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Michelle Hirai
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私の新しいブロゴは です。よろしくお願いします!
今からプロ野球の試合を見ます。Fighters Vs. Softbank! とても運が良いと思います!#?? #softbank #Fighters @ Tokyo Dome
キレイですね。instagram: kawaiimich96
アヴリル・ラヴィーン 「ハローキティ」|無料動画 GyaO!|音楽… #GyaO
You'll never know the value of a moment until becomes a memory.
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my most favorite sakura! it's bigger and sooo pink. still in full bloom in Tochigi Prefecture.
follow me on Instagram: kawaiimich96 こんばんは! #Japan #tokyo
桜はすごくキレイですよ!Early bloom Kawazuzakura in Yoyogi Park #sakura #tokyo #japan #spring
🌸🌸🌸 can't wait for spring!! follow me on Instagram: kawaiimich96
so doped to see @katyperry and @pamyurin later! my life is complete!!! ワクワクしています!
downloaded Prism album on Itunes and loving all the songs in it!! I can't wait to see you here in Japan @katyperry !!
watching @pamyurin in Sound Room now! かわいい! I like Yume No Hajimarinrin!!
Watching Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on Sound Room now!! omg かわいい!
@LifeFacts: The worst mistake that you can make, is to walk away from the person who actually stood by your side.”😭
Happy Valentine's Day!!! ❤️💋�
My life in Japan is too comfortable, too fun, too amazing, too cute. I feel like a princess 👸
got my 2 tickets to see @katyperry @GirlsGeneration and @pamyurin at U-Express Live on March 2! i'm so excited!!!!!
went shopping in Harajuku today. i'll never grow tired of this place #harajuku #tokyo #japan
Last night was a blast!! we weren't allowed to take videos or photos but I managed to get a handful!…
As usual, he gives me more than what I asked for. 🍓🍓�
was surprised to see this in 7Eleven. I didn't know KFC now has potato chips. tastes better than Lays…
drooling!! went shopping in Harajuku today. i will never get tired of this place!!!
stretching out after lazing around for a long time ahhhh #simplepleasuresinlife
was so lucky to see @ladygaga yesterday at Shinjuku, Tokyo!! hahaha just a replica though
i'm going to @pamyurin 21st bday bash!! I'm sooo happy I could cry!! @pamyurin 大好き!
There’s a Japanese word for that “we could fall in love” feeling you sometimes get when first meeting a person — It’s “Koi No Yokan”.
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watching commercials are more entertaining than the tv programs #Japan
"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it is worth watching." – Mooie
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morning bliss. made my own bacon & egg sandwich topped with crispy lettuce and cheese. ugh! good…
my first time seeing pamyurin Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Live on TV. Live concert next! #Kyary #Tokyo
i wanted to explore Shibuya today but the weather's not good. boo 😤#Tokyoo#Shibuyaa#japann @ さいたま市
these cakes are sooo cute! かわいい!
eating Yokohama's specialty Haba. うまーい!!