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Paul Johnstone
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#BusinessJargon RT if you hate it "No brainer"
A-Z of management Speak “That's an intriguing notion that merits additional thought on the part of our best people” = No
#BusinessJargon RT if you hate it "In the driving seat"
You shall not murder your language, it is there to illuminate the darkness- Commandments of Presenting
Just back from holiday will catch up with you all shortly and Follow back and mentions etcetera.
#PaulsTips: you anchor your audience by giving them something to lock on top hold as their own
#BusinessJargon RT if you hate it "Quick win"
Essex for business Networking We all know Essex is a great place for business. So why not run a networking group? It may be easier than...
"Nobody has ever won the title twice before. He (Roger Black) has already done that." David Coleman
Sales Presenters; Bad management Speak if you ever think of “Stir frying some ideas in a strategy wok” you will die!
#BusinessJargon RT if you hate it "Level playing field"
Speaking Tip; A eulogy should evoke positive feelings for the bereaved
#BusinessJargon RT if you hate it "To take an idea or project ‘off piste’
#PaulsTips Better words for presenting without the BS always use something you never
"Players prefer the FA Cup because it's the end of season curtain-raiser." Peter Withe
#BusinessJargon RT if you hate it “Close of play”
You shall not read thy speech, or you shall have your word struck from your hands
Let’s action this project! one of the Top 50 #HatedBusinessJargon
You shall not simply never trot out thy usual garbage-. Commandments of #PublicSpeaking Think of the audience!
#BusinessJargon RT if you hate it "Streamline"
#BusinessJargon RT if you hate it "Pick up and run with it"
#PaulsTips: #presenters get your Q&A done first then you can deliver your big finish
#BusinessJargon RT if you hate it "Joined up thinking"
Business Presenters; Always give your audience something extra, that’s what they want
#BusinessJargon RT if you hate it "To kick a project into the long grass"
#BusinessJargon RT if you hate it "To ‘ping’ an email"
#PaulsTips: Remember: - You don’t need to be perfect. Your audience is willing you to be good
#BusinessJargon RT if you hate it "Open door policy"
#BusinessJargon RT if you hate it On the same page"
Beauty is also linked to being healthy, which is why some people need physically attractive.
Sales Presentations; All Power corrupts but #PowerPoint corrupts absolutely. Sadly not my original quote- Dam
Your audience does not buy your company or product they buy you
#BusinessJargon RT if you hate it "Back of the net"
Sign in a Chicago restaurant: Open Seven Days A Week And Weekends.
#BusinessJargon RT if you hate it “Road Map”
Public Speaking and Leadership are closely connected often good leaders are good speakers and communicators
Someone told you to look round the room, But who told you how to look round the room?
#Business Humour: Early to bed and early to rise probably indicates unskilled labour. John Ciardi
#BusinessJargon RT if you hate it "Moving the goalposts"
"Not to win is guttering!!"Mark Noble
#BusinessJargon RT if you hate it Bells and whistles
#PaulsTips Best Man don’t read a list of thank you’s its dull and the guests drift away. Make every thank you personal
Think outside the box, there is a major problem waiting to be solved and no one has a clue what to do #BadManagementSpeak
Get booked for 30 mins and the organiser says sorry you only have 20! sad but true, so, give them what they want
#BusinessJargon RT if you hate it "Action plan"
Some business presenters fall into the trap of trying to over-control their audience, all that does is raise you anxiety levels
#PaulsTips: ask a teenager like your children to read your speech, if it makes sense to them it will make sense to the audience
#BusinessJargon RT if you hate it "Dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s"
Before you speak centre yourself breath out, concentrate, focus and step out into the limelight Speaking tip:
Let's use some useless jargon to get the feel-good factor flowing before we admit we are clueless