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Paul Johnstone
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#Humour, Capper, an old term for the final in a series of jokes on the same subject matter which ends the routine with the biggest laugh
Humour: Behavioural Jokes - contain nonverbal connectors of character, emotions/state of mind, body language/actions, and sound effects
Google May Not Give a F*** About Twitter, But Experts Say It Should…
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Fire Sale 12 #Australian bats for sale - as new - last attempted use 6/8/15 First come
How much longer can the property bubble last? Find out in this FREE report!…
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Just as us cycling fans suspected; Leaked IAAF doping files reveal 'extraordinary extent of cheating' -…
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6 stitches taken out, 4 more put in at Pau hospital to try and get this unsealable arm to seal
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No no no. . . .I'm not going to mess about with my @velogames #TDF team anymore. . . . .ok maybe just once more.
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Sad news about Charles Kennedy, whatever your politics he was one of the few honourable ones even if he was a bit of an old soak RIP
SNP MPs all lied that 'Labour voted for £30bn austerity cuts' - should they all resign & face by elections? #bbcqt
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#bbcqt politicians as 'rascals' what next
#bbcqt Bagpus name checked what next?
#bbcqt its a bit flat navel gazing don't play well everywhere
The game of footbal relies heavily on cheating and the panel are amazed that the top of the organisation are corrupt, #bbcqt
Fire burns and Ice freezes and FIFA has corrupt paid officials what's news about that?
Sep Blatter & FIFA inquiry says there is no corruption in FIFA next they will be telling us there are no drugs in sport B+>&$%&#
I think the surprising fact that 6 FIFA officials have been arrested on corruption charges is it's only 6
The slippery ones at FIFA have probably covered their tracks, it's the stupid ones that have probably been caught
If only PM adding last minute extra to Queens Speech right now: "my government will bring the World Cup home sooner than expected" #FIFA
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FIFA now has to dodge some awkward questions, no change there then
FIFA are an opaque organisation who can't be surprised when everyone else including the FBI thinks they are hiding something
I find this ODD well didn't the internal review done by FIFA clear them of all wrong doing? Like the NFL and drugs......
hey Ho Time to go and get some work done, writing a speech and I just can't get one of the linking passages to work #1pmlunch tomorow
Bye bye everyone have a lovely afternoon #1pmlunch
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#1pmlunch quick last mo questions "whar would you like to be better at?" me it's being better organised
It's been a good #1pmlunch I joined late did anyone comment on Ian Curtis? died 30 years ago today, blimey 30 years ago!
#1pmlunch how is everyone on this V wet day in the East hope it's better where you are
Just read PFA chief Gordon Taylor whining about drugs it's the PFA and the clubs are where the buck stops stop put some money in to it
You have left us with some fantastic memories "B.B. King"
If you've never experienced this you're too young
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Over 493,000 people died in the UK in 2010 no one of them died from public speaking fear! not one
Facebook testing its own search engine, so users don’t have to leave the site to find links
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Democracy doesn't stop once #YourNextMP is elected. Join us to build a better democracy: #GE2015
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with the resignation of Ed Milliband, does this mark the end of the politicians who have done nothing else?
is it legal for a candidate to hand out literature ie canvassing material on polling day? please let me know
Remember guys, after you vote, be sure to post it on Facebook. Otherwise it doesn't count... #ElectionDay
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Crickey 3 ballot papers and Eight choices #IVoted but needed time lol

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