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⚓Shelby Fletcher⚓
I gotta get this jeep payed off & move out. Its the only ill actually have freedom to make my own choices
And why couldnt I have been BORN skinny with a fast metabolism & self control then maybe i wouldnt be this fat whale
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This weekend has been like a page out of a book <3
Why couldn't fall break be this Monday?
Sometimes you gotta fall before you fly.
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Judge me if you want, I don't care.
Relationships are too complicated at the moment. So for now, I keep many friends. (:
Going to 13th Gate this weekend!! :D Be jelly, be very jelly.
This weekend's theme song should be Dirty Little Secret. Hahaha
"We don't care what them people say" <3
Just gotta find someone to go to the concert with me!
I've so got to go to the @SayWeCanFly concert either in Lafayette or New Orleans!!! <3
RT if you love 'Backseat Serenade' by All Time Low
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RT if you love 'All My Heart' by Sleeping With Sirens
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Watching @TannerPatrick videos on youtube. This guy is gorgeous and very talented! :)
Yep. He's totally singing about me.
Why do I have such a huge weakness for guys who can sing or have any type of musical talent
He was already gorgeous then he started singing and hoooollyyy meeesss he is even more attractive bc of that voice
You know that moment when you see a gorgeous dude & you're like in a breathless shock? Yeah, I do that over vehicles too.
Possibly making today a complete lazy day.
Life goal: Make enough $$$ to get my dream car.
Maybe it wasn't that big of a mistake after all.
October holds many promises for me <3
Aye boy, you make my day(:
Possibly going to 13th Gate next weekend! :D
just because we support a band and "fangirl" does not mean that we're all creepy obsessed 12 year old stalkers.
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I miss my jeep so much it hurts
Someone please take me to the Shelby museum!! <3 <3 <3
All these sexy Shelby Mustangs! This is definitely my favorite episode so far!
I think i've found a new favorite show. I've been watching Counting Cars the past few nights.
I'm a completely different person then I was a few weeks ago.
People change & life changes in the blink od an eye.
Your perspective starts to change when you do things you said you never would.
anxiety isn't something you can pretend to have
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If i'm using you too are you really using me?
You'll never truelly understand someones lifestyle or choices until you've had a taste of it for yourself.
But what I am addicted to, I'll never tell.
Don't judge me, I'm an addict.
If broken is a feeling, i'm feelin it now.
How can regrets & mistakes be memories made, when mine are just nightmares and tears.