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Party Problems
partying 465,889 followers
I got 99 problems and summer can solve them all
My face after I take the first shot of the night
NO. My tweet is not about you. Get over yourself.
Your opinion is irrelevant because you are a cunt
The best nights are the ones you never plan
I'm not as nice as I used to be, getting fucked over does that to you
The best shots to take on your 21st birthday 😍
I wish my GPA looked like those gas prices
I'm not a "casual" drinker, I'm a "drink to you're fucked up or don't drink at all" drinker
Life is just better in the summer
You should be flattered by my drunk're the person I'm thinking about when my brain can't even function properly
I just want to be on a beach somewhere drinking an ice cold beer
I miss you...just kidding I'm glad you're out of my life and you can go fuck yourself
To me, drink responsibly means don't fucking spill it.
Today I don't feel like doing anything...except you. I'd do you.
It's sad how the people you were once so close with can become just another stranger you don't know.
Chase you? Bitch, I don't even chase my liquor
Being drunk with your best friend is the best kind of drunk
That group of people you love to party with >
If you open a beer and don't finish it you are what is known as a little bitch
Sometimes you just have to stop caring and start getting drunk
Black girls twerk, Hispanic girls hip roll, Indian girls belly dance, and white girls just get drunk