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Adam Levine is a drama queen
Katie sounds like whiny toddler whenever she actually has to do math.
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Josh Helo got fired twice, but he still hangs around taco bell?
please don’t flirt with people i secretly like it’s rude and disrespectful
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"@Uglypeopleunite: life is hard when ur an ugly girl that likes cute boys"
Hate 100% of people right now
They would put me on DT line on a sunday by myself.
I hate teaching people how to do drive thru. Why can't you be a fast learner like me?
"@chanelpuke: stop the alphabet at t cuz i dont want none of u"
me flirting: if you were a cheeto you'd be a hot cheeto
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"@chanelpuke: what doesn’t kill you doesn’t kill you"
Why do kids think its cool to just sit at taco bell all day?
but seriously shout out to my parents for combining their genes to create the most unattractive/weird/annoying/awkward person ever
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my phone is a piece of crap. fml
who is the real slim shady? support your answer using evidence from the text.
@emilymdavis_ he was like hey mitchy how's your day going? She was like bad actually and he's like good no one cares
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Tell me I'm pretty #model
my relationship with my siblings is always either “yo ill help u hide the body” or “dont even breathe in my direction” theres no in between
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