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Paige Thomas
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Uhm @BeaMiller your at Kiss right now? I need to see you tonight
This is literally one of my all time favorite movies due to what I have experienced in my life this movie struck a huge cord. RIP #ROBINWILLIAMS may your dreams and cheerful touch be remembered.
Some people have money, BUT IM RICH :)
#NeverGonnaGiveYouUp #NeverGonnaLetYouDown
Mr Wesley Snips and I at BOA in LA.
Is that Rihanna? Get out of here!!!
Woman @ChloeGMoretz where were you tonight? I think we sat in the same spot.
You did amazing love @rihanna
Uhm ma'am @rihanna is you ok? You look a little..HI :)
Going to see the big sis @rihanna kill it on stage tonight with @christosshaww! Who is coming?
And they say... It's Never too late!
Grown women conversation
Chandelier cause I know I'm going to swing!
I've got a secret, there is a method to my mad. I've got a secret and It mus'nt be said! For those who will wait and see, for those who have trusted in me. The time is near where we can be free. #kissOfDeath is nothing but Love... Sweet love it is!
Not allowed to do nothing so I'm saying good bye to the purple!!! #CouchPotatoe #ThisaintHott #hot #HOTT
MIA because I was feeling a little sick. Starting to feel better... Yay! Thank you everyone who has sent me encouraging messages. Much love!
Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well!
I can ride my bike no handle bars @christosshaw
Compliments to my shoes stylist @astaceyshaw and my lover @christosshaww for treating me like a queen. #Gucci
Compliments to my shoes stylist @astaceyshaw and my lover @christosshaw for treating me like a queen. Gucci and my favorite perfume to welcome a girl to Canada!
Good morning my beautiful Canadians! Hello Vancouver :)