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Paul Dalglish
Gonna have a croissant from Paris. A couple of pizza's from Rome for lunch and London's finest pie and mash for tea.
@pauldalglish where does that coffee come from Paul? Turkish coffee?? Made in Istanbul?
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For some reasons, I feel like having 5 pieces of toast this morning and 5 cups of coffee. No idea why. Can't work it out.
Champions league football back at Anfield......reunited and it feels so good!
Shave it off mate the fullbacks on top of your dome are starting to attack a little bit! @IanJamesPoulter
He wears tartan with a side partin....tra la la la la @IanJamesPoulter
Ok it's time to get rid of the comb over look. It's now pissing me off now. Back to the old Poulter.
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Loving being back in the ATX. Took the kids to @TorchyTaco last night and just about to go to my old favorite @myfitfoods
Austin.…....We're Back!
....and congratulations to @OrlandoCitySC on the regular season championship.
Great time with @kennethdalglish at the @OrlandoCitySC game. Don't get many chances to watch a game with the old man anymore.
Big thank you to Adrian and @OrlandoCitySC for having me at training today.
Unbelievable goal from the @LAGalaxy tonight. Doesn't get much better than this.
General consensus is to keep the haircut and swerve the crocs! Can't swerve the crocs as he's got extra wide plates of meat!
Let's ask my old mate @Adee_Phelan ....should I keep his Balotelli?
Should I keep his Balotelli or shave it all off?
In honor of the mighty reds new signing Balotelli I've given Rocco a new haircut. #whyalwaysme
Hope it rain during every @MLS game on NBC if this is what they fill the time with.
Best bit about the rain delay in the @MLS game is the Stevie G special being shown. What an absolute superstar.
Delighted to see @marcPelosi getting back on the pitch for @LFC U21's. Fantastic young American talent.
.....over to you Steve Peters.
Mario + LFC. This is going to be entertaining in many many ways.
To all those throwing made up wages at me, you don't know and neither do I but in football manager Balotelli is earning 5 x Long. :-)
I think LFC & BR are what Balotelli needs. Will give him all the love and affection he needs. I've been wrong many times before though!
People comparing the Long and Balotelli deals without mentioning each players wages is ridiculous. Balotelli earns probably 5 x Long's wages
..before but the value of a player is transfer fee plus wages over the length of a contract.
My timeline is full of people discussing transfer fees and thinking that the transfer fee paid is the value of the player. I've said it...
@lyttleirish: @pauldalglish miss print think the guy who done then for me was on the pints!” Do you mean misprint?? Just admit it was you!
Explain the pint of larger then! @lyttleirish
@pauldalglish in Belfast u go into chippy and ask for a chip!! If u ask for chips they will ask u how many! You English haven't a clue lol
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.....not if you're hungry though. You'll only get 1 chip.
My old mate @lyttleirish deserves some stick for that poster. A burger, 1 chip & a larger. If you are in Belfast go see him and let him know
@lyttleirish: Lyttle Deli and Rosé & Crown Bar will now be doing specials! #beer #goodfood” Pint of larger anyone?
Know somebody that has what it takes to be part of the @AustinAztex inaugural season in the @USLPRO? Send them this.
This is your chance to play in America
Do you have what it takes to join @USLPRO's #Aztex? The Aztex Invitational Tryout will be held Oct.1-3. Info:
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Happy Birthday to 'My World'....the most incredible wife a man could wish for and the perfect mother to the dynamic duo. She is 21 again!
@KellyCates: @pauldalglish you used to be quite funny” You used to be able to make yourself fart!
....and if anybody could reach out to Paul McCartney as I'm looking for somebody to play on the 'Wings''
Also forwards you must have a beard if you are going to play up 'zz' top for the @AustinAztex
Austin is the capital of music in the US and the @AustinAztex are Austin's team, you have been warned. :-)
Quick message to players sending me highlight tapes for the @AustinAztex it's all about the music. I can tell a lot by the song you pick :-)
Congratulations @NickRimando absolutely delighted for you. MLS shut out record.
....and now it's 2-0. What a start for @RealSaltLake
Get in there.....That's my boy @JoaoPlata10 makes it 1-0 for @RealSaltLake
My idea of home cooking when the wife is away.
Brandi has left me in charge of the dynamic duo today....the lunatics are officially in charge of the asylum.