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Paul Dalglish
Proud to see my boy @JoaoPlata10 doing it on the world stage with 2 goals for Ecuador. Delighted for you amigo.
Any of my coaching friends stateside know if @raymondverheije book on tactical periodization is available in the US yet?
And if the trip wasn't bad enough, I have come home and the dynamic duo have a new name for me. Mr Potato Head!
So my bag never turned up on the way there till the next day and we got hit by lightening on the way back....feeling like Bergkamp!!
....but apart from that it went well!!
Sat on the plane for hours at the gate whilst they checked the plane so missed our connection to Austin. Had to stay overnight in Houston!
Crazy journey back...our plane got hit by lightening just after take off so we had to fly over the ocean to dump fuel and fly back to London
Had a fantastic time catching up with family and old friends in London but happy to be back in the office in Austin and get this team built!
Right I'm off to buy some clobber for my meetings tomorrow. Anybody know where I can find a baby blue tux. Dumb and dumber style.
Story of my life. @united leaving me feeling empty handed.
Landed in the UK but my bag is still in America. Absolutely fuming. Thanks @united
@KellyCates: @pauldalglish @lynseydalglish @laurendalglish I have "plans"” Good. I prefer the other two anyway.
Hopefully get to see the three wicked witches too! @lynseydalglish @KellyCates @laurendalglish
"Put on my blue suede shoes and I boarded the plane" Heading to the UK today for a few days. Can't wait to catch up with some old friends!
@PaulSmithJnr just met smigga at airport on way home should have been the champ. Still a champ to us
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Must he infuriating to prepare as hard as @PaulSmithJnr did and produce a world class performance only to see judges score it unfairly.
Feel awful for my mate @PaulSmithJnr but he can walk with his head held high. He was magnificent. The scorecards have tarnished boxing.
Support has been out of this world. I'm off this now until later. Thank you all so much. #AndtheNEW #TeamSmithBros 👊
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Over to my old mate @PaulSmithJnr now to take care of business in Germany. Good luck mate.....and the new!
Last minute wonder goal all that stood between us and a derby win. Fair play to Jag. Unbelievable goal. One of the best strikes You'll see!
We have a new house!
This is the 2nd time @Chase have missed the closing date on this house. I'd post a picture of how angry Brandi is but I'm scared.
I wouldn't mind but @Chase gave us the date and we bank with them and we made all our plans around the date they gave us.
Just been told by @Chase it's not going through today and furniture is arriving at 8am. Not happy at all.
Furniture arrives from Salt Lake in the morning....I am certainly seeing the 'Don't mess with Texas' in my wife at this moment!!
Think Brandi is about to explode....meant to be closing on our house today with @Chase and just been told the paperwork isn't in.
Has the penalty shoot out finished yet??
Sounds strange but sometimes it is more harmful to performance to care too much rather than to not care at all.
Watching the Liverpool game and really feel for Lambert. He wants to do so well but seems to be putting himself under so much pressure.
Loving watching my old @RealSaltLake boys in magnificent form. Absolute pleasure to watch them play.
Gonna have a croissant from Paris. A couple of pizza's from Rome for lunch and London's finest pie and mash for tea.
@pauldalglish where does that coffee come from Paul? Turkish coffee?? Made in Istanbul?
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For some reasons, I feel like having 5 pieces of toast this morning and 5 cups of coffee. No idea why. Can't work it out.
Champions league football back at Anfield......reunited and it feels so good!
Shave it off mate the fullbacks on top of your dome are starting to attack a little bit! @IanJamesPoulter
He wears tartan with a side partin....tra la la la la @IanJamesPoulter
Ok it's time to get rid of the comb over look. It's now pissing me off now. Back to the old Poulter.
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Loving being back in the ATX. Took the kids to @TorchyTaco last night and just about to go to my old favorite @myfitfoods
Austin.…....We're Back!
....and congratulations to @OrlandoCitySC on the regular season championship.
Great time with @kennethdalglish at the @OrlandoCitySC game. Don't get many chances to watch a game with the old man anymore.
Big thank you to Adrian and @OrlandoCitySC for having me at training today.
Unbelievable goal from the @LAGalaxy tonight. Doesn't get much better than this.
General consensus is to keep the haircut and swerve the crocs! Can't swerve the crocs as he's got extra wide plates of meat!
Let's ask my old mate @Adee_Phelan ....should I keep his Balotelli?
Should I keep his Balotelli or shave it all off?
In honor of the mighty reds new signing Balotelli I've given Rocco a new haircut. #whyalwaysme
Hope it rain during every @MLS game on NBC if this is what they fill the time with.
Best bit about the rain delay in the @MLS game is the Stevie G special being shown. What an absolute superstar.