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Shawn is leaving me unattended at target, rookie mistake
90% of a relationship is figuring out where to eat
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"no free stuff today? I am a gold card member! you need to give me free stuff!" no I actually don't
customers need to understand that I won't give them "free stuff" if they are rude about asking for it.
Mina just won $200 at bingo 😭😭😭
Bitches be like "i work at three jobs"
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a 30 year old just asked me for my number so I lied and said I was 16 and he said "I'm so sorry! I could have sworn you were at least 20!"
Hey I’m down here. @TheTomCoteShow for pug pics! #TheTomCoteShow your pug for a chance to BE FEATURED!! This phot…
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I think Lake Stevens needs some more road construction
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If we date, we will never i repeat we will NEVER do this
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been up since 10 am and I've done nothing but sit on the couch
Pay for my college tuition and I'll take this picture down @tacobell
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will a cute boy plz take me to get pumpkins and also carve them with me and also make me pumpkin pie?
12 hour days kill my back
mostly excited about vanilla ice project
so many house shows coming to Netflix #blessed
design on a dime is coming to Netflix
my boss invites me to all of her family events 😂
my retainer gives me a fat lisp
my retainer sucks more than my braces did
being with someone you can be yourself around is so great. not even as a relationship. just that connection in general.
Good morning and hello to all our new followers over night! pugsnkisses84 is an account that features, baby Louie (…
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two years, too long. I'm braces free! #freedom
first day of braces vs now #FREEDOM
i love when people try to hurt my feelings as if i have any
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Drake is winning too much nowadays I need sad drake back I need someone to feel awful with
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When you get ignored in the group chat
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I went to see the Red Moon and it called me a dumbass
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I can't even sleep, I'm too excited
writing important notes to my boss
you really don't appreciate the little things in life like eating corn on the cob and flossing with the mini flossers until you have braces
I'm so excited to post my braces before and after picture 😂
and by work clothes I mean white shirts and yoga pants

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