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β€œ@GnarlyCharlie__: Geli and make my bulu go upstairs man HAHAHA RT @AmarrAdnan: COUPLE EXPRESS” wtf HAHAHAHA
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jcube got free popcorn siol
if i don't pass physics i really really don't know what to do already
When you've been holding in a fart all day and finally get home
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now i bet some of my relatives are gossiping about me already for not being there with them at east coast #typical
Teachers be like: "The bell doesn't dismiss you I dismiss you!"
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The aftermath of Jennifer Lawrence's leaked nudes
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i wear so nicenice i think i shall study at clementi mall's mcdonalds
Craving for my pandan gula melaka!! Ahhh my fav. Hehe eating it right now. Yah sometimes i crave for my own bake.
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if i wanted to* (for the tweet before the prev tweet)
the way he emphasized on the "and we'll have breakfast at macdonalds you know, mcdonald's breakfast deluxxxx"
my big bro offered me countlessly to i i wanted to follow him to town to get his new pair of jordans at this timing but..
skip to the good bit // rizzle kicks
as if i can make also aha syabas abang!
his maggi goreng not bad leh
what the hell my big bro cookin one of his maggi gorengs again this time it's maggi goreng ghetto (that's what he said)
Repeating a common word over and over until it loses all meaning and sounds weird is called semantic satiation.
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wtf prev rt dat shit's no joke
β€œ@Vincenzo9999: wah just because one person do the whole race kena, not cool bruh" He didn't say MALAYS.
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Yes i have to admit ,girls are complicated af
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Me when using my phone in public transport.
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"@9GAGGifs: Father built his son a rollercoaster in his backyar.. -"
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Gonna re-do my facts again because my previous one was too.. much so yeah on a brighter note, there'll be new facts ;) #herewego 1) My name is Dodi but you can call me Geronimo (just kidding haha i'm god damn lame) 2) I'm a glutton, as typical as it sounds but I really am 3) I love my best friends,
fri prayers with ma bros
I don't understand how iPhones can be dead but got the power to show me this πŸ˜‘
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These Hoes Ain't Loyal (Indian Classical Version)
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β€œ@DesiVines: These Hoes Ain't Loyal (Indian Classical Version)” @MerlynnaNK BAHAHAHAHA
ma stepdad cooked pineapple fried rice again wowza
woooo fried salmon
body electric // lono dol roy