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Kaitlin is mom
I hate that I look like I'm 12 haha
I don't go anywhere but work, home, and mc donalds
I wear make up to work and only work bc I want hot guys to ask me for my number
I eat too much mc Donald's but w/e
I just wanna watch New Girl all day that's what I want in life
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18 & still really enjoy lunchables
the new manager just said "what's Twitter"
I'm being forced to take breaks now??? wtf this is gay
you were always there to help her, she always belonged to someone else
if I could only eat 1 food for the rest of my life I would probably choose pickles
How could you be fine, cause I'm not fine at all.
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five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred nuggets
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Geoff and I are in the same boat
I hope you're doing okay
I've had hiccups for 20 minutes
when ur in lake Stevens but snapchat says ur in marysville
I just told my dad about my dream and he goes "you should do it"
I had a dream that I shaved off my hair & I just had to sit in front of the mirror for 5 minutes to make sure that my hair was really there
"freaky friend fiction!"
the sales director gave me a free prework out today so that was pretty rad
this dating thing sure is tough when ur ugly
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I have terrible luck with guys
*pours serving size of cereal* *laughs* *pours in 3 more servings*
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food! water! atmosphere!
this guy was showing me his smart watch and u can draw emoji and I wanted to draw corn but how do u draw corn w/o it looking like a dick?
girls out here younger than me wearing thong bikinis and belly shirts.. I can barely wear a pair of shorts without being insecure wtf
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People come and go. But i want you to stay.
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I don't see how a person could not want kids?! Having 3 or 4 mini me's running around is going to be a ride for sure but it'll be so rad tho
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I hated all my coworkers at Taco Bell but I really miss Matt :-(

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