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Has anyone called 911 or is Shawty still burning on the dance floor?
Retweeted by Dodi
When J. Cole said, "I came fast like 911 in white neighborhoods."
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spoiler siaaahsywhsahah ria why u retweeeehtjtishshahsjsi
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#Scorpio is always looking to have fun and if you look like you're down, they're game.
Retweeted by Dodi
lunch at kfc again as usual #kfcforlife
aaand a father called me uncle.. 2nd time ah hmmm
lotsa crappy impatient people uh
fuck diarrhoea la
next on ma playlist.. there goes my baby by usher (the runs cover)
one sweet day // mariah feat. boyz II men
green light // john legend
despite our busy ass schedules, we're finally out for some quality time together aha #japanesefortoday 😁�
jp with fam!
finally done with em intense house chores
@BBAnimals: Charlie's bedtime routine meeeep
Penyokong Acidgaf Menggila Melawan Hadis ! Dan lalu .. A guy name darwish finally say it . #terjah
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Wake the public up.. It takes 2 seconds to retweet.
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If #alexfromtarget can go viral, so can this! She deserves to meet Taylor! Look at that beautiful painting. Please RT
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ehh asal ni wifi how to check my coc like that
michael buble!!!
When your mum tells you to let your little sibling play with you
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didn't watch yesterday's one tho sigh
xfactor!!! wooo fifth harmony (my babes) idina and sam bailey's gonna perform too!!
awww my lil bro wrote this for his mid-year self portrait thing haha #unexpected
@ahboyjanee: please guys, just imagine she's ur relative or ur love ones, how would u feel? #prayforAqilah
Retweeted by Dodi
wooo finally some royal pudding wah first time sia i hope it's really good.. $4.50 each is just merepek
from this to this.. holy shit i gotta thank my big bro for recommending and treating me this.. divine ass drink
done with ma friday prayers and now off to find a bday cake
Cristiano Ronaldo looking like a 90s lesbian
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I don't remember this being in Blues Clues..
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Running to dinner table on thanksgiving like..
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