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@pariksha10 pleasure is all mine <3 and yes our @NakuulMehta is a real ROCKSTAR!!! :* @TripathiMansi
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@FCNakuulMehta @NakuulMehta WHOOPP congrats nakuul & TeamNakuul u guys rock! & loving the header & Icon 😜😉 happy 2 c this page verified 😘😘😘
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@pariksha10 @TripathiMansi A special mention to u girls for running the page of Nakuul soo awesomelyyy!!! Congratssss girls keep rockimg ;)
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@pariksha10 @TripathiMansi @NakuulMehta congrats guys ☺️☺️ Super happy for Nakuul whoop 🙌
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@NakuulMehta Yayyy super happy for you Nakuul your page got verified!! Ur awesome for helping out ur admins! Love u so much 😋😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️
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@FCNakuulMehta @NakuulMehta Whooopppppppiiiieee just come on n what a suprrb news i got!!! Congratulations Nakuul and team!!! Keep rocking!!
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@NakuulMehta yay,your FB page is verified. whoop whoop....its the time to disco Oh no Lungi dance.let's do it on this happy moment :p
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Deleted it already. . It's okey! :) I'm super super happy! @TripathiMansi @NakuulMehta
Oh shit. We updated the page at same time. In excitement. Delete it."@TripathiMansi: Go go check..i was happily shocked ;) @NakuulMehta"
I still can't believe. Going to check it now. @TripathiMansi @NakuulMehta
Oh yes baby!!"@TripathiMansi: @NakuulMehta Guess what ur fb page is now verified..wohoooo!!!! I am delighted!!😊☺�"
I better get out of bed now before my parents get home.
"@OitrilaNihar: @pariksha10 haha....and Ruble can walk the ramp for Payal :p" 《 exactly! In female clothes will be amazing! @NakuulMehta
Nakuul was memorizing 'chahoon ga main tujhe ' or another song? I can sing that song right now. thanks to my parents playing it all the time
"@Marshano00597: Vergeet never waar je vandaan komt" > uit je moeder ?!
Is Adi going to walk the ramp for Ayesha?
"@Bhadrika_xo: @pariksha10 yeahhh I just keep a quote on it lol" 《 so do I. Sometimes I also put an emoji but yeah no one cares lol
All the best #FawadKhan and #Humaimamalick for your upcoming Bollywood flicks. Hope u make us proud.
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"@Bhadrika_xo: I don't get why people write statuses on whatsapp, no one reads them😕" > it's more like quote xd
#nw return to the blue Lagoon!
Like girl power!
I want Ayesha to become very successful. I also want Payal to be innovative but she should not compete. Together they should stand together
I'm really looking forward to this new phase of #pkdh ! This fashion show twist is going to be amazing!"
precies vandaag 1 jaar geleden. vandaag valt het weer wel mee ;)…
Whats my dad's fckng problem? he wants to breakfast together but he needs to understand that I went to sleep at 4.Its 10 am Let me sleep!
Isn't it weird that glue doesn't get stuck in the container it is in ?! ^ super glue? ??!
What would indian dramas be without excessive background tunes and the screen dramatically freezing on the entire cast's faces ?!
My sunday trip to the mall taught me that fashion in India for girls can be categorized as Before Forever21 & After Forever 21.
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Here's the second poster of #Khoobsurat featuring @sonamakapoor and #FawadKhan! Trailer releases at 2 pm today!
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Selfie - (ˈselfē) noun: a picture taken of yourself to show strangers on the internet that you have no friends to take pictures of you
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There is a bug in my room. Making scary noise!
Rates and tbh's on Instagram are so annoying!! No one cares!!
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Yoo wait! It just came to my mind that Ayesha shaved Adi without using any shaving creme.. ?!? Dry shaving ?! #pkdh
"@HusseinSJ: @pariksha10 thanks for the kind wish :)" my pleasure ! ♥
Would You Risk Your Life For Someone You Don't Know? They Did! » The Better India… via @thebetterindia
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@pariksha10 indeed its beautiful and worth all the drama :)
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"@ishenoy: @pariksha10 well my new born kid was keeping us awake as usual :)" 《 what am I reading? :o you've become a PAPA! ;) congratzzz!
This entire scene was so beautiful. The scenery, the dialogues, Adi, Ayesha and Pankhuri. #pkdh
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I better go get a glass of water and sit on the balcony for a while. .. hopefully I can fall asleep then
What's wrong with my Twitter app? I can't see tweets! Aarghhh! Everything is annoying me right now!
I can't open my windows too. :( my neighbors Still celebrating their iftar! :@ it's almost 1 am. They are annoying!