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Sal Azzani
Pacquiao has won the fight and is champion again. #bradleypacquiao2
Fight over. Pacquiao should be the champion. Pacquiao won the first fight . I hope the judges have it right this time. #bradleypacquiao2
Bradley has a knot over his left eye and is almost closed. #bradleypacquiao2
Another round for Pacquiao.Pacquiao should regain the title and once again become the Champion. #bradleypacquiao2
Pacquiao hurt Bradley.Bradley's legs were wobbling.Bradley trying to land a homerun swing. Another round for Pacquiao #bradleypacquiao2
Round 7 was huge for Manny Pacquiao Lots of Good combos Pacquiao just regained second wind 10 hits in a row #bradleypacquiao2
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#UFC168 post fight press conference starting shortly see livestream…
Anderson Silva will have difficulty walking again. I believe his career is sadly over. Very Sad ending #UFC168
Rd 2 Anderson Silva just broke his leg trying to kick weideman and snapped his leg. This fight is over #UFC168
Rd 1 just finished Weideman bleeding from nose #UFC168
Rd 1- Weideman just rocked Silva and hit him with 7 hits and hurt Silva. Silva now has Weideman in body triangle. #UFC168
If you who missed the Boxing match between Adrien Broner vs Marco Maidana fight, here is the full fight-->Enjoy!
“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor." -Desmond Tutu
In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock. Thomas Jefferson
120-108 winner by unanimous decision puts Pacquaio back as a top contender for Mayweather as fight of the century #PacquiaoVSRios
Brandon Rios will not last two more rounds.I believe he will be knocked down or out in the next two rounds. #PacquiaoVSRios
Pacquaio winning 40-36 at end of rd 4 #PacquiaoVSRios
Brandon Rios is trying to chase Pacquiao but Pacquiao has dominated these 3 rds w/ lots of speed punches that all landed. #PacquiaoVSRios
Manny Pacquiao dedicating his fight to the victims that were devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines #PacquiaoVSRios
George St Pierre said he has to step away from the UFC-He would not elaborate but it sounded like he is announcing his retirement #UFC167
GSP vs Hendricks The winner of the fight is GSP by decision Great Fight #UFC167
Rashad Evans just ko'd Chael Sonnen in Rd 1 ufc#167