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Paul Bissonnette
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BizNasty and Seguin battling on the sticks with a little bit of Cabbie commentary!
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Vancouver crack heads got me. Stole 5 new CCM sticks. Gonna be a weird ball hockey game going down on Hastings tonight. Get these low lifes out of this beautiful city.
Haha love it @PKSubban1. You're a freak. See you @BioSteelSports camp next week. 💪
Thanks for letting me write that tweet @braydenlow. Good luck with the season you mutant.
Thanks to @BizNasty2point0 for all the laughs this summer. Guy is something special. All the best with your new team!
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French runner removes his shirt on final turn of the race; loses gold medal. More @…
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I'll throw in another $200 @dellcam.
If you need a laugh, check out this fun interview I did with the very charitable & hilarious @BizNasty2point0.
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You can even do it with the ice from your Mountain Dew big gulp right at your computer desk @dellcam at that shitty blog site you write for.
How about instead of writing your shitty article you do an #ALSIceBucketChallenge and I'll donate money for you @dellcam?
Make sure to tell everyone how big of an asshole I am for doing that video @dellcam. And how "uber rich" people are bad for charity.
I am writing about my annoying experience on Twitter today with @BizNasty2point0 for the @dailydot, so you can read that tomorrow.
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I attacked him @NotFredShero? Really. They should put people like you on a shuttle and ship them to another planet.
What Biz doesn't get is that I'm totally cool with the donation, but no need to act all tough and attack people on twitter
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My friend @BradleyFriesen owns the chopper & it cost $175 in fuel to do it @dellcam. 3 of us who did it donated $200each. What have u done?