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Gabriel Pruett
These numbers are sick. @a_mo17 1730 yards, 21 TDs. @kalebsparks 40 rec, 640 yds 8 TD, halfin 2121 career yds 10th PNG history #patxsports
Seay and L Mayfield made final two Nederland stops vs. Jags #patxsports
Next Friday one of these guys will bring the Bum Phillips Bowl Trophy to their school. #patxsports
Can @brant_halfin and NDNs take down @marcus_barton and the streaking Dogs? MCM for Bum Phillips trophy! #patxsports
Nederland holds on 4th down!!! the streak will continue to No. 27. are you kidding me!!!! what a game and finish!!! #patxsports
Folks it comes down to 4xgoal on 1. Jacquet denied again! #patxsports
jacquet 0 run. 3xgoal on 1 #patxsports
jacquet to 1 with 54 seconds left. TO central. incredible drive by Jags after basically nothing all 2nd half. #patxsports
1xgoal jags form 10 106 left #patxsports
Central up to Bulldogs 40 with 155 left in game and Dogs up 39-36. #patxsports
Whaley goes for 11 then 1 yard and now coming off field with leg injury 341 left Dogs up 3 #patxsports
Central 1x10 own 2 with 412 left. Jags need to go 98 to take down Bulldogs #patxsports
Seay 9 yard FD run. 6 minutes left and Dogs lead by 3 #patxsports
Seay 12 yard run for FD. Dogs in Cen field
Incomplete and Bulldogs will take over. This second half has been incredible for Bulldogs. No. 27 is still in sight. #patxsports
Jacquet for 7. 4x11. Huge play #patxsports
Seals drops TD pass 3x16 on Dogs 40 #patxsports
Jags had a run down to the Ned 6. Holding call brings it back . back to 43 #patxsports
OPINION: No matter the end result, this game shows the heart of Ned players and the coaching ability of Ned staff #patxsports
End of 3rd has Nederland up 39-36. #patxsports
Dogs hold Jags to 48 yards so far. Jacquet is on sideline with possible knee injury. Wise in QB #patxsports
Seay to Barton on 2 pt. 39-36. 18 unanswered points for the district champs who have won 26 district in row. #patxsports
Bulldogs take lead!!! Barton scores its 37-36 pending PAT #patxsports
Ned down to Jags 4. Second down. #patxsports
Dogs down to Lebaron on HB pass hits krautz down to Jags 24 #patxsports
Folks Neumann and his staff made an adjustment., Sack of Jacquet forces second straight punt. #patxsports
Central forces punt,. Nederland must stop Jaguars again. 36-31 Jags 631 left in 3rd #patxsports
Nederland now forces punt and the Bulldogs can drive and take the lead! Why? Coaching. #patxsports
Folks this is why they have won 26 in row. Ned won't go down. Krautz scores and its 36-31. 131 yds for Krautz. 908 left in 3rd #patxsports
Ned gets their first stop of half. Bulldogs down 28-21 with 244 left in 1st half. Cen has 0 TOs. #patxsports
Central has run 12 plays for 184 yards and 4 TDs. They are up 28-21 711 left in 1st half. #patxsports
Central has better athletes. Seay ankle has him limping. Nederland though has Coach Neumann whose team is tied 21-21 7 left in 2 #patxsports
Central up 21-14. Jags avg 12 yards a play and have 11 plays and scored 21 points. ouch #patxsports
End 1st and Nederland tied with Central 14-14. #patxsports
Bridge city gets a safety up 2-0 against jasper @VYPEsetx
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14-14 tied up between Ned, Central. Bulldogs do not want a shootout with Jaguars. #patxsports
Central calls 3rd and final TO, 2 in row. So 3 TO and 3 onsides in 1st QTR #patxsports
Neumann says "@Sage_Seay @marcus_barton are now probable. Neither will be 100%." IMO they both play. Huge 2 weeks with Ceb, PNG #patxsports
Power in knee socks? If Titans win Friday, Coach Harrison never wash em, right @ball_islife08 ? #patxsports
Nathan Tran has one of Coach Neumann's most productive defensive players in 2014. #patxsports
Sooo I was in Winn Dixie and seen Jameis Winston... Getting crab legs, guess he had to have a chaperone this time 😂
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Port Arthur News Sports - Head over and like
According to Neumann, @Sage_Seay and @marcus_barton both questionable for friday against central with ankle injuries #patxsports
Congrats to former PAM Titan @jcharles25 for moving to 2nd on KC rush list. #patxsports #NFL
Lamar 24 Abilene Christian 21 Final LU (4-2, 1-1) ACU (3-3, 2-1) #12SportsSETX #PeckEm
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Good comeback win by Lamar........ against SLC newbie Abilene Christian.
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Falcons put 703 and 70 on Titans who then only give up 250 rush to Deer and still lose. Bruins slow down Falcons and win. Huh?? #patxsports
So Sterling is 5-0, 2-0, NS has losing record, Deer start 4-0, lost to LP, send PAM to 0-2 start and 4 skid, Falcons 5-1, 1-1...#patxsports
26 straight! Jags on both ends of Nederland streak. Dogs win 27th? Yay or nay? #patxsports