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Paul Jorgenson
"He can'’t fart and chew gum at the same time."” -US President LBJ on Gerald Ford #quote
Stay classy. Harper Government blocks Mulcair’s request to visit military post in Manitoba flood zone #cdnpoli #cpc
"He has diarrhea of words and a constipation of ideas."” -Unknown #quote
Can Canada follow the UK's example, please? BBC orders staff to stop giving equal time to climate deniers. #cdnpoli
The ancestor of every action is a thought.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson #quote
What's that Lassie? The Grits are teaming up with Tories to try and block reform of the temp foreign worker program?
Freedom of press is limited to those who own one.” -H.L. Mencken #quote
She did not cook so much as assassinate food.” -Storm Jameson #quote
Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” -Plato #quote
The monarchy hurts Canada’s standing in the world. It’s time to let go #monarchy #parasites #quebec
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.@GSawision you got 1.7% in the last election. That's embarrassing even for you. That's roughly the same level of support Don Andrews gets.
.@GSawision Zoning is a municipal and provincial matter (OMB). Are you saying the NDP secretly control Queen's Park too? Man, we're good!
.@allieawake I assume so. I was sick so I couldn't attend that meeting when we got together and took them over. @GSawision @audrawilliams
.@GSawision I'm disappointed. You said there were public documents that the NDP controls development corporations, the media and City Hall.
.@stewartetcie Oh yeah, I definitely saw him do that. No, wait. That was in a rerun of the Exorcist movie. My bad. @GSawision @audrawilliams
.@GSawision Hahaha! Pretty sure they don't say Joey Pants controls development corporations & Mike Layton controls City Hall. @audrawilliams
.@GSawision Public Record? Show me the documents that the NDP controls City Hall, the media & condo development corporations @audrawilliams
So, for all you kids playing the home game, @GSawision thinks the NDP secretly controls City Hall, the media and developers. @audrawilliams
.@GSawision And I look forward to learning more about the secret cabal of socialists controlling the world, Mr. Crazy Person. @audrawilliams
.@GSawision Sorry. I forgot the NDP controls the developers too. I'll mention their PR problem at our next Bilderberg meeting @audrawilliams
.@GSawision When facing conspiracy theorists who think #NDP controls City Hall & the media, best response is to laugh at them @audrawilliams
.@audrawilliams I'm pretty sure he's a parody account. Nobody with two brain cells to rub together would be that woefully inept @GSawision
.@GSawision Haha! I didn't realize I'd stumbled across a parody account. I thought you were actually running for office. #topoli #ndp
.@GSawision bahaha. Thanks for this, it made my day. Does #NDP also control the media and did we fake the moon landing too? @audrawilliams
.@GSawision I'm not telling people who will be their councillor. Your ham fisted, malicious demeanour tells them far more than I ever could.
Ladies and gentlemen, the tone-deaf award of the year goes to @GSawision. Congratulations, you're likely not getting elected. @audrawilliams
.@audrawilliams #LPC's been downright vicious and vindictive lately. At least #NDP not stooping to their level @joe_cressy #trinspa #cdnpoli
This guy asked if I had voted. Said I was heading to vote for @joe_cressy. He then trashed Jack at me. Nice. #trinspa
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It is hard to free fools from chains they revere.” -Voltaire #quote
This only makes me want to vote for Cressy more. Sad move Liberals.
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If you live in Scarborough-Agincourt, Trinity-Spadina, Macleod, or Fort MacMurray-Athabasca, make sure you go out and vote today #cdnpoli
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“Could not be a bigger difference between the two candidates. Cressy is thoughtful, respectful, intelligent” #trinspa
.@kevinrns @OppoGuy @queerthoughts Shouldn't be forgotten that Trudeau is also supporting TransMountain and Keystone XL pipeline proposals.
A reminder of how Liberals of #topoli Council opposed gay pride and Jack Layton pursued change.… #pride2014
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.@Social_Dem @Dleebosh That's right. #LPC supports TransMountain despite wishes of Burnaby mayor. My org's blog post:…
I wonder why this Angus Reid poll showing CPC 31% LPC 30% NDP 27% isn't front page news? I guess it doesn't fit the media narrative #cdnpoli
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Ottawa Citizen reports on lifelong #TrinSpa Liberal voting for Joe Cressy & the NDP thx to Justin Trudeau.… #cdnpoli
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UFO sightings highest during drinking hours, especially Fridays, says National UFO Reporting Centre (n=90,000)…
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“I feel like a million tonight, but one at a time.” -Mae West #quote
Empirically dumb report says public investment in schools, hospitals and public utilities stifles business #cdnpoli
But.. But that would mean.. @ipoliticsca: 100,000 fewer public sector jobs possible under Wynne: Don Drummond
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The most important attribute for a 'real scientist', as you put it @DeepakChopra , is to actually understand some science.
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Prominent Nature Canada supporter named Ontario’s new lieutenant-governor
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All great truths begin as blasphemies.” -George Bernard Shaw #quote
“History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes.” -Will Rogers #quote
Robert Mainville a contribué de manière importante aux conservateurs dans les années précédant sa nomination #cdnpoli…
So, this: RT @natnewswatch: Justice Mainville donated nearly $5000 to the Conservative Party…
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Harper Government Is Thwarting a Bill Designed to Protect the Transgender Community from Hate Crimes #cdnpoli #cpc
Turns out Iggy actually was "just visiting". Ex-Liberal leader lands Harvard job, set to return to USA #cdnpoli