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Paul Jorgenson
John Nash, mathematician in ‘A Beautiful Mind,’ dies in New Jersey taxi crash alongside wife: reports
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Museum of History to exclude Winnipeg General Strike exhibit via @TorontoStar #cdnpoli #cpc #canlab
If you're reading this otherwise excellent @OttawaCitizen op/ed, just remember: never read the comments.… #cdnpoli
A really excellent editorial: Canada's duty to desperate refugees… #cdnpoli
Fine Gael, Ireland's party of government, projecting it could be a 70% Yes 30% No #MarRef result, RTE says
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New poll: 77% of Canadians strongly oppose "Victims of Communism" memorial, inc. 2/3 of Tories… #cdnpoli #ottcity #cpc
#NDP take national lead in new opinion poll released Friday via @MailOnline #cdnpoli #cpc #lpc
Have you voted yet? YES to love, YES to equality, freedom, human rights and the Republic #LetsMakeHistory #MarRef
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La France interdit aux supermarchés de jeter la nourriture
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We're live on Reddit — come ask us anything! Not on Reddit, create an account at:
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Notley continues to impress me. "Deborah Drever assigned homework on women's issues by @RachelNotley" #abpoli #abvote
I can't believe this still happens today. 'This was beyond heckling, this was harassment'… #cdnpoli #ottcity #ottnews
I'm really impressed with this. @Windmill_Green vows jobs and collaboration with Algonquin on 'Zibi' development…
Open letter by 21 urban planning experts: "Why the Victims of Communism memorial needs a new site" #ottcity #ottawa
A really interesting take on how we ended up where we are. "Time to give Ontario the flag it deserves." #onpoli
Can somebody explain how a person can go from being a Mike Harris Tory to a Green candidate? #cdnpoli #gpc #pcpo…
You have to check out this map. How does this happen? "Calgary tour company map mixes Newfoundland & Cape Breton."
So far this May, #Ottawa has had the warmest daytime highs for any May since 1887.
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Housing crunch looms for low-income renters amid real estate boom: report
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Toronto Star: Thomas Mulcair emerging as the real agent of change… #cdnpoli #ndp #cpc #lpc
«White privilege doesn't exist cuz Irish immigrants were up at 4am to make breakfast 4 the man» -Rex Murphy, privileged white male. #cdnpoli
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Mike Harris's Fraser Institute fundraising letter shows a double standard in CRA audits #cdnpoli #cpc #onpoli
No, @OttawaCitizen, WiFi isn't making our kids sick. If this is journalism, I have a Bigfoot tape I'd like to sell.
Poilievre paid public servants overtime to help film promotional video #cdnpoli #cpc
Good piece, @jengerson. One correction: abortive NDP/Lib coalition was in 2008, not 2004 @nationalpost @PostmediaNews…
.@TrancewithMe @michaelshermer Now people who lack even basic human decency & compassion like @Evolutionistrue have hijacked the movement.
.@TrancewithMe @michaelshermer @Evolutionistrue Secularism/atheism was almost always associated with progressivism when I was young...
.@TrancewithMe @michaelshermer @Evolutionistrue By "recent" I mean since I was growing up. I don't want to be a part of a bigoted movement.
.@TrancewithMe @michaelshermer @Evolutionistrue In the 90s it was a compassionate & progressive movement. Can we please go back to that? 2/2
.@TrancewithMe @michaelshermer @Evolutionistrue Why the recent trend of major voices in skeptic/secular movement being inconsiderate? 1/2
New poll puts federal #NDP ahead of Tories & Liberals, suggesting #abvote changed everything #cdnpoli #lpc #cpc #gpc
Ex-Tory ministry staff explain shredding: "We were making confetti to welcome NDP, and you just ruined the surprise." #ableg #abpoli
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Provincial NDP jumps into lead in Ontario as federal #NDP jumps into lead in BC… #cdnpoli #bcpoli #onpoli #ondp #bcndp
Federal NDP up as Tories drop in British Columbia. Pollster's calling this the "Notley bump" #cdnpoli, #bcpoli #ndp…
Myself and 140+ tech leaders were called unpatriotic,, then this from @NDP_HQ, class #cdnpoli
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Free speech means freedom from gov't prosecution. Doesn't mean u get a free pass for being a sexist idiot. #FHRITP…
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Local capitalism mascot Kevin O'Leary embarrassed himself on Jeopardy! We recap the damage.…
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Thanks @CityNews for saying #ItsNeverOkay. Whether or not it's caught on film, sexual harassment at work is no joke. @Hollaback_TO
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The Hoito made the New York Times? As a born and raised Thunder Bayite, I'm pretty impressed! @heatherkitching…
Ottawa threatening hate charges against those who boycott Israel #cdnpoli
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