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Best revelation of the week: smart phones are for basics, flip phones are for cool people. (h/t @Medium)
.@MamaJune_BooBoo & Sugar Bear's 'conscious uncoupling' (NOOO!) + more in our Fri superlatives
Get thee to @BasilicaHudson's Alex Cox film fest this weekend. Our Q&A with organizer @xMAdMx:
"It's scary to remind people you have a beating heart:"@jennyslate on success in our new issue
OK, but what if "Walking In Memphis" got a hot dance remix?
"You just have to ask. Ask for things. Ask." @xMAdMx on planning this weekend's @BasilicaHudson Scope film fest
10 must-see art shows that juuuuust opened. Get yr gallery-hop on this weekend:
BK who? From @Chri55yBaby to @CHANEL, a lot of our faves are all abt that country western vibe
There is so much butt going on in J. Lo's new music video with @IGGYAZALEA:
Papa Roach Frontman: I Kissed My Uncle and He Gave Me Herpes -…
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If you're having trouble conveying ideas like "kool" or "yes" via text, Lil B's new emojis have you covered:
Rapper @LILBTHEBASEDGOD just released a completely useless line of emojis:
"You're 25. Do something that angers me, or surprises me. Don't keep rediscovering things:" F. Lebowitz on kids today
"Like @xdannyxbrownx Brown, we've often wondered whether it's better to smoke a blunt before drinking a 40 or after."
.@BrookeCandy gives us the finger in a sparkly jumpsuit and mullet wig. That + more from our 30th anniversary video:
"I don't like going to movie theaters because I cannot bear my fellow man:" Fall deeper in love with Fran Lebowitz
Photos of @myszkaway, Perfect Pussy's Meredith Graves & mooore from @BasilicaHudson Soundscape
Fran Lebowitz on @lenadunham haters: "these rejections are misogynistic, pure and simple."
.@JessieWare & @MiguelUnlimited's new jam "Kind Of...Sometimes...Maybe" will give you shivers
"I don't want tourists to come to New York. Sometimes I walk around and go, "Go home:" Our Q&A with Fran Lebowitz
PREMIERE: Leikeli47 -- the "Banksy of Rap" -- drops a new video, "Two Times a Charm":
The world's worst DJ is a bro's worst nightmare:
"Are you an artist? My condolences if you are."A look at @therealhennessy & Alex Da Corte's "Easternsports"
Pics of baby Madonna, the Beastie Boys & the Clash from a new art show:
10 Must-See Art Shows Opening This Week:
"The world is full of mediocre men who are stunning successes:" Our epic Q&A w/ Fran Lebowitz
A Definitive Ranking of the Top 10 Broadway Divas Onstage Today, according to @mikeymusto
"I'm even in favor of heroin legalization...people can do what they want" Fran Lebowitz gives an incredible interview
"Magic is not some moonbeam Hogwarts shit coming out of a wand" Inside @therealhennessy's new art show, Easternsports
"What's winning if losing's drinking?" Artists @therealhennessy & Alex Da Corte on beer pong & new show Easternsports
Same. RT @Refinery29 : #MyFlirtingStyle — no human interaction ever (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)
.@Interpol's new video, "Twice As Hard," will make you want to get off your lazy ass:
.@vineapp is doing fabulously weird stuff w/ @OGMaco's equally weird "Bitch U Guessed It."
YES. Watch @broadcity's @ilazer and @abbijacobson smoke weed and eat a whole lot of cereal in their new web series:
"Being starved for attention is one of the most American things:" @veeveeveeveevee's Joke Book is now online in full
Inside the home of NYC's reigning queen of vintage clothing: