =Language used by managers to obfuscate, bamboozle and befuddle everyone RT
Speakers; Business Jargon, Take It to the Next Level. Meaningless because nobody knows what the next level actually is
"This evening is a very different evening from the morning we had this morning." David Coleman RT
A-Z of management Speak “Quality” = Continual improvement that leads to self-hate.
Speakers do you have a sweet spot in your speech? Something your audience can look forward to
A-Z of management Speak “deregulation” = Your work in someone else’s In try. RT
#PaulsTips: AI Audience Interaction do you talk at your audience so removing any reason for them to listen?
Sales Presentations; All Power corrupts but PowerPoint corrupts absolutely, how true
A-Z of management Speak “Brain Dump” = sorting out your brief case in the meeting
#Speaking in meetings it will take time you're trying to change your habit of keeping your thoughts to yourself
A-Z of management Speak “People are our greatest asset” = People are our biggest expense item
Smile!! Especially when you don’t want to. It puts Your audience at ease and you feel better
Speaking in corporate meetings use ‘Belly Breathing’
Refer back to what you said earlier. Remember Tie up all the loose ends.
A-Z of management Speak “You have to apply common sense to this problem” =You have to think like me
Body Language experts talk about impact. You need to focus on good content and good delivery to make an impact
A-Z of management Speak “You have to apply common sense to this problem” = You have to think like me
There are many times of day you may be asked to speak from Breakfast to After dinner
A-Z of management Speak “I understand your idea, and I think it may be of use to us in the future” =Forget it
#PaulsTips Better words for presenting without the BS you treat as no deem to be
Preparation how do you ensure your speech meets the audiences needs?
A-Z of management Speak “I'm not saying no, but I'm certainly not saying yes” = No
A-Z of management Speak “You need to see the big picture” = My boss thinks it's a good idea
Can you deliver your presentation with fewer words? Your audience will like it better if you can #SpeakersTip
always talk so the person at the back so they can hear and you. BUT try no tyo deafen the front row
Think you’re saying too much? You probably are. Put the brakes on and PAUSE
A-Z of management Speak “I'd like your buy-in on this” =I want someone else to blame when this thing sinks. RT
Tips for Speakers: 'Who teaches learns.'
A-Z of management Speak “To Empower” =The freedom to blame your subordinates for your problems
Leadership is closely associated to speaking and communications skills and helps you communicate with confidence
Appeal to your audience s enlightened self-interests, by selling the benefits Paul M Johnstone
A-Z of management Speak “Human Resources” =A bulk commodity, like oats or building blocks. RT