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Joe Malunda
my friend just posted this real-life photo of a crab wandering the streets of north philly with a cigarette
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FEDERER GETS THE DOUBLE BREAK BACK WHAT IS THIS MATCH!!!!!!!!!! #usopenfinal <-- what i was about to tweet until that just happened
.@gov_gilmore i just RTed you because i felt kinda bad.
On the way to Pembroke, New Hampshire today - speaking this afternoon. 2-4pm Cornerstone Family Gathering…
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is tennis the only sport where the crowd consistently cheers for whoever's behind so that they can watch a longer match? #usopenfinal
currently stanning for this chair umpire #usopenfinal
lots of animals #trending on twitter tonight
Sitting around waiting for the Uber surge to go down 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
I read one game of thrones question on quora and now those are the only quora emails I get. Great email marketing segmentation, guys!
"YOU PEOPLE ARE BLOCKING THE LIBRARY" Vanderbilt sign of the day. #SECNation
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"i'll be there in 15" - xxx, 30 minutes ago
i am T H R I V I N G at this @wearelostkings remix of tori kelly's latest single. pure banger:…
i stan for marie callender chicken pot pies
And then there were... Sixteen.
i've been accidentally listening to sufjan's christmas album for the past hour. so when is christmas
stop subtweeting me
They should just give every Social Media Manager the day off. Please don't embarrass yourself or your #brand.
"i'll work on it after class"
anyone else feel sorry for jim gilmore or just me
THIS is how you deal with adblockers: @TheAtlantic's nag is so unobtrusive that i actually bought a subscription.
Watching @TheEllenShow. @HillaryClinton looks good w her Whip skills, but needs work w her NaeNae. May require more lessons @official_tWitch
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i go to tortilla coast hoping to people-watch senators and realize i've been going to the wrong one for 3 years.
"Sir I'm just streaming a radio station I can't play a different JoJo song for you."
just told my ex that maybe it's not the best idea to be grading biology quizzes in a bar. but i'm the one at home watching netflix alone so
when the drop hits
Will not run 4 gov in 2016. Will live up 2 promise made to all NDs that I would work hard 4 them every day in Senate…
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tfw you deny someone their rights
did uniqlo get like a killer endorsement deal with djokovic like how kmart bought really cheap lots in the 90s?
not checking my bank account until pay day lol
venus acting like she's tryna win the match lmao smh
Thanks for taking a screenshot of my snap and not responding back.
the most banger addition to my "2015 top fire" playlist to date
happy birthday
saint kanye please give me the strength to get through this week
i wrote some fire tweets today but no one saw them because of labor day ;(
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i can't believe i'm admitting this but i'm digging this rita ora remix. i might even... for it:…
this series of celebrity big brother is a corker, especially now that farrah doesn't take up 30 minutes of the show every night. #cbb
me whenever i'm alone in my apartment
farrah is the best panto villain i have seen on this show since bb8 charley. #cbb
lmao at penn calling out secret societies. they should mention how owls will play kylie minogue at 3am on a tuesday
To Baldwin: "Why aren't you making a movie instead of being a background cast member in a C-list reality show?" JANICE I'M SCREAMING #cbb
i have an unhealthy obsession with "guy's grocery games" on food network AMA
tfw you acknowledge bieber's "what do you mean" is an absolute banger
There's klimt artwork in the bathroom please respect my privacy at this time
Guys stop it with the non-square posts on Instagram. :(

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