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Paul Feig
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Huge congrats to @shondarhimes, @BeersBetsy & all the Shondaland players! You guys are truly on fire. Unbelievable.…
Well, here's a trip down the Freaks and Geeks internet memory lane. Now, if somebody can find the old message boards!…
Oh, by the way, Freaks and Geeks turned 15 yesterday. Man, I feel old.
If you're a Freaks and Geeks fan, see what you think of this list. Thanks to @RollingStone and @j_m_wood for caring!…
Congratulations to me for being lucky enough to have @lauriefeig as my wife for exactly 20 years today. Happy Anniversary, love of my life!
#RIPEricTheActor Very sad about his passing. He always made me laugh. Wherever he is, I hope he's complaining about it. @sternshow
@ScandalABC: Who's counting down with us? #Scandal” Me!!! But I may drink a few extra glasses. Right, @BeersBetsy?
I got the 'get an iPhone get a dog' deal. Anyone else?
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Obvious cannibal scam“@Ripleys: Love pizza AND sleeping? B Fiber & Craft pizza sleeping bags with toppings pillows.
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@jaychandrasekha: @jdharm interviewing @paulfeig on Howard 101. Very informative.” Thanks, Jay. I had a blast. I love JD. He's future DGA!
The JD Directors Special is on at 7pm ET! @jdharm interviews @deltorofilms @paulfeig @robcorddry & more! Replays all weekend on #Howard 101
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@paulfeig Happy birthday Paul! Please enjoy this video - pretend I'm the woman dancing in the background. xo…
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Hey, Apple Pay, if you could make it harder for me to buy things instead of easier, that would be great.
I love him. RT @CBCNews: Teen petitions to have his laser-cat portrait in high school yearbook
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Hey, I believe you can see me drinking too much wine on tonight's #hellskitchen. I don't do it for me, people. I do it for all of you.
Thanks to @Jordan_Roth and @Jujamcyn theaters for dimming the lights for @Joan_Rivers. Follow their lead, other Broadway theater owners!!!
Awesome @UnmaskedShow interview with @Joan_Rivers on @SIRIUSXM's Raw Dog channel. So funny and touching. Great work, Ron Bennington.
VIDEO: A boy hands over a foul ball to the young girl behind him and it’s adorable.
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@paulfeig I understand this dog even more. We both need Fall. Bad.
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It's so hot in the Valley today, I completely relate to this dog.…
@JaimeShaye: @paulfeig I'm so happy Miranda Hart will be in "Spy". Can't wait to see it! :)” She's fantastic in it. @mermhart is the best.
Incredibly sad about @Joan_Rivers. Please, funny people, stop dying! We need all the laughs we can get. #RIPJoanRivers #RIPRobinWilliams
I'd like to thank @TomIVd for making me laugh like an 8-year-old at this. Please enjoy. Apologies to @NICKIMINAJ.…
A true comedy pioneer has passed. To stay that funny & that relevant into your 80s is an impossible feat in comedy. All hail @Joan_Rivers!!!
In Focus: Coworkers Nationwide Embrace Tearfully After Painful 3-Day Separation
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When you show up and someone is wearing the same thing as you
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Walked past a guy today who was wearing a t-shirt that said "Take Off Your Pants!!!" So I did. Now what the hell am I supposed to do?
Got to see the pilot of @petenowa's @HowToGetAwayABC and it's awesome. Huge congrats to @shondarhimes and @BeersBetsy. You guys are on fire!
The Awesome JOE MORTON, Papa Pope of SCANDAL, WINS BEST GUEST ACTOR EMMY!!! Congrats dear JOE!!!
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2 #scandal guest star Emmy's in a row! Says a little something about...casting :) congrats to my dear @lindalowy and @TheWalkingIMDB.
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In Local News: Weird New Cereal Sets Tone For First Weekend At Divorced Dad’s
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This Christian baker won't make my gay wedding cake, but has agreed on a cake topped with "two magicians waiting for their girlfriends".
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In Commentary This Week: "It’s this attitude that’s gotten me where I am today."
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Get into the cinema or theatre for free by telling them that you're an actor. It's a little known legal loophole. TRUST ME ON THIS!
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Oh, teens, does the future always have to be dystopian with you? Yes I know, adults ruin everything. But still, we're not THAT bad. #orarewe
Napoleon conquered Italy at the age of 26. What have you done today?
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I'd like to thank my local diner for never letting me forget Big Country had a hit song. #dailybreakfastsoundtrack
This is a sad day. My thoughts about it for @ThisIsFusion:… Rest in peace, Robin Williams.
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THANK YOU, @PFTompkins, for articulating why so many of us are grieving so hard for Robin Williams right now.…
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