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Joe Malunda
getting a bunch of art museums in my "who to follow" box what a time to be alive
american horror story: watching american horror story again because maybe THIS season will be watchable. #truedetectiveseason3
this this this >>>>>>>>>>> How Being a Doctor Became the Most Miserable Profession via @thedailybeast
just got the feels hearing several ultra-conservative friends vehemently agree that there's no link between vaccines and autism. #science
Freshly grinded Georgia peanuts and Italian grapes, smashed into a jelly, spread on freshly baked white artisan bread
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trying to eat pistachios the day you cut your nails 😩😩😩😩😩
tempted to get mcdonalds breakfast during normal breakfast hours
people interrupting my drake/bey marathon have y'all heard of P R I V A C Y
graham requesting federal aid in south carolina yet denied new jersey hurricane sandy relief in 2013. take a seat, sen. graham. #p2
oops i left people out of the group lunch invite
wait gideon goddard is the president form house of cards WHO IS MARRIED IN REAL LIFE TO SECRETARY OF STATE CATHERINE DURANT WHAT EVEN
omg this amazing sustainability ad i can't even
“The prevailing attitude is that government is inherently incompetent, and that any action it takes must be flawed.”…
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verizon's twitter game on-point 👏👏…a0g
@maloonds if u don't succeed at first, try again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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.@evepeyser martin not replying to you that wednesday night when you first replied back 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀
so i matched with the aids drug dude on tinder...
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that medieval reactions twitter is getting to the point where it stops posting original content and starts RTing other brands. ugh.
Shouts to @ATTCares support staff for explaining @ATT's backwards policies clearly. We're switching to @verizon. 👀N
to my six friends who "reply chug" snapped me saturday - i was at home watching mr. robot alone. hope you had fun spending money on alcohol.
imagine rita ora winning with @louisa and realizing she discovered someone infinitely more successful than her. #xfactor
cackling at itv shamelessly inserting in their knockoff real housewife editions in-between the usa ones
shouts to @ATT/@ATTCares for their dishonesty and lies regarding the at&t next plans they force you into nowadays
simon realizing @louisa is going to be the next big star that they've already secured her that absurd twitter handle lmao. #xfactor
they made the beachball flat in el capitan lmao
marshmallow > ios9
watching mr. robot really makes me want to have dumplings why don't i live above a soup dumpling hole in the wall????
We're literally getting advice on how to game the bathroom lock from homeless people in this McDonalds.
ugh that uber definitely just gave me 3 stars
uhhh can we get the torrential downpours back for the weekend? i need an excuse to stay inside and watch chopped all day.
halsey is tumblr af is she a concoction from record execs to determine an archetypal tumblr artist
i like a rita ora track ama
first occurrence of "joe almost slips and falls on slippery sidewalk" happened last night fall is here 🍃
.@HillaryClinton hey hillary can you have an option in-between "all the emails!" and "no emails at all" please i don't need 17 a day
is the @Snowden account viral advertising for mr. robot season 2
x-files revival > heroes revival
Pulpo a la Gallega w/ a side of Spanish white beans with Chard. -Barcelona, Spain.
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mr. robot is p dope but it's ruined by portraying suboxone as a mystery drug and not a safe medication given to treat opiate addiction ugh
rga stops running ads for bevin in #kygov. woah. are republicans giving this one up? this could ruin entire downballot for gop. #p2
Hey @facebook, have you tried turning it off and back on again? #FacebookDown
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empire has absolutely killed the ratings game. and it's on network television, to boot.…
The new iOS font is weirding me out a little bit. It's like Apple moved all my furniture an inch to the left and I keep bumping into things.
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there's water on mars and we still don't have buffy season 8

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