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Paul Jorgenson
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Dimitri Soudas has been fired as Tory executive director after interfering in fiancée's nomination battle #cdnpoli
Justin Trudeau drops f-bomb at cancer charity event #cdnpoli #lpc #ndp via @OttawaCitizen @JustinTrudeau
Very disturbing allegations that CSIS joins CRA in targeting environmental dissent groups:… #cdnpoli #bcpoli @bccla
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For just $75, you can help a Nature Canada expert provide scientific evidence at the TransMountain pipeline hearings!
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Earth Hour is tonight from 8:30 to 9:30pm! Check out this list of things NOT to do:
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After 4 days in Europe blasting Russia abuses, Obama spent the day cozying up to this guy:…
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Andrew Coyne: Fair Elections Act proof the Conservatives are no normal government via @fullcomment #cdnpoli #bcpoli
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Conservatives' "Fair" Elections Act would block 520,000 from voting, says elections expert. Anti-Democratic!… #cdnpoli
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"If the PM wants to preach democracy abroad, he should practice it here at home" - Ed Broadbent #prgrs14
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Der Spiegel: NSA Put Merkel on List of 122 Targeted Leaders…
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@CBCNews I am in favour of anything that makes us think about caring for the environment & making changes. It's not meant to be complicated
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Housing The Homeless Not Only Saves Lives -- It's Actually Cheaper Than Doing Nothing #TalkPoverty
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"A good liar must have a good memory. Kissinger is a stupendous liar with a remarkable memory." -Christopher Hitchens #quote
"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth." -Oscar Wilde #quote
Reminder: 1 year ago today, Canada became first and only country to pull out of UN anti-drought convention #cdnpoli
Mulcair promises better economic relationship with First Nations #ndp #idlenomore #cdnpoli #firstnations
.@FiveThirtyEight undermines its brand by misrepresenting the overwhelming evidence for #climatechange…
"Inside everyone is a graveyard. Buried there are the countless people they could have been." -Christopher Mitchell #quote
.@WoodworthMP We disagree on this but I applaud your conviction. I hope other #cpc MPs also stand up & we can make it an issue next election
The ultimate list of quotes on why the unfair elections act is dangerous #cdnpoli #cpc #ndp #unfairelectionsact
#CPC MP recalls voter card fraud in 2006, but Elections Canada says cards not used in 2006 election #awkward #cdnpoli
“Charitable” Fraser Institute accepted $500k in foreign funding from Koch oil billionaires… cc @canadiancharity
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"Don't tell me what you value. Show me your budget and I'll tell you what you value."” -US Vice President Joe Biden #quote
Check out this great line from Nature Canada's old minute books: "[radio programs] are becoming increasingly popular"
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