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Pam Moore
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getting my video on - great idea Pam n Steve #getrealchat
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"Big Idea 2015: Why Companies Should Fire Bad Customers" by @FredReichheld on @LinkedIn…
@PamMktgNut coworker once said lack of planning on your part is not an emergency on mine. #Wisdom Sometimes we train people how to treat us
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Remember all stats & transcripts are posted here weekly #getrealchat
A9) Give hugs. Tell family and friends you love them and coworkers and staff members you appreciate them! @PamMktgNut #getrealchat
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Transcripts & stats for tonight #GetRealChat talking how to survive the Holiday & balance life, tweets & cookies ;)…
There is BIG announcement in #GetRealChat Facebook group. You can join our holiday video. Due this friday!…
@PamMktgNut Ha thats why they call it real life - its for enjoying the moment #getrealchat
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Customer Loyalty: How to Close The Perception Gap Between Us and Them via @ShellyKramer
i could think of nothing more fake than automating a Christmas message on christmas day #getrealchat
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We practice #HandsFreeMama #HandsfreeFamily -> Checkout this site Changed our lives! #getrealchat
A6) Family 1st and always. If anything gets dropped its time suck activities that aren't as important as I think they are #getrealchat
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Sounds like you need to adopt a "herd" mentality when it comes to your holiday planning :) #yeehaw @eebeck #getrealchat
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A5) My wife plans it, I forget to request it, then I wing it :) #thankgodforsharedcalendars @PamMktgNut #getrealchat
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Love this! RT @LiveLoveBeALIVE @rippleboost Our family finds another family in need and our kids buy their Christmas #getrealchat
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Awesome! RT @MoreBI_LessBS I like being in the office when its dead. I YouTubed for two weeks straight last yr #getrealchat
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