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Patterson Enviro...
Oxford Street revealed as worst place in the world for toxic pollutant nitrogen dioxide - #environment
Success of Scandinavian countries maps out long-term solutions to New Zealand's productivity paradox -
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Christchurch City Council commits to build cycleways in five years - #environment
"Water rule changes seen as 'licence to pollute'" #environment
"Neurotoxic pesticides harming bees, butterflies and more" #environment
"EU sets 70% recycling target in new Circular Economy Package" #environment
$98m to be invested in NZ waste company - #environment
"UK AD capacity doubles in four years" #environment
Well done to Christchurch City Council Target Sustainability - wins Green Ribbon Award - #environment
"Dell e-waste director: don't ban secondhand computers" #environment
"Minister reappoints Waste Advisory Board members" #environment
"Green Investment Bank backs £6.5m for on-farm AD plants in Northern Ireland" #environment
"M&S and Sainsbury's unite to increase plastic tray recycling" #environment
"Five of the best reusable UK coffee cups" #environment
"Wake up and smell the coffee: it's time to carry a reusable cup" #environment
"Wake up and smell the coffee: it's time to carry a reusable cup" #environment
"China's plan to combat pollution will fight climate change too" #environment
"New national standards for lakes and rivers" #environment
"India's urban grime foils solar power ambitions" #environment
"Kiwi green chemistry expert to return home" #environment
"Colourful parrotfish key to saving Caribbean's coral reefs?" #environment
Aus Department of Environment makes 250 leading specialists reapply for their jobs | #environment
"Businesses urged to consider plastic footprint as concerns grow over marine ecosystems" #environment
"How green is Glastonbury? Top 10 sustainability facts..." #environment
"What is the future of consumption for business and consumers?" #environment
"Quarter of food thrown away 'untouched', waste figures show" #environment
"Nestlé chairman urges 'wasteful' supply chains to tackle food and water losses"
"Nestlé chairman urges 'wasteful' supply chains to tackle food and water losses" #environment
"Transport for London tackles waste and carbon with tap water" #environment
"Co-operation holds the key to ethical and sustainable business" #environment
"World's first fully recyclable paper cup to hit UK high streets" #environment
"10 things you need to know about the circular economy" #environment
"Going vegetarian halves CO2 emissions from your food" #environment
Earth breaks May temperature record - #environment
Green bin pick-up fortnightly for Christchurch? - #environment
"Greenpeace loses £3m in currency speculation" #environment
"Thousands of fracking wells in Pennsylvania 'may be leaking methane'" #environment
"Man jailed for illegally exporting electrical waste to Africa" #environment
"Closing the loop: Sainsbury's powers supermarket entirely by food waste" #environment
"Illinois passes first microbead ban in the world" #environment
"Plastic microbeads could be banned from personal care products in the U.S. by 2018" #environment
"Germany breaks 3 solar power records in 2 weeks" #environment
"DOC halts clean-up at Pirongia tip site" #environment
"20,000 elephants poached in Africa in 2013" #environment
"Elon Musk takes on carbon with solar battery bets" #environment
"Obama acts to create world's largest ocean preserve" #environment