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Paul Jorgenson
.@canadiancynic @acoyne There was a 16th Century proposal for an irony punctuation mark. Should've caught on.…
Wow. New CROP poll has the #NDP at a whopping 47% in Quebec with #LPC trailing distant second @ 20%.… #elxn42 #cdnpoli
100% of Canadians who don't plan to vote say they can't wait to complain about the election outcome. #elxn42
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New Canadian Survey by Leger/Le Devoir/Journal Mtl: NPD 33%(+1%) PLC 28%(+3%) PC 27%(-5%) Green 6% Bloc 5% Others 1%
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How Norway's trillion-dollar sovereign wealth fund left Alberta in the dust
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Counsel of Bible helped Wright decide to help #Duffy, keep it quiet, court told… #cdnpoli #elxn42 #cpc
Here's where the parties currently stand re % of women candidates for #elxn42 More analysis:
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Folks, a federal NDP nomination meeting in Alberta. Imagine that! @gilmcgowan chosen as candidate #cdnpoli
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Taking questions, Trudeau promises to grow the economy "not from the top down, but from the heart outwards."
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.@caitlinfralick @InklessPW Perfect classic Simpsons reference. That's a retweet for you!…
.@InklessPW Was that before or after he came out firmly in favour of mothers and motherhood?
This election campaign is so long Canadians should get at least two votes on election day. #elxn2015
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Revealed: Canadian government spent millions on secret tar sands advocacy #cdnpoli #cdnenviro #cpc #ndp #gpc
"Is Linda McQuaig's awareness of physical reality a liability for Thomas Mulcair? We'll ask our world-weary all-smarm panel after the break"
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Reason number 2 to visit #tbay after the #radiorace. A step back in time with Fort William Historical Park
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Crowd of 300 for @ThomasMulcair in Del Maestro's old seat, 75 for @pmharper campaign event today in a safe Tory seat #ready4change #elxn42
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Canada added 6,600 jobs in July. Apparently they were all pollster jobs. #elxn42
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Every party leader has something to be happy about and concerned about in last night's #macdebate. #cdnpoli #elxn42
.@ElizabethMay comes to life in this last segment when the subject turns to #c51. Quite strong on her part. #macdebate
.@ESSGreens Huh? The #NDP has supported proportional representation since before there even was such a thing as a Canadian Green Party.
I was thinking the international segment of #macdebate would be weak but @ThomasMulcair has started out very strong.
Interesting. Moderator @InklessPW delivers the sharpest jab yet against PM Harper with his question on the Fair Elections Act. #macdebate
So far it looks like @ThomasMulcair is absolutely cleaning up in all of the surveys Macleans has put up. Interesting to see. #macdebate
PM Harper is a trained economist. Does he really believe that putting a price on carbon DOESN'T reduce carbon emissions? #macdebate
After a shaky start, it sounds like @JustinTrudeau has begun shaking off his early debate jitters #macdebate
The calm, august tone @ThomasMulcair takes when he jumps into the fray is very good. My guess is that will help him with voters #macdebate
PLEASE @ElizabethMay, stop saying "Mr. Prime Minister". Americans say "Mr. President", Canadians simply say "prime minister". #macdebate
Like him or hate him, I do have to admit that @pmharper is reasonably strong so far. His past experience in debates is showing #macdebate.
I think both @ElizabethMay and @ThomasMulcair are doing quite well so far. I like how May has a facility with remembering facts #macdebate.
Nice to see reddit finally got off its butt and ban most of white supremacist subreddits (/r/coontown is gone)!…
Jonathan McLeod: No Fun Allowed: Ottawa's new water feature a microcosm for bigger issues… #ottcity #ottpoli #ottnews
I always enjoy reading Jeffrey Simpson's pieces and his piece in today's @globeandmail is no exception. #cdnpoli #cpc
Well that's disappointing. @ThomasMulcair says #NDP "enthusiastically in favour" of #TPP deal #cdnpoli #elxn42
Somewhere in Tory backroom, Prentice is assuring CPC crew that blaming Albertans is a winning strategy. #HarperBlamesAlbertans #elxn42
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I know it's a long campaign but it's Day 3 and the news is talking about "Justin" vs "Justin Trudeau" and I have a headache and hate you all
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.@sladurantaye The author is probably accustomed to covering British politics. In the UK, they use the terms Premier & PM interchangeably.
Strangely, western patriots care about oppression of LGBT citizens so much -- when done by regimes disobedient to US…
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#LPC fall to second place in "Red Fortress" of Atlantic Canada; now 14 pts behind surging #NDP #elxn42 #OrangeWave…
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Latest poll results indicate @NDP_HQ would command a solid minority of 160 seats — 10 short of a majority.… #TM4PM
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Gilles Duceppe and Tom Mulcair are trending in TO, but not Justin Trudeau or Stephen Harper
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Canada election 2015: Stephen Harper confirms start of 11-week federal campaign #cdnpoli #elxn42
Federal election campaign expected to kick off this weekend. “Great!” said Trudeau. “I love camping! Wait…what?”
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Justin Trudeau may not last long as Liberal leader, political scientist says… #cdnpoli #lpc #teamtrudeau #realchange
Backers fear that missing-in-action, Trudeau losing bid to lead Canada #lpc #cdnpoli #realchange #teamtrudeau #ndp

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