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Paul Dalglish
That's why as a coach I like to build my team around a methodology rather than a player as the player can get injured, suspended or leave!
Its like the loud mouth in a bar with his hard case mate that thinks hes King Kong.Then you see him in the bar on his own & hes not so brave
Great players like Suarez and Gerrard in his prime inspire confidence. They make their teammates think they are better than what they are!
Also losing the best player of my generation to wear a red shirt is obviously a reason too but he's gone now so time for others to shine!
Combine those two things and it can really effect performances.
Also I've always said it takes most players time to adapt to the pressure of expectation at LFC. There are a lot of new players at LFC.
A reason for the team effort and performances last year might be the lack of European football enabling more time on the training ground.
At the moment watching Liverpool it seems there are 11 individuals doing their own thing. Last year in the diamond system we were a team.
...of the performances in the previous two league games as nobody realistically expected us to beat Real!
After having time to reflect I think the reaction to last nights game including Balotelli swapping shirts is more to do with the frustration
Sometimes you have to stick your hands up and admit it when you are outclassed by a much better team. Madrid outstanding in the 1st half.
@ParvezJugon: In the coach heading to Anfield with the London Supporters Club. @pauldalglish” Good 4 u. Heading to the couch in my undies!
.....or if it's too loud for me to hear the commentators and I can't argue with them!
Drives me mental when somebody tries to have a conversation with me when I'm trying to watch the match......
Thanks but I like to watch big games on my own on my couch with no distractions. Anybody else feel the same? @txmandarita
@pauldalglish the local supporters group is watching at Dive Bar on Guadalupe today, you're welcome to join us if you like!
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Liverpool v Real Madrid at Anfield in the Champions League.....times like this make me miss being able to go to the match!
Doesn't matter how long I've been in America still makes me nostalgic hearing classic songs from across the pond.
Sitting having a family dinner and our wedding song has come on. The Proclaimers 500 Miles. Great food. Great music. Great times.
I might be talking nonsense though...are there any stats available to compare the amount of regains of our forwards over the last 2 seasons?
But Suarez is gone, so if Liverpool dont have the players to play a high pressing game we need to get used to watching a new way of playing.
In defending prevention is better than cure and Suarez's work rate prevented a lot of attacks getting to the back 5!
Liverpool are missing Suarez as much defensively as they are offensively. He was the first line of defense and the catalyst to the pressing.
Football is a game more than any other which is influenced by luck due in part to the low scoring nature of the game. It's good to be lucky.
Footballers normally paper over the cracks after a win and over analyze after a defeat. Winning after that performance was huge.
Can say what you want about the performance but that is a huge psychological victory for the Red Men.
Well Dunne Red Men.
@jas180: @pauldalglish would your views be different if it wasnt a liverpool player who said this?” It's an educated view not a biased one
I actually admire Raheem for having the courage to admit he's tired despite the Neanderthal attitude towards being tired in the British game
I honestly don't know what the big deal is. Fatigue can be caused by not only physical but social and physiological events regardless of age
I am going to seriously question the teachers training habits and I'm also going to take their Lego away as I don't want them to burnout!!
The Dynamic Duo don't want to go to school today as they are tired. TIRED. They're only 3. How can they be tired???
Me - "Rocco have you pooped in your pants?" Rocco - "No Dad it's just a skid mark!" Where do kids hear these things? Must be from his Mum!
Sad to see him leaving the @HoustonDynamo but proud to have been part of what he built in Houston and I'm sure he'll do the same in San Jose
Nothing I've achieved in the US both professionally and personally would have happened without Dom putting his faith in me in 2006.
It was an honor to play for Dom and I am forever indebted to him for bringing me to the US to play for the @HoustonDynamo
Proud to see my boy @JoaoPlata10 doing it on the world stage with 2 goals for Ecuador. Delighted for you amigo.
Any of my coaching friends stateside know if @raymondverheije book on tactical periodization is available in the US yet?
And if the trip wasn't bad enough, I have come home and the dynamic duo have a new name for me. Mr Potato Head!
So my bag never turned up on the way there till the next day and we got hit by lightening on the way back....feeling like Bergkamp!!
....but apart from that it went well!!
Sat on the plane for hours at the gate whilst they checked the plane so missed our connection to Austin. Had to stay overnight in Houston!
Crazy journey back...our plane got hit by lightening just after take off so we had to fly over the ocean to dump fuel and fly back to London
Had a fantastic time catching up with family and old friends in London but happy to be back in the office in Austin and get this team built!
Right I'm off to buy some clobber for my meetings tomorrow. Anybody know where I can find a baby blue tux. Dumb and dumber style.
Story of my life. @united leaving me feeling empty handed.
Landed in the UK but my bag is still in America. Absolutely fuming. Thanks @united
@KellyCates: @pauldalglish @lynseydalglish @laurendalglish I have "plans"” Good. I prefer the other two anyway.
Hopefully get to see the three wicked witches too! @lynseydalglish @KellyCates @laurendalglish