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Paul Bissonnette
Sorry for late reply @Dean_Murdoch. Having a few Vodka Vodka's with my friends. Speaking of black high tops.
@BizNasty2point0 @Terry_Cahill Bizzy, I'm sportin a zebra skin coat, white denim and pitch black hightops. I bet you're in fuckin flipflops
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That's fine @GIDDROCK. But don't come barking up the wrong tree when you look like an extra out of a Fubar movie.
I dried my hands off at a gas station today with a toilet seat cover @EricThomasD. Does that count?
Big thanks to @GanemJewelers for that new Aqua Blue Versace time machine. Cc: @JODYHiGHROLLER
Dropping my new single soon stay tuned!
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Got some fan mail from Slovakia today. That's intense. Hockey fans are hardcore.
Vegas? Give my liver a chance @NHL.
"This is a gated community, please get the fuck off the property." Back in AZ, Javelina's in full force.
Thx for being a true beaut @BizNasty2point0! Nice to meet you & I look forward to not seeing you around E. Hastings 😉
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@BizNasty2point0 all good when I last saw em! 2 'slightly used' ccm's ;)
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@BizNasty2point0 Your bag is in good hands buddy. Now sign with the Oilers will ya!
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Another unreal weekend in the books.
Look for @tennyjames new mixtape dropping October 14th. Guy spits hot fire. Turn my headphones up. Seriously. Turn em up.
Saturdays. Photo cred @ksophiamackay, the only girl on board. WHATEVER. "I was in the pool."
Out with the Alien. @jacquithealien
@BioSteelSports: #CAMP 2014 Day 3 -… #DrinkThePink” No look. Between the legs. Spin-o-rama. Another day @ the office
BizNasty and Seguin battling on the sticks with a little bit of Cabbie commentary!
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Vancouver crack heads got me. Stole 5 new CCM sticks. Gonna be a weird ball hockey game going down on Hastings tonight. Get these low lifes out of this beautiful city.
Haha love it @PKSubban1. You're a freak. See you @BioSteelSports camp next week. 💪
Thanks for letting me write that tweet @braydenlow. Good luck with the season you mutant.
Thanks to @BizNasty2point0 for all the laughs this summer. Guy is something special. All the best with your new team!
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French runner removes his shirt on final turn of the race; loses gold medal. More @…
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I'll throw in another $200 @dellcam.
If you need a laugh, check out this fun interview I did with the very charitable & hilarious @BizNasty2point0.
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You can even do it with the ice from your Mountain Dew big gulp right at your computer desk @dellcam at that shitty blog site you write for.